The boxing gloves are off


Either David Clark is bat shit crazy, or he is an evil genius like Emily/Amanda. He HAS to have something up his sleeve. He’s been off the grid for 10 years, yet he gets himself arrested in a gas station? Yeah, he has a plan. Him going all Silas on himself (did you catch that Da Vinci code reference?), played into that bogus story he told the cops about Conrad holding him hostage. I didn’t even connect the two until he was saying how afraid he was of Conrad recapturing him. I was like wait, but you killed Conrad. Then I was like ohhhhhhhh…either you’re crazy or you’re plotting. He must have recognized Emily. I hope he did. Maybe he’s playing the fool for Victoria so she won’t think he’s up to something. She’s just happy the three of them are back together. While she’s blinded by happiness, I hope David is digging into her past and her feud with Emily so he can see what a wretched dick she is.

I wish Emily would have picked David out of the lineup. I can understand why she didn’t though. Thinking your dad has been dead for over a decade and fighting to clear his name ever since only to find out he is alive and well…that’s a lot to take in. Now she missed her opportunity. Surely she will MAKE another one appear, but I want her to reunite with him NOW! How come he didn’t come looking for her during his years in hiding? Stalk her from afar? He’s pretty crafty, he could have done any of those without getting caught, since, you know, HE SUCCESSFULLY PLAYED DEAD FOR 10 YEARS! I hope that’s the first question Emily asks him. After a long meaningful hug, that is. His answer better be one I approve of. I’d rather an “I don’t know” than a mound of weak excuses.

And last but not least, how about that family photo opt and the press conference? I was hoping Emily would speak up and reveal her true identity. Or at least start some shit like a one person riot to disrupt what was going on. Turn over the lights, throw a chair in the crowd..SOMETHING! I can’t wait for next week’s episode though, now with the knowledge that her dad is alive, I think we are about to see an even more cut throat Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark.

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