A Simple Favor


So last night Merlyn and I saw this and it was more than I was expecting and could have ever hoped for! The cast was perfect! Blake and Anna played their characters to a T!

Ever since they stated running the trailer, I was like, yup, gotta see it. I’m going to see anything with Blake Lively regardless because #TeamSerena for life.

I would describe this movie as a mystery, thriller and COMEDY! It was surprisingly funny! I would have never guessed it from the previews! On top of that, it was unpredictable. Save your brain power and time by not even attempting to come up with theories regarding Emily’s disappearance. You will never guess it!

I also loved how every character, no matter how small the role, was necessary for the movie as a whole.

Go see it!

Kylie’s Rating – A+

2 thoughts on “A Simple Favor”

  1. This is actually a decent review. Your description of all characters being necessary and the unpredictability make me wanna see it. But the thriller-comedy genre makes me hesitant because it could be one of those life-wasting movies you lean toward. 🤔 *goes to find trailer*

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