Poundtown Shutdown


I knew Calle and Wyatt’s “alone time” was going to be a disaster. Of course she was going to freak out when it was time for Wyatt to take her down to China town. Did the writes think we forgot about her whole ordeal with Liam. That was going to have to come back and haunt her yet again at some point during this season. And sure enough, later in the show she thinks she sees Liam. In love with Brandon, my ass!

Can Jude go ahead and speak again? I mean, everyone knew he was gay. His love for nail polish in season 1 kind of gave it away.

Brandon over there tripping balls off of one hash brownie…reason 234345 why I hate him.

Mike and Ana. I thought he really killed her, or at least seriously injured her that drunken night he came home with a busted hand. Right after he found Ana in his rage. He better not be having an affair with her. Doubt he is though. They are probably helping each other through their addictions are something. But why would he need her? He has his Dannie or whatever his fellow addict girlfriend’s name is.

This week was still kind of a bore, but NOWHERE NEAR as boring as last weeks, thank God.





Aint nothin slick to a can of oil


Didn’t I call it? I knew Asha wasn’t ready to take on Jelena! I will admit, she had me believing she might just prove me wrong…for about 30 seconds. Her plan was so well thought out, hell, I would have thought I stood a chance to with that scheme. Anywho, Jelena, Queen of everything mean and shady, proved to us once again why she reigns supreme. HOW IN THE HELL WAS SHE ANTICIPATING ASHA’S PLAN?! Like all she must do is go to dance practice and spend the rest of her day planning take downs at every possible stage. She has plans A-Z as well backups 1-57. You know what else she is showing signs of having? A heart! Her latest sting was all for Terrence!! I applaud you Jelena, and I feel bad because of it.

What’s with Lionel? Did she drug Pete? What is up with Pete. He didn’t drink enough to give himself alcohol poisoning did he? Oh well, he needs to get it together.

I’m glad Raquel rolled on Jude. She’s obviously a smart one who pays attention to detail. Her and Sloan make a good team. I thought she was going to take the deal until she let sloan know that Jude has a secret to all because he referred to a letter that she never mentioned. You go Glen Coco!

Zero and Jude, sitting in a tree…I’m not really phased at all that Jude is gay. I wasn’t expecting it, but i’m not surprised. Now if Zero had returned the favor, I would have been on the floor!

Are those wedding bells, or bullets ringing?


First let me start by saying I started this blog too late because my only post for Devious Maids will be about the finale. What a tragedy.

Ok, so I totally called it last week or whenever it was that Marisol found that bloody cloth. I knew Nick was responsible for Adrienne and Evelyn’s son’s death. He must really love Marisol to go to the Powells AND the police to confess his sins of 15 years ago. I’d still marry him after all of that too.

I too am having second thoughts about Spence and Rosie’s union. I was all smitten and on board in the beginning, but i’m not sure now. Rosie had some good points she was throwing out there. I’m mad she fired Rosie though. And what about the biggest bomb of all…ROSIE’S FIRST HUSBAND NOT BEING DEAD! I can’t wait for next season to see how that storyline plays out.


And now we can talk about the drive by Ty did once the wedding party was exiting the church! I know he meant to get Valentina, but I’m like 70% sure he didn’t get Valentina. I came to that conclusion because she was standing behind Rosie, yet at the end Rosie’s bouquet falls and there is blood on it. If she did get hit, that’s where my left over 30% comes into play. He fired hella rounds, so maybe he hit more than one of them. I bet he hit Zoila and Genvieve is going to have to save her or some shit like that. Either way, I can’t wait until next season!

Bombs over Rosewood


I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as Ally proved last night when she went from 0 to Chris brown in 0.5 seconds. It’s not all her fault, crazy Mona did provoke her but DAMN! I can understand slapping her back but the verbal threats that accompanied it…Ally hasn’t changed one bit! I’ve been on the fence about her ever since she came back anyway. I don’t trust her, but I want to, and then she goes and does stuff like this. Why lie Allison?! She might be even more manipulative than Mona, if that’s even possible.

Emily and Ally, Ally and Emily…I hate the sound of it. Not just because I loathe Emily, but because she is like putty in Ally’s hand which in due time will get ALL of the others caught up. Wherever Emily is, trouble is not far behind. She would back stab all of them for Ally, and Ally knows this. I’m so over both of them

Poor Spence, having to deal with her possible murderous father and evil sister. That being said, mama Hastings better slow her roll on this divorce situation. She can’t take Spencer out of Rosewood! I won’t allow it. Without Spencer around, the others will surely be dead in 2 weeks time! She needs to be there to take care of her band of fools (aka, the other liars). Toby can go though. He can pack up his pickup, grab Caleb and drive until the truck explodes for all I care,

How about Trouty mouth. Shady Biatch! Good on Jenna though for planting her on the swim team to go after Emily. If I were after Ally, I would go for Emily each time because she’s such a foolish girl. Just wait until Jenna finds out that Aria killed Shauna. Speaking of Jenna, is she blind again? You know we can never trust her.

