The Hate U Give


I’ve been waiting on this movie for a little over a year. When the trailer was finally released, I died! From that moment until I saw it last night, I made sure to plug the book and the movie anytime I could in my everyday conversations. For the past two weeks I’ve been in hype mode overdrive! Well, I’m glad to say the movie lived up to my expectations!

The cast was amazing! Everyone nailed their roles! The chemistry between the cast was perfect. So much so, that it didn’t Seem like we were watching a movie, but observing a real family navigating their Situation. Often times, movies require a certain level of suspension of disbelief in order for them to make sense, get their point across, or be enjoyable. It’s not required for this movie because the plot, conflict, resolution and aftermath are so relevant to present day Black America.

Throughout the movie, the acronym  T.H.U.G L.I.F.E is explained. The hate you gave little infants F**ks everybody. I learned what thug life stood for maybe only 5 or so years ago from a random Tupac interview I found when I went down the rabbit’s hole of  “recommendations” YouTube had for me based on my viewing history. After watching the interview i was like “Exsqueeze Me?!…it’s an acronym? It doesn’t mean blood in, blood out, i didn’t choose this life, it choose me, live by the sword, die by the Sword?!” and so on.

There isn’t many ways you can interpret T.h.u.g L.i.f.e in my opinion, but just in case people were struggling to understand, all confusion was put to rest at the climax of the movie! The best scene hands down! It really drives the meaning home in the clearest way possible.

I think everyone should see this movie. It is worth your time, money, and whatever else!

Kylie’s Rating: A+