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“There’s only room for two, I’ve been making less room for you…”


Finally there is someone other than Nolan and Emily in the Hamptons who is not afraid to challenge Victoria. I can’t wait to get to know this Natalie broad. She seems like she can really give Victoria a run for her money. You know how some people THINK they can hang with the big dogs, but we know they can’t (i.e Margot taking on Emily)? Well I don’t get that vibe from here. Can’t wait to find out what her beef with the Graysons is all about.

Nolan to rescue once again! I love him and Louise together. Hopefully he really falls in love with her. Like on a romantic level. That would make my heart burst with delight. She NEEDS someone like Nolan. Her mom is a stone cold bitch! How much money did Louise inherit? Billions? The way the mom is acting, you would think she inherited the world! How about you stop sabotaging Louise and go out and make your own money. You guys think Lymon is as innocent as he claims to be in this shit storm? Me either. If his name wasn’t reason enough not to trust him, his “anything for my campaign” mentality should sway you. Him and his mom can go kick rocks all the way back to Mississippi or wherever the hell they are from.

Margot and Jack. Seems like she is considering giving that relationship another go. They are both lonely as fuck so might as well, right? Wrong! Right now I don’t think she is capable of using Jack to cripple Emily, but she will eventually grow to that level. And then I will hate her forever. Jack is so oblivious all the time so he won’t even know whats going on until it’s too late. Now that Jack is involved in her with hunt for Emily, I hope she takes a step back and rethinks her decision to go to war with her.

Ben and Emily. I think she might actually like him or something. She has needs no information from him or help, so i guess that means she is really digging the scene. She went to his house on her own free will. And her comes lover boy, always showing up too late, but just in time to see Ben and Emily macking on each other. When will he realize that he and Emily will never be? Get over it, Jack.

Dream Team


I can’t believe I questioned Emily’s actions last night when she jumped one of the guards and didn’t take his gun. I should have known she had a far better plan. After all, she is Emily mothafucking Thorne! Drawing a message on that guys back for Jack…


Glad stupid face saw the message and was able to decipher its meaning. That’s the least he could do, it’s his fault that Emily got caught up anyway. How about Malcolm and his thermometer. WHAT?! That was so smart of him. Once I saw that below normal body temp though, I would have shot Victoria in the head. Still would have shot David too, but in the knee and only after I offed Victoria. Then I’d take him back to see me murk Emily (I would never dream of killing Emily. This is just what I would do if I were Malcolm).

Well, shit certainly got real when they got back to the warehouse. The Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes when she sacrificed herself for Emily. Victoria earned my respect. A thank you, never, but my respect, yes. Then Jack and Ben show up and all of a sudden everyone is in their own corner fighting simultaneously. It was a bit chaotic. I was basically IN the tv SCREAMING when Malcolm was walking Emily over to the furnace. Even though I knew she wasn’t going to be thrown in, it still gave me major anxiety. Shout out to David for putting an end to Malcolm once and for all. It took like SIX bullets to take him down though. That’s some straight up evil!

I thought Eloise’s mom was really dead, so when Nolan hugged her i was like 0_0 while questioning my own sanity. I’m glad she has Nolan to watch out for her. I like her. I don’t care if she killed her daddy 😦

I Sentence you to DEATH


Fucking Jack Porter. WHY hasn’t he been killed yet? I mean, you already killed his brother and wife, why not make it a family affair? It could have been insinuated that Carl went to live with Charlotte, which would probably have made her turn her life around. There you go, we’re done with those characters for good now. No need to wonder what happened to them, I just gave you guys a great way to off them. You’re Welcome. David specifically told you to stay out of his dealings, but noooo, the boyscout in Jack got the better of him. Now he’s going to get EVERYONE killed. Ugghhhh

Once David finds out that Malcolm has Emily, I hope his first move is to go and skin Jack alive. Emily can hold her own while he takes a day to mollywhop Jack. Then he needs to come for her. Together they will be unstoppable. Victoria is quite the son of a bitch as well, but her specialty isn’t of the physical nature. I’m sure she will be able to find someway to help the duo though.

Fucking Ben. Now he knows who Emily really is. He’s obviously going to throw a monkey wrench in everything now. Hopefully Nolan can keep him at bay. If not, maybe he will get caught up in the cross hairs and get himself killed. Either scenario is fine with me.

I’m glad Nolan and Emily are looking out for Eloise. She needs a keeper.

No days off…apparently

“First things first, [Emily] is the realest!” She was like “Hey dad, hold my arm while I pop my shoulder back into the socket”, LMAO.

Did anyone else jaw hit the floor when Victoria was basically like Emily is the reason Daniel was dead? Like trying to make it seem like it was an unforgivable deed? Does Victoria not recall CONRAD being the reason “Amanda” is dead? Her blood is on your hands as well Victoria. So the way I see it, you better get over it because you guys both cost each other a child (David not so much, but he was under the impression the real Amanda was dead for a while). You guys are even. Now if Charlotte ends up dead at David or Emily’s hand (I will rejoice), then you can blame them and hate them all you want.

Emily needs to take a break from scheming and conniving for a few days, possibly a week. She is slipping up too much. Go stay with Nolan and regroup. Get your story straight. Rehearse it until it’s all you know how to say. I think this season Emily will come as close as she ever has to being taken down. The murder of Daniel right in front of her is going to way too heavy on her. Not to mention knowing that bullet was meant for her but he sacrificed himself after all she’s put him through.