Did anyone else think that explosion was a massive car wreck caused by a meteor? It looked like Armageddon in those streets! “A” is getting maybe just a tiny bit out of control! IT BLEW UP A HOUSE AND ALL THE CARS LINING THE STREET! WHO IS THIS AND WHAT DID THE GIRLS DO TO THIS GUY/GIRL?! These are the questions I need answered sooner than later.

The Secret is out


So last night April was FORCED to drop the C-bomb on her mom and grams. I’m surprised her mom didn’t put two and two together after she followed her to Uncle George’s office. Normal people would be like, “hmmmm, massive amount of pills, visits to a hospital that specializes in cancer…maybe she has cancer!” Well clearly it didn’t go that way and poor April was ambushed with an intervention! Even though the intervention was staged under false pretenses (suspected drug addiction), it was an intervention nonetheless, and there are fewer things in this world that grind my gears more than interventions. If I were April, I would have moonwalked right out of the house and not show up again for a few days. That would really throw the family into a tailspin. Probably thinking she was out in the streets prostituting and overdosing.

Uncle George has the nerves of a brass assed monkey! “Tell them or I will?” NO! WHY ARE YOU EVEN THERE? EVERYONE STILL HATES YOU! She should have told him to tell them about Natalie Ortiz or she would. That would be a low blow though, since it really affects her mom more, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

How about Brenna and Greer? I kind of like Greer. Obviously Brenna does too but is too stubborn/ashamed to admit it. Now that they shared a tender moment on the bench outside, i think she will start to fall for her…like romantically. She has too since for the past two episodes, they kept emphasizing the fact that she’s a lesbian.

Will Asha get beat like Tina?


Jelena is a stone cold bitch, but we all already knew that. Do you think Asha has the balls or skills to level the playing field with Jelena? I don’t think so…yet. I feel like it’s going to take a few episodes until Asha gets the hang of sabotage, but when she does, she will hit her where it hurts. Sloane needs to take a break from her Oscar witch hunt and team up with Asha against Jelena. Last night we did get a rare glimpse of Jelena the human. Her ice melted for about 30 mins. I actually kind of felt sorry for her. Seems lie she wants to stop being a raging psycho bitch but the allure is too strong. I want her with Terrence but she deserves Zero’s snake in the grass ass, although the thought of those two as a team make me shake in my boots. Well enough about her, lets talk about Derek Roman. Ummmm what a DICK! Why on God’s green earth would you put your crack in the top of her bag? First off, you shouldn’t have put it in their in the first place, but at least you could have made an effort to conceal it better you asshole! Yeah, he may have gotten her off with a warning, but the nerve of him! She’s a devil girl, she also has a career and reputation at stake. I know you guys might be like, “yeah, but his’ is more important.” Yall some hoes too then,lol! If you can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen Derek!…or your cocaine will turn to crack. And we’d have a bigger mess on our hands. Pete needs to get his life together. I’m over him and i’ve been over Lionel. He finally got her to sign the papers. Their one night stand had better be just that. A ONE NIGHT stand. I don’t want Sloan to come and save him either. I hope Raquel does because I want them to be together.

Good Riddance Harry

Mistresses-113 Ok, so I was excited when I macaroni headed Harry said he was going back to Austraila! I mean, he’s drop dead and all but he’s sooo annoying. I know Savi did him wrong and all, but he’s milking this victim roll for all it’s worth and then some! GET OVER IT ALREADY! Glad Joss couldn’t convince him to stay. Now lets talk about Savi and wreck boy. Whats his name? Zach? It should be homewrecker. He needs to go back to his side of town and make friends there! Join a book club, go play bingo on Thursday nights. I really don’t care what he does as long as he leaves Savi alone. I want her and Dom to work so badly, and he is fuckin it all up. Got Savi acting like a fool. She’s a family oriented lawyer by day, and a reckless teenager by night all because of that damn Zach! Dom, I am sorry you sexy slice of man pie. I hope she doesn’t break your beautiful heart. I hope Karen finds Ben and he accepts the truth. She needs a normal relationship asap. I can not wait to find out what secrets Dale is hiding! Who is this red headed step child? Is it his wife? Girlfriend? Baby mama? I need to know!!!

