“There’s only room for two, I’ve been making less room for you…”


Finally there is someone other than Nolan and Emily in the Hamptons who is not afraid to challenge Victoria. I can’t wait to get to know this Natalie broad. She seems like she can really give Victoria a run for her money. You know how some people THINK they can hang with the big dogs, but we know they can’t (i.e Margot taking on Emily)? Well I don’t get that vibe from here. Can’t wait to find out what her beef with the Graysons is all about.

Nolan to rescue once again! I love him and Louise together. Hopefully he really falls in love with her. Like on a romantic level. That would make my heart burst with delight. She NEEDS someone like Nolan. Her mom is a stone cold bitch! How much money did Louise inherit? Billions? The way the mom is acting, you would think she inherited the world! How about you stop sabotaging Louise and go out and make your own money. You guys think Lymon is as innocent as he claims to be in this shit storm? Me either. If his name wasn’t reason enough not to trust him, his “anything for my campaign” mentality should sway you. Him and his mom can go kick rocks all the way back to Mississippi or wherever the hell they are from.

Margot and Jack. Seems like she is considering giving that relationship another go. They are both lonely as fuck so might as well, right? Wrong! Right now I don’t think she is capable of using Jack to cripple Emily, but she will eventually grow to that level. And then I will hate her forever. Jack is so oblivious all the time so he won’t even know whats going on until it’s too late. Now that Jack is involved in her with hunt for Emily, I hope she takes a step back and rethinks her decision to go to war with her.

Ben and Emily. I think she might actually like him or something. She has needs no information from him or help, so i guess that means she is really digging the scene. She went to his house on her own free will. And her comes lover boy, always showing up too late, but just in time to see Ben and Emily macking on each other. When will he realize that he and Emily will never be? Get over it, Jack.

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