The Amazing Race: Underground Edition



So Underground finally burst onto the scene a few weeks ago after much anticipation. It was received well by viewers (stellar ratings). I planned on peeping the series 70% because Jurnee Smollett-Bell was in it, and 30% because it was about the underground railroad. Whatever my reasoning, I’m glad i watched it because this show BANGS!!

Ok, so if you don’t know (which i don’t understand how you couldn’t based on the name and imagery), this show is about slaves on a plantation that are determined to escape enslavement. There are quite a few main characters, but i’m lazy so I will run down the ones who are clearly the front runners of the show (not to discredit the others).


Rosalee – Rosalee (Jurnee) is a quiet natured house slave. Keeps to herself and doesn’t cause any trouble. Appears to have no friends other than her two brothers and mother. Disliked by the field slaves, probably because she’s light skin and works in the house. Don’t know why the other house slaves aren’t that friendly with her. Maybe they addressed that and I missed it. No se.


Ernestine – Rosalee’s mother. Always knows more than she lets on. Very smart. And as of last night, we found out that she is also cut throat and will do anything to protect her kids.


Noah – Noah is a PYT that works in the fields. He’s very determined and a rebel rouser. He is the one who talked the others on the plantation into running. Seems like he is well liked and respected amongst the other slaves.


Cato – He’s a straight Desert Rat BASTARD! He’s the overseer and he lets his position go to his head! Uncle Rukus has nothing on him! Bueno para nada. He does, however, do one good thing. And that was filling his canteen with gas and letting it leak all through the cotton fields, only to later set it ablaze which helped him and 4 others escape. But then, FF to last night’s episode and he’s back to being a sack of shit (RIP Zeke).


August – Detective Stabler is out here catching runaway slaves, y’all.  He broke my heart. My only hope is that Olivia never finds out :(.

Ok, so initially the squad had a semi plan to run. But then Rosalee ended up killing I think his name was Bill or I don’t give a damn! He tried to push up on her and of course thought  he was entitled to do whatever he pleased, but Rosalee said, No siry bob! And shoved a broken bottle in his chest. Ouch! Well of course she had to run now! White man’s blood on a slave’s hands?! No good can come from that even though it was justified AF! Noah just so happens to be passing the cabin right as Rosalee is fleeing the scene. And since he’s secretly in love with her, he runs with her, abandoning the others. Not intentionally though. He plans to go back for them. Well they get off the plantation and hide in the woods. Then Noah tells Rosalee he has to go back for the others. How noble of you, Noah!

Well half way back to the plantation, he runs into the rest of his crew! Thanks to Cato’s burn-down-the-cotton-field plan, they got the chance to escape! Poor Pearly Mae sacrificed herself though so that Moses and her little girl boo could make a run for it :(.

Well the ashes have settled and massa realized that 7 of his slaves went ghost. Now the crew has like every slave tracker on this side of the Mason/Dixon after them because massa put a $1,000 bounty out on EACH of their heads, DEAD OR ALIVE! That’s a $7,000 come up! The trackers and everyone else are practically foaming at the mouth now.

The group go to the house of the white guy who has a cart full of junk he goes around selling. He helped Noah once so they figured he would help them again. They need directions to the train station so they can hitch a ride to Atlanta. Well the trackers catch up to them and shoot up the house trying to flush them out. Then the guy starts shooting at them too because he knows how much they’re worth! By the grace of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, they manage to escape with minor injuries (Moses was shot in the arm).

Rosalee wanders through the woods looking for some plant she saw earlier that would help clean Moses’ wounds. Well she happens upon Stabler. Of course he acts like he’s a good person and offers advice for a path to take because he knows she’s running. Then she gives up all the goods on their plan. She only realizes he’s a snake in the grass when she sees his son come around the corner. She remembered that the little boy was the one who fired the first shot at the house not even 30 minutes prior! Stabler knows he’s been compromised and at that exact moment, Rosalee literally ran for her life and evaded capture.

Well the gang is rolling like a michelin now. Trackers not far behind. Then they split up. Zeke and Cato end up together so guess what?! Cato shoots Zeke in the leg and runs off leaving him to be caught by the trackers, thus giving him the chance to put more distance between himself and the trackers. ¡Desgraciado!

Zeke fights till the bitter end! He refuses to be captured. He takes an axe to the back and 2 bullets to the chest, but he still manages to kill 3 of the trackers before succumbing to his injuries.

The runways all meet back up and Cato spews bullshit on what happened to Zeke. Noah is giving him level 15 side eye, so that lets us know Noah already knows it’s Cato’s fault.

Well, I can’t wait to see what happens on next week’s episode!