Don’t Let Go


Yesterday I saw this movie and I was not impressed in the beginning. The dialog oozed cheese and I was ready for the murders to happen. Basically, so the story can actually begin. We gathered how much Jack loved his niece and vice versa within the first 10 mins. Didn’t need the other 20 or so mins of unnecessary filler to drive the point home.

When unc finally gets the initial “Help Me” call, the movie had officially begun. A couple of days after he went to their house and peeped the scene, is when he gets the 1st call from Ashley (niece). I love how he didn’t immediately answer the phone, which I think is the most natural reaction to receiving a call from a relative you just buried 0_o. That being said, I was annoyed the next time or two at how long he took to answer and the lack of responses he was giving her. Still very human reactions, but it’s a movie! Get on with it! Lol.

I thought once the niece died we weren’t going to see her anymore, only hear her on the phone, but a little past midway, she reappears and now we can see both points of view; uncle Jack’s which is in the future, and Ashley’s which is the past. Up to this point, we can only see the present (future). This was another turning point for me. Now we could see her carrying out all the tasks asked of her and the close calls that came with it! The last 30 minutes was full of suspense! It was great! This is around the time for me at least when it started to click who the killer was. Marylyn called it from jump though. Kudos to her.

This movie reminded me of a more believable version of “Deja Vu”, and also of the movie “Before I Fall”. Those were pretty good movies as well you may wish to check out if you haven’t already. This one tops them both though.

Kylie’s Rating- B+


Girls Burn Brighter


So I saw this book when I was looking at random books on amazon. It was in the “related” section, or whatever it’s called. Anywho, I read the description and decided to get it.

The book is about two girls who live in India. Poornima and Savitha. They become fast friends once Poornima’s dad hires Savitha to make Saris for his business. Then one night some life changing shit pops off and the story begins. Savitha runs away and Poornima sets out to find her even though 2 years have passed. Her search ends up leading her all the way to Seattle!

Its a quick read with only 307 pages. The author is super duper descriptive which makes it so easy to visualize it all, which is always a plus.

The ending though…especially the literal last page…




The Hate U Give


I’ve been waiting on this movie for a little over a year. When the trailer was finally released, I died! From that moment until I saw it last night, I made sure to plug the book and the movie anytime I could in my everyday conversations. For the past two weeks I’ve been in hype mode overdrive! Well, I’m glad to say the movie lived up to my expectations!

The cast was amazing! Everyone nailed their roles! The chemistry between the cast was perfect. So much so, that it didn’t Seem like we were watching a movie, but observing a real family navigating their Situation. Often times, movies require a certain level of suspension of disbelief in order for them to make sense, get their point across, or be enjoyable. It’s not required for this movie because the plot, conflict, resolution and aftermath are so relevant to present day Black America.

Throughout the movie, the acronym  T.H.U.G L.I.F.E is explained. The hate you gave little infants F**ks everybody. I learned what thug life stood for maybe only 5 or so years ago from a random Tupac interview I found when I went down the rabbit’s hole of  “recommendations” YouTube had for me based on my viewing history. After watching the interview i was like “Exsqueeze Me?!…it’s an acronym? It doesn’t mean blood in, blood out, i didn’t choose this life, it choose me, live by the sword, die by the Sword?!” and so on.

There isn’t many ways you can interpret T.h.u.g L.i.f.e in my opinion, but just in case people were struggling to understand, all confusion was put to rest at the climax of the movie! The best scene hands down! It really drives the meaning home in the clearest way possible.

I think everyone should see this movie. It is worth your time, money, and whatever else!

Kylie’s Rating: A+

Where Hands Touch



Last night me and Merlyn saw Where Hands Touch. I’ve been waiting on this movie for about two years! I was going to be super mad had it not been released in my area since the date was for “select cities”. If it’a not playing in a theater near you, it will be available for a while on DirectTv starting Dec. 6, and streaming on Hulu March 2019.

The movie is about Lena’s experiences as an Afro-German during Hitler’s reign. Prior to the announcement of this movie, I honestly never thought about the possibility of there being black Germans. While initially she wasn’t treated as badly as a Jew during that time, she was still hassled and hated. I want to use some scenes as examples, but I also don’t want to be a spoiler.

The  runtime is about 2 hours and it’s a pretty well paced movie. At times it may seem slow, but it works. You won’t be checking your watch throughout trying to see how much longer you have, if that helps.

Be sure to stay to the end, because in true Amma Asante fashion, she’s hits you with facts and pictures about Afro-Germans in Germany during that time.

The only thing I didn’t like were some scenes where the fakest sun was used. I originally thought my only beef with the movie would be everyone’s accents. Oddly enough, I didn’t really mind them. For the most part. Like, the lighting was horrible in my opinion. The way they portrayed sunlight at times made everything look like a dream sequence (and not a good one) because it was too fake! The rays of light dancing on Lena and Lutz faces during the more touching scenes…straight cheddar! If anything, it took away from those scenes. Also the horizon from the hilltop looked awful, as well as some scenes inside the camp. Specifally her POV shots while looking through the fence of the camp.

That being said, if it’s showing in a theater near you, you should go see it. It’s worth it.

Kylie’s Rating – A



A Simple Favor


So last night Merlyn and I saw this and it was more than I was expecting and could have ever hoped for! The cast was perfect! Blake and Anna played their characters to a T!

Ever since they stated running the trailer, I was like, yup, gotta see it. I’m going to see anything with Blake Lively regardless because #TeamSerena for life.

I would describe this movie as a mystery, thriller and COMEDY! It was surprisingly funny! I would have never guessed it from the previews! On top of that, it was unpredictable. Save your brain power and time by not even attempting to come up with theories regarding Emily’s disappearance. You will never guess it!

I also loved how every character, no matter how small the role, was necessary for the movie as a whole.

Go see it!

Kylie’s Rating – A+



So I’ve seen the trailer for Gemini a few times this year during the previews of other movies I’ve seen. Well, I love Zoe kravitz so I was like yeah, I’m going to see it. The story looked interesting as well. Well, didn’t come to a theater near me, but it is available for rental on iTunes ($5.99)

The movie is about Heather (Zoe) and her assistant Jill (Lola Kirke). Heather backs out of a movie she was signed on for and now everyone hates her. Her ex boyfriend also wants to kill her as well. She ends up dead, but who killed her?! I really liked the script because it didn’t seem scripted if you get what I’m trying to say. Like yes, it was obviously scripted because it’s a movie, but the dialog between everyone was so natural! I feel like if the situation were happening in real life, and it involved me and my friends, our interactions and dialog would be almost exactly the same. This gave the movie a sense of realness. Although the scene when Jill meets up with Jamie and says “right now” like 4 times within the span of 1 minute. DEAD!

Im glad this movie was good because Zoe has been making questionable indie choices lately. Vincent and Roxxy?! I can not! But I did! It was so awful!!! I wrote about it a while back if you care to search my blog and read about it. Long story short, don’t waste your time on that movie.

The only thing that I didn’t like, which could be a big deal to some, was the ending! I NEED ANSWERS!!! At the end I was like, soooooo….

Kylie’s Rating – B+



I finally got a chance to see this movie yesterday and it was amazing. When I saw the preview for the first time about a month ago, I knew I had to see it. I was hoping it would be as good, if not better than the Amy documentary.

I was a little confused at times with some of the filler video they used, but I eventually caught on to what they were doing. Other than that, I have no complaints about this doc.

It was super informative, at least to me because while I knew who Whitney was, and loved her music mainly because my mom played her, I didn’t know much else. I remember her popular songs and movies, but more than anything I remember her downfall. So this documentary shed light on things I never knew, mainly because I was too young to care and I didn’t read tabloids or watch entertainment news, etc. Older people will probably have vivid memories of certain events mentioned.

It was a great movie, but sad as well. I expected it to be a little sad. Long story short, her family is garbage juice.

Amy won the Oscar for best documentary feature in 2015 which I felt was well deserved. Whitney deserves a nomination at the very least.

Kylie’s Rating – A


The Darkest Child


You ever read a book where  the characters are on the struggle bus HEAVY, but then finally, they reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well that’s not this book…

What a horrible life she had! Right when you think she’s about to finally have a bit of a come up, BOOM, she doesn’t. To my surprise, things actually get worse! How?! She’s already living the worst possible life in the history of life. Or so I thought. She can’t win ever no matter what! But some people’s lives are like that. Tragic.

Its still a good book though.

The Morning They Came For Us


I got this book last year or so because of all the news coverage of the war in Syria. To me, it came out of nowhere! So I wanted to know exactly when and why it started. I searched for books on the topic and decided on this one. I picked it up again 2 weeks ago and finally finished it.

First of all, this book is pretty great. Gruesome, but very informative. It read like a novel and not like a textbook which was a huge plus.

So, seems like this all started because the people were trying to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad. First through peaceful protest, but since they were met with violence from the government, they too became violent. Now we have the government and the rebel army made up of protesters. It was all fun and games until multiple rebel armies were popping up instead of being one giant army.

Queue the “He said, she said” phase where the government was blaming the rebel army for the destruction and deaths that were happening in the streets, and vice versa. Each accused the other of torturing their fellow Syrians for not agreeing with their views. Next thing you know, it’s been 7 years and they’ve torn and continue to tear Syria to pieces.

The rebel’s started out with good intentions but now, they’re just as awful as the government troops! One groups is wilding in the name of the government and the other in the name of resistance.

Idk though, that’s what I gathered from the book. Correct me if I’m wrong.