Malcolm Black finally showed his face. I wish he would have taken Jack’s partner instead of the police chief though.

Sayonara, Sucker!


Dueces, Daniel! Took them long enough. Daniel has been dead to me since he tried to kill Emily the night of their wedding. The writers finally came to their senses. I knew he was going to be the one to die as soon as Margot told him she and the baby need him. Finally he was going to get the fresh start he’s been looking for, a chance to turn his life around, and KABLAMO! in true dramatic fashion, he dies. I will admit, I did feel sad for 1.87 seconds. I didn’t always hate him, you know. Oh well, he’s dead, on to the next. Hopefully it will be Charlotte or Jack.

Crazy man David is on the loose again. Why are you trying to kill Victoria? I can name a laundry list of reasons, but what finally set you off? I’m confused. This better not be some secret window type shit where David is crazier than we all realized, and he himself, is in fact this Black character that allegedly held him hostage for 10 years. Only time will tell.

Now that Daniel is dead, you think Victoria will become an even bigger bitch, or finally chill out? Maybe she will hate David because he’s basically responsible for his death. If it wasn’t for David, crazy agent girl wouldn’t have been trying to kill Emily in the first place. Daniel played a roll in his own death too though. We all know Emily. If I heard breaking glass coming from her house, I would be curious, but I probably wouldn’t have went running to her house. She’s proved time and time again that she can take care of herself. I would just figure she’s beating someone’s ass. It’s better to stay out of her way. If you weren’t there prior to things popping off, then you’re either going to get yourself killed, or get her killed.

At least Daniel died knowing that Emily did love him at one point in time. He can also rest easy knowing that Emily will avenge his death.

I have a possible 5150…


I’m over David “no loyalty” Clarke. I kind of wish he really was dead. His presence has caused more harm than good so far. Emily dedicated the last 4 seasons of her life to avenging a death that never occurred. You have been lurking in the shadows for 10 years. Did it never once cross your mind to go and look for her? Were you scared your cover might be blown had someone seen and recognized you? If so, that is one of the weakest excuses I have ever heard! If you managed to live off the grid for 10 years, I’m sure you could have looked for her unnoticed. I know he says he thought she was dead, but “Amanda” didn’t die until around season 2. So what kept you from searching from the time you escaped to the time of her untimely death? David, you’re pissing me off.

Who else was offended when he told Emily he can’t be her father, bullshit dumb shit, it’s too dangerous right now. Excuse me sir, but did she not just kick ass and take names in that hospital room? Had it not been for her, you wouldn’t even be able to fix your raggedy mouth to even say those words! Emily is capable of anything. You should know that by now. She’s been avenging you for YEARS! She knows what she’s doing. If anything, you will survive longer, and may even be able to get your life back with Emily by your side.

And another thing, why must you lie all day long?! David, you are the shadiest of the shady bunch. Are you really even innocent regarding the flight incident? Emily needs to tie you up in her closet and torture the answers out of YOU! I don’t trust him one bit!

You know who else I don’t trust? Jack’s hot partner. Can you find another case to solve? Actually, keep poking the bear (Emily). I can’t wait to see how she puts an end to your annoying invasive antics. Then again, based on Sunday’s episode, you guys might be able to help each others causes. Well, you’ll be helping Emily. Emily will probably just be blowing smoke up your arse!

Victoria and Daniel can both jump off of a cliff.

Nolan needs to cut and comb his hair.

I’d like to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for David Clark finally shaving his disgusting facial hair off.

Crazy red head broad….I kind of feel sorry for her.

The boxing gloves are off


Either David Clark is bat shit crazy, or he is an evil genius like Emily/Amanda. He HAS to have something up his sleeve. He’s been off the grid for 10 years, yet he gets himself arrested in a gas station? Yeah, he has a plan. Him going all Silas on himself (did you catch that Da Vinci code reference?), played into that bogus story he told the cops about Conrad holding him hostage. I didn’t even connect the two until he was saying how afraid he was of Conrad recapturing him. I was like wait, but you killed Conrad. Then I was like ohhhhhhhh…either you’re crazy or you’re plotting. He must have recognized Emily. I hope he did. Maybe he’s playing the fool for Victoria so she won’t think he’s up to something. She’s just happy the three of them are back together. While she’s blinded by happiness, I hope David is digging into her past and her feud with Emily so he can see what a wretched dick she is.

I wish Emily would have picked David out of the lineup. I can understand why she didn’t though. Thinking your dad has been dead for over a decade and fighting to clear his name ever since only to find out he is alive and well…that’s a lot to take in. Now she missed her opportunity. Surely she will MAKE another one appear, but I want her to reunite with him NOW! How come he didn’t come looking for her during his years in hiding? Stalk her from afar? He’s pretty crafty, he could have done any of those without getting caught, since, you know, HE SUCCESSFULLY PLAYED DEAD FOR 10 YEARS! I hope that’s the first question Emily asks him. After a long meaningful hug, that is. His answer better be one I approve of. I’d rather an “I don’t know” than a mound of weak excuses.

And last but not least, how about that family photo opt and the press conference? I was hoping Emily would speak up and reveal her true identity. Or at least start some shit like a one person riot to disrupt what was going on. Turn over the lights, throw a chair in the crowd..SOMETHING! I can’t wait for next week’s episode though, now with the knowledge that her dad is alive, I think we are about to see an even more cut throat Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark.