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Class is back in Session


It has finally returned!

Ok, if I were Annaliese, I would be paranoid as a mother effer. You have to keep 5 people in check man because you’re lie is that big and has that many people involved. I would probably kill all of them except Wes, but that would look too suspicious. The others can’t be trusted though. Out of the 5, 4 are loose cannons! They can’t handle the pressure. I wouldn’t be able to deal with them. Surely Annaliese could kill them though if she wanted and get away with it. Then again, maybe not.

That lady cop who is present during all the interrogations, I don’t trust her. Does she have a secret beef with Annaliese, or is she just like an over achiever? Either way, she seems like trouble.

Finally rebecca is off the hook for this murder! Who really killed the girl though? I don’t think it was Sam. Maybe we haven’t met that character yet. Maybe it’s Annaliese. Or Frank. Or the blonde lady who sleeps with Asher. The suspect list grows


Murder she wrote


Who else jumped out of there skin when they heard “Don’t be” coming from the shadows? Annaliese is something else! She is either an evil genius, or just plain bat shit crazy. I haven’t decided yet. She is like a less violent version of Emily Thorn. Her sneaky, manipulative ways know no bounds! Here I am really thinking she’s trying to find Sam and is genuinely distressed over his absence (for what reason, I’ll never know). Then we find out she already knew he was dead for half the night, and her outpouring of grief and concern are part of her plan to help her Keating 5 get away with murder! Shonda is a genius!

Some, (Brittany Powell), may wonder why they just don’t stop the lies and tell the truth. Well, because Annaliese is the puppet master. The only reason Wes lied and said Heads during the coin toss was because Annaliese gave him instructions to go back and move the body. We find out at the end of the show, Anna already knew they killed Sam. Clearly she didn’t just tell Wes to not feel sorry and let him go. Rest assured she gave him instructions on what to do from there on out. I would never dream of going against her, so I too would lie until the end of time if I had to. Who knows what she’s capable of!

As for Sam…good riddance you loser. I’m convinced he really did kill her now. I say that because had it been me thrown over a second story banister, once I regained consciousness, my first instinct would have been to slither out of that house unseen. Five against one? I don’t like those odds. But no, what does he do? He rises from what very well could have been his death, and try to strangle Rebecca! Are your secrets that bad to where you get a second chance at life and you waste it on trying to kill a girl with 3 of her frienemies and her lover near?! You deserved to get your socks rocked.

Who really killed Sam though? I vote Mikayla. And not because she is the one who initially pushed him over the banister. For one, she was protecting Laurel, and secondly, he bounced back from that anyway. Even though Wes delivered the deadly blow, none of this wouldn’t have happened if Mikayla would have not brought attention to Rebecca’s presence in the house! You saw how she was creeping towards the stairs like the Grinch in the town square of Whoville on Christmas Eve! Obviously she was up to no good! That alone was reason enough for her not to blurt out, “Rebecca?!”. She set off the chain reaction that which lead to Sam’s death.

Dick pic demise


Ok so this post is a little late. Forgive me

So what is Rebecca’s deal? I want to trust her but I don’t think I can. I feel sorry for her. Wounded souls always get a few extra passes with me. What is her involvement in this murder? Why did she have the phone? Why does she suddenly look like a 15 year old? I need all of these questions answered on the next episode. Annaliese needs to pick me to be one of her minions.

How about Conner? You are a murderer my friend. I do give you mad props for recording him though. That caught me completely by surprise. I thought he was just going to sleep with him because Pax was cute, and he’s (Conner) a slut. He got his cake as well as the luxury of eating it to. But at what cost? A LIFE! That’s what cost. Anything for Annaliese though, right? Pax was being a bit of a drama king though. Throwing yourself out of a window? Really? How about you just go to jail and think about what you’ve done for a few years. Maybe learn a trade? Whatever.

I knew Sam was guilty. He probably doesn’t have anything to do with the murder, but still wanted to get rid of any evidence that he knew her on a deeper level. Maybe because his incriminating emails would make him look pretty shady boots to the police. Not to mention the wrath of Analiese that he would have to have dealt with had he got caught. He did all of that and STILL got caught by her. Hell, I would have ratherd the police getting to me first. She’s too scary. I’d never want to be on her bad side.

His dick pic just fuels my fire from my previous post that Annaliese is responsible in some way for his death.

All grown up


First things first…Dean Thomas is gorgeous…geeky gorgeous. He looks exactly the same from his Harry Potter days, but older. I can dig it.

Ok, so far i’m digging this show. For reasons other than Dean, or Wes, as they call him in this show. I think Viola is killing it, I would totally dread her class and her presence on and off of campus. That means she’s doing a bang up job as this character. Thanks to the flashbacks, I’m gathering that she is a real shady Mcgrady. And not her shady lawyer self, but like a shady lady when she isn’t in lawyer or professor mode. I thought she got her favorite students to kill her husband, until that shocker this past Sunday which revealed Rebecca might be the culprit. I need more background on this kid. How did beautiful unicorn faced Wes fall for the girl with the dragon tattoo? I think she tricked him into this union.

As for the other cast members, they’re alright I guess. My least favorite is the chubby checker whose name i can not, and probably will not remember because i have no desire to.

Oh, and the professor’s husband definitely has something to do with the dead girl’s murder. Or at the very least her disappearance.