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Witches of East End season 2 premier

5-witches-of-east-end Ok, so finally WOEE has returned!! Let me just first start by saying that I am SO happy that Killian is not dead! Dash is such a dick for bopping him on the head, throwing him in the boat and casting him off to sea unconscious and unprepared! I can’t believe he has the nerve to tell off hallucination Killian either. IT’S YOUR FAULT DASH, THAT’S WHY YOU KEEP SEEING HIM! He is out of control. Such a bad time for him to learn about his powers. I bet he is going to either out Ingrid or force her to help him master his’. All I know is he better not mess with Freya. Did you guys see the hate lasers he was serving when looking at her at the bar?! Actually, I hope he does so Ingrid, Wendy, Joanna, and Freya can SHUT. HIM. DOWN! Sooooo lets talk about Frederick…I don’t trust him any further than I can throw him. I’m with Wendy on this. Yeah, he cured your incurable disease, but he also said it doesn’t affect him because he’s built up an immunity. Soooo, he really didn’t do anything to warrant trust from her. It was a nice gesture, but he made no sacrifices for you. Had he, then he would have all of my trust until he was no longer deserving. I bet he was the one who carved that symbol on the poor asian man too. Last but certainly not least, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT WITH INGRID IN THE WOODS, and what were they doing? “Do you need me to feed you?” WHAT?! He’s like a centaur with vines that molest people! I guess this season it’s Ingrid’s turn to get caught up in all types of shit. Last season it was Freya. It never failed! She was ALWAYS caught up in some shit that she couldn’t get out of by herself! All in all, I’m excited about this season. I have a feeling it’s going to be great!