No days off…apparently

“First things first, [Emily] is the realest!” She was like “Hey dad, hold my arm while I pop my shoulder back into the socket”, LMAO.

Did anyone else jaw hit the floor when Victoria was basically like Emily is the reason Daniel was dead? Like trying to make it seem like it was an unforgivable deed? Does Victoria not recall CONRAD being the reason “Amanda” is dead? Her blood is on your hands as well Victoria. So the way I see it, you better get over it because you guys both cost each other a child (David not so much, but he was under the impression the real Amanda was dead for a while). You guys are even. Now if Charlotte ends up dead at David or Emily’s hand (I will rejoice), then you can blame them and hate them all you want.

Emily needs to take a break from scheming and conniving for a few days, possibly a week. She is slipping up too much. Go stay with Nolan and regroup. Get your story straight. Rehearse it until it’s all you know how to say. I think this season Emily will come as close as she ever has to being taken down. The murder of Daniel right in front of her is going to way too heavy on her. Not to mention knowing that bullet was meant for her but he sacrificed himself after all she’s put him through.

Malcolm Black finally showed his face. I wish he would have taken Jack’s partner instead of the police chief though.

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