I’m sorry, whose magic are you going to drain?


Kye, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself! How could you even fix your homicidal mouth to threaten Bonnie? Good on you Damon for checking him straight away. If ANYONE is going to die, it will be you! I was so outraged and shocked by his threats, that I temporarily zoned out. Refresh my memory if you will. Why can’t they kill him and take his golden get out of hell free card? Is he the only one who knows how to use it? Better be, because that’s the only logical reason for him to still be alive! When Damon pinned him against the wall in defense of Bonnie, he should have snapped his stupid little neck. So i’m guessing they will be on their way back to the living by next episode?

I was pleasantly surprised by the usually awful Elena. I’m so glad she didn’t continue the Damon/Elena saga when presented with the opportunity. Is it because she finally realized that she is even more unbearable of a character when she’s in a relationship as opposed to when she’s single? Has she finally taken everyone and their feelings into consideration? Probably not. Whatever her reasoning behind her decision is, i’m thankful.

Is Zack Salvatore going to accept of reject his long lost daughter? When Damon makes it back and finds out who this girl really is, he will really be living in his own hell. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like LOLA?!


Fucking Lola…she had me on craigslist looking for someone who had a time machine so I could go to France CIRCA 1556-7…AND KICK HER ASS! I CAN NOT STAND HER! THE NERVE OF THIS HOE IS UNRIVALED! KJSDFBGJAGJHUAEG! HOW DARE YOU PUSH MARY TO HER BREAKING POINT. AND BY BREAKING POINT I MEAN THE POINT WHERE SHE FINALLY SNAPS ON YO HOE ASS FOR YOUR PAST TRANSGRESSIONS! FINALLY Mary gave you what you deserved! I was fist pumping the whole time!! Hey Lola, YOU COME IN THE DOG HOUSE, YOU GET BIT! Can you believe Lola took the escape of Estelle into her own hands after her and Mary’s very heated row? Ummm, who do you think you are? You can’t take on such a task and it was proven with the circus you started. She killed a guard and then Mary had to save both of you guys in the end anyway. When will you learn? Oh I can’t forget about earlier when they were arguing in the breezeway and Mary asked her,  “What did I do to make you feel uncomfortable…” I ALMOST FLIPPED THE DAMN TABLE! LOLA SHOULD BE KISSING YOUR BOOTS, MARY! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! MARY IS SO SWEET AND COMPASSIONATE THAT IT MAKES ME SAD. I’m glad you were released from court. I hope you wake up with a ticket to Scotland on your pillow in the coming episodes because your services and shitty friendship are no longer needed. But of course that won’t happen. Mary is too nice and you guys reconciled…for now. I’m confident you will eventually cause another commotion, and this time I hope you are not forgiven.

Soooo Narcisse is a good guy? His stories of his previous wives brought my hate level for him from a 15/10 to an 11/10. Looks like he’s once again on the market. Wife number 5. I nominate Lola. Maybe they can get married and ride off into the sunset. And by sunset I mean off the show.

Mary lost the baby! Whyyyyyy God, whyyyyyyyyy?!?! Of all the dirt bags running around court, why does Mary the great have to suffer such heartache? And Frances was an absolute doll tonight. The happiest moment of his life scene, the “fireflies” after he found out about the baby. Good on you, Frances. Don’t worry Mary, there may still be hope for you producing an heir. Long may she Reign.

I apologize for the text written in caps lock…it’s the only way to get anger across in writing.

The feast before the storm


Not much to say about this week’s episode. Next week shit looks like it’s going to get real though. Ester has a new body, and her plans have been set into motion. Hopefully Haley has enough sense not to buy the dreams Esther is selling. The only thing she has for you is your destruction, Haley. Same thing she has for her own children. Can someone alert Rebecca already? They need all the man power they can get. I’m still waiting on Davina to flub up and release Michael for good. Hopefully the two ex lovers are too preoccupied with ways to kill one another, that the kids can blindside them with an attack. The Michaelsons along with Marcel and his army, I think the outcome will be favorable.

The boxing gloves are off


Either David Clark is bat shit crazy, or he is an evil genius like Emily/Amanda. He HAS to have something up his sleeve. He’s been off the grid for 10 years, yet he gets himself arrested in a gas station? Yeah, he has a plan. Him going all Silas on himself (did you catch that Da Vinci code reference?), played into that bogus story he told the cops about Conrad holding him hostage. I didn’t even connect the two until he was saying how afraid he was of Conrad recapturing him. I was like wait, but you killed Conrad. Then I was like ohhhhhhhh…either you’re crazy or you’re plotting. He must have recognized Emily. I hope he did. Maybe he’s playing the fool for Victoria so she won’t think he’s up to something. She’s just happy the three of them are back together. While she’s blinded by happiness, I hope David is digging into her past and her feud with Emily so he can see what a wretched dick she is.

I wish Emily would have picked David out of the lineup. I can understand why she didn’t though. Thinking your dad has been dead for over a decade and fighting to clear his name ever since only to find out he is alive and well…that’s a lot to take in. Now she missed her opportunity. Surely she will MAKE another one appear, but I want her to reunite with him NOW! How come he didn’t come looking for her during his years in hiding? Stalk her from afar? He’s pretty crafty, he could have done any of those without getting caught, since, you know, HE SUCCESSFULLY PLAYED DEAD FOR 10 YEARS! I hope that’s the first question Emily asks him. After a long meaningful hug, that is. His answer better be one I approve of. I’d rather an “I don’t know” than a mound of weak excuses.

And last but not least, how about that family photo opt and the press conference? I was hoping Emily would speak up and reveal her true identity. Or at least start some shit like a one person riot to disrupt what was going on. Turn over the lights, throw a chair in the crowd..SOMETHING! I can’t wait for next week’s episode though, now with the knowledge that her dad is alive, I think we are about to see an even more cut throat Emily Thorne/Amanda Clark.

Dick pic demise


Ok so this post is a little late. Forgive me

So what is Rebecca’s deal? I want to trust her but I don’t think I can. I feel sorry for her. Wounded souls always get a few extra passes with me. What is her involvement in this murder? Why did she have the phone? Why does she suddenly look like a 15 year old? I need all of these questions answered on the next episode. Annaliese needs to pick me to be one of her minions.

How about Conner? You are a murderer my friend. I do give you mad props for recording him though. That caught me completely by surprise. I thought he was just going to sleep with him because Pax was cute, and he’s (Conner) a slut. He got his cake as well as the luxury of eating it to. But at what cost? A LIFE! That’s what cost. Anything for Annaliese though, right? Pax was being a bit of a drama king though. Throwing yourself out of a window? Really? How about you just go to jail and think about what you’ve done for a few years. Maybe learn a trade? Whatever.

I knew Sam was guilty. He probably doesn’t have anything to do with the murder, but still wanted to get rid of any evidence that he knew her on a deeper level. Maybe because his incriminating emails would make him look pretty shady boots to the police. Not to mention the wrath of Analiese that he would have to have dealt with had he got caught. He did all of that and STILL got caught by her. Hell, I would have ratherd the police getting to me first. She’s too scary. I’d never want to be on her bad side.

His dick pic just fuels my fire from my previous post that Annaliese is responsible in some way for his death.