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Aint nothin slick to a can of oil


Didn’t I call it? I knew Asha wasn’t ready to take on Jelena! I will admit, she had me believing she might just prove me wrong…for about 30 seconds. Her plan was so well thought out, hell, I would have thought I stood a chance to with that scheme. Anywho, Jelena, Queen of everything mean and shady, proved to us once again why she reigns supreme. HOW IN THE HELL WAS SHE ANTICIPATING ASHA’S PLAN?! Like all she must do is go to dance practice and spend the rest of her day planning take downs at every possible stage. She has plans A-Z as well backups 1-57. You know what else she is showing signs of having? A heart! Her latest sting was all for Terrence!! I applaud you Jelena, and I feel bad because of it.

What’s with Lionel? Did she drug Pete? What is up with Pete. He didn’t drink enough to give himself alcohol poisoning did he? Oh well, he needs to get it together.

I’m glad Raquel rolled on Jude. She’s obviously a smart one who pays attention to detail. Her and Sloan make a good team. I thought she was going to take the deal until she let sloan know that Jude has a secret to all because he referred to a letter that she never mentioned. You go Glen Coco!

Zero and Jude, sitting in a tree…I’m not really phased at all that Jude is gay. I wasn’t expecting it, but i’m not surprised. Now if Zero had returned the favor, I would have been on the floor!

Will Asha get beat like Tina?


Jelena is a stone cold bitch, but we all already knew that. Do you think Asha has the balls or skills to level the playing field with Jelena? I don’t think so…yet. I feel like it’s going to take a few episodes until Asha gets the hang of sabotage, but when she does, she will hit her where it hurts. Sloane needs to take a break from her Oscar witch hunt and team up with Asha against Jelena. Last night we did get a rare glimpse of Jelena the human. Her ice melted for about 30 mins. I actually kind of felt sorry for her. Seems lie she wants to stop being a raging psycho bitch but the allure is too strong. I want her with Terrence but she deserves Zero’s snake in the grass ass, although the thought of those two as a team make me shake in my boots. Well enough about her, lets talk about Derek Roman. Ummmm what a DICK! Why on God’s green earth would you put your crack in the top of her bag? First off, you shouldn’t have put it in their in the first place, but at least you could have made an effort to conceal it better you asshole! Yeah, he may have gotten her off with a warning, but the nerve of him! She’s a devil girl, she also has a career and reputation at stake. I know you guys might be like, “yeah, but his’ is more important.” Yall some hoes too then,lol! If you can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen Derek!…or your cocaine will turn to crack. And we’d have a bigger mess on our hands. Pete needs to get his life together. I’m over him and i’ve been over Lionel. He finally got her to sign the papers. Their one night stand had better be just that. A ONE NIGHT stand. I don’t want Sloan to come and save him either. I hope Raquel does because I want them to be together.