Charlotte, you are DEAD TO ME!


WHAT THE FUCK? AM I TRIPPING OR DID CHARLOTTE REALLY KNOCK EMILY’S BLOCK OFF WITH A SNEAK ATTACK?! AND BURN DOWN THE STOAWAY WITH EMILY’S TEMPORARILY LIFELESS BODY IN IT? Charlotte, you have no idea what you have done! You’ve made it this far BECAUSE of Emily! If I were Emily, I would have killed you in season 2! You ungrateful slut! While you were getting used and abused by Gideon, Jack and everybody was worried sick and doing all kinds of undercover shit to keep you out of trouble…Like when you got caught snorting coke off the fucking balcony, Cop Jack looked the other way. He could have lost his job! So you wanna take away his job AND his home/bar? That’s why when your ass was on the ledge thinking about jumping, I was all for it! Chanting “Jump, jump, jump” from my couch! And who was there trying to save the day? Emily and Jack! And this is how you thank them? I’M DONE!

Emily, I knew you fucked up when you told her all your secrets you’ve been keeping since season 1! You have a good heart Ems, even though you are known to obliterate everything in you wake if you feel wronged, but a good heart nonetheless.That will be your downfall, my friend. You almost got caught up because of your love for Jack last season, and now you DID get caught up because of unstable as Charlotte!! I know you will make it out of your fiery grave and I hope you make it your life’s mission to destroy Charlotte. She now knows what you’re capable of. Keep her on edge. As soon as her crazy ass thinks her attempt on your life is all water under the bridge…STRIKE!

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria. Why won’t you tell David that Emily is Amanda and end this once and for all? You are a petty whore. I can’t wait until David knows the truth. And I hop he and Emily team up together and LAY YOU OUT!

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