Witches of East End season 2 premier

5-witches-of-east-end Ok, so finally WOEE has returned!! Let me just first start by saying that I am SO happy that Killian is not dead! Dash is such a dick for bopping him on the head, throwing him in the boat and casting him off to sea unconscious and unprepared! I can’t believe he has the nerve to tell off hallucination Killian either. IT’S YOUR FAULT DASH, THAT’S WHY YOU KEEP SEEING HIM! He is out of control. Such a bad time for him to learn about his powers. I bet he is going to either out Ingrid or force her to help him master his’. All I know is he better not mess with Freya. Did you guys see the hate lasers he was serving when looking at her at the bar?! Actually, I hope he does so Ingrid, Wendy, Joanna, and Freya can SHUT. HIM. DOWN! Sooooo lets talk about Frederick…I don’t trust him any further than I can throw him. I’m with Wendy on this. Yeah, he cured your incurable disease, but he also said it doesn’t affect him because he’s built up an immunity. Soooo, he really didn’t do anything to warrant trust from her. It was a nice gesture, but he made no sacrifices for you. Had he, then he would have all of my trust until he was no longer deserving. I bet he was the one who carved that symbol on the poor asian man too. Last but certainly not least, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT WITH INGRID IN THE WOODS, and what were they doing? “Do you need me to feed you?” WHAT?! He’s like a centaur with vines that molest people! I guess this season it’s Ingrid’s turn to get caught up in all types of shit. Last season it was Freya. It never failed! She was ALWAYS caught up in some shit that she couldn’t get out of by herself! All in all, I’m excited about this season. I have a feeling it’s going to be great!

Summary of the girls with a hint of last night’s episode

Since this is my first post, I will give you my feelings on each girl as well as a little bit of how I feel about their roles in last night’s episode (Ep 4 Se 5)   Spencer is legend. The girls would have been dead by now if it wasn’t for her. Every night they say their prayers, I hope they thank jesus for her. Hope she doesn’t go off the rails again on account of her dad and punk ass Melissa! I think her daddy killed Mrs. D, although I don’t care that she’s dead, and I also think Melissa is and always has been A! Emily, I thought I couldn’t be over her any more than i’ve been since season 2, but she proved me wrong last night. She is the weakest link in the history of ABC Family sitcoms! Spence can’t handle all of the pressure and sort out everyone’s messes forever! Emily is about as tall as a tower, and presumably as strong as an ox since she is, or was a jock, yet she brings nothing to the group but trouble!! She is usually the root of every side mess they get in (Alison being the main). Why would she tell Alison that the school kids were out to get her upon her return? Alison is grade A schizophrenic, no telling what she is going to do to prepare for her unwelcomed return. That in turn, will drag the liars further down the rabbit whole with her! Emily should have rallied the troops and kept a close eye on Alison at school instead. Aria and that damn funeral footage! If she played that video one more time, we would be watching her funeral on next weeks episode because I would have come to rosewood myself to end her! She needs to get over it! She killed Shauna with good reason! She can’t be losing her shit right now! Not with Alison finally back. She needs all her marbles just to keep up with the stress and lies that come with being Alison’s friend. Not to mention the attention that will follow once she returns to school. She needs to leave Ezra alone, who by the way can jump off a bridge for all I care, like why is he still on the show? Your time is up, you’re not A so you can leave now. But back to Aria, she needs to keep it together because Hannah beat her to the pre mid-life crisis award. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! WTF is going on with you? Are you threatened that Ali is back so you have to give her back her look? Changing your look is one thing, but going back to your trifling ways is another! When she ripped the tag off those clothes in the dressing room i was like “DAMN YOU”. I can’t go down this road with her again. I’m still not mentally prepared for any breakdowns after dealing with Spencer and her pill poppin last semester. Still drains me to even think about it. Alison IS. KILLING. ME!! WHY CAN’T SHE TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONE NEW YORK MINUTE?! Jesus Christ, every time I try to feel for this kid, I can’t because she goes and starts some shit with her endless lies! Can you pick one of the girls and tell them the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Please? What are you hiding you fool?!? Mona is Batshit crazy. She had me fooled for a while. I always thought she was redeemable, but then she goes and does some underhanded shit and I realize she is a lost cause. I still secretly have hope for her though, and I am ashamed because of it. Whatever she has planned for Alison’s return will either be the most epic of take downs, or backfire and be the end of her. Hopefully she reconnects with Mike and maybe he can melt the ice away from her heart in time. She is totes creep though. Tune in next week and see what shit Spence will have to save them from!