“There’s only room for two, I’ve been making less room for you…”


Finally there is someone other than Nolan and Emily in the Hamptons who is not afraid to challenge Victoria. I can’t wait to get to know this Natalie broad. She seems like she can really give Victoria a run for her money. You know how some people THINK they can hang with the big dogs, but we know they can’t (i.e Margot taking on Emily)? Well I don’t get that vibe from here. Can’t wait to find out what her beef with the Graysons is all about.

Nolan to rescue once again! I love him and Louise together. Hopefully he really falls in love with her. Like on a romantic level. That would make my heart burst with delight. She NEEDS someone like Nolan. Her mom is a stone cold bitch! How much money did Louise inherit? Billions? The way the mom is acting, you would think she inherited the world! How about you stop sabotaging Louise and go out and make your own money. You guys think Lymon is as innocent as he claims to be in this shit storm? Me either. If his name wasn’t reason enough not to trust him, his “anything for my campaign” mentality should sway you. Him and his mom can go kick rocks all the way back to Mississippi or wherever the hell they are from.

Margot and Jack. Seems like she is considering giving that relationship another go. They are both lonely as fuck so might as well, right? Wrong! Right now I don’t think she is capable of using Jack to cripple Emily, but she will eventually grow to that level. And then I will hate her forever. Jack is so oblivious all the time so he won’t even know whats going on until it’s too late. Now that Jack is involved in her with hunt for Emily, I hope she takes a step back and rethinks her decision to go to war with her.

Ben and Emily. I think she might actually like him or something. She has needs no information from him or help, so i guess that means she is really digging the scene. She went to his house on her own free will. And her comes lover boy, always showing up too late, but just in time to see Ben and Emily macking on each other. When will he realize that he and Emily will never be? Get over it, Jack.

May the best man win


Reign has finally returned! Yay! Now that i’ve got my excitement out of the way, lets recap this episode.

Ok, so the light bulb in Frances’ head finally went off when he said he should just go with what Mary says instead of against. Jesus Christ on a cracker, it only took him TWO seasons of complete failure to realize this. We’ve known since the show started he was not suited to be a king. He proved our suspicions once he took the throne. I hope he sticks to the plan of letting Mary make all the decisions. Doubt it will last that long though. Soon he will begin to feel emasculated and go back to his old, always wrong ways.

Why can’t Kenna catch a break? Yeah she was a hoe, but she isn’t anymore. That’s Catherine’s only dig towards her and she uses it every chance she gets! Here is Kenna being the nice caring girl that she is, trying to save Claude from death by poison, and she has the audacity to be a bitch to Kenna! She was dropping hints to that stupid hoe regarding the soup and her mom, but she wasn’t picking up what she was putting down. Finally as a last resort, she spells it out for her and gets bitched out as a thank you! And to add insult to injury, she told Kenna about her and Bash’s scandalous past. What a stupid bitch. I would have force fed her the rest of that soup if I were Kenna. But Kenna is a better person than I am because she just simply said her peace and left.

Why every time some shit goes down, Conde is almost always guaranteed to be at the center? I went back and forth for a while regarding his intentions, but I think they are pure. Obviously they didn’t start off that way, but he’s fallen hard for Mary which gave him a change of heart. His brother, I don’t trust him. Mary is so nice to everyone that I’m not sure if she is soft on Conde or if she’s just being herself. Either way, I’m glad she helps him. With that being said, if he turns on her like a two headed cobra, I will end him myself.

Can’t wait to see Frances and Conde duke it out of Mary though. Maybe Frances will stop taking her for granted knowing there are others out there that would gladly replace him.

Long may she reign.

Rich and homeless


I still hate Hakeem. Him and Naomi? WHET?! Enough about him, how about Jamal and that song he got from Puma. He sang it beautifully, and I lived for the looks between Luscious and Cookie. What a dick Luscious was though, talking about giving that song away and then having the nerve to be like, “Oh, you wanted it?”. Low down, Low DOWN! I hope Puma and Cookie become an item.

Jamal finally said his piece to his pops, but now he is homeless. Why doesn’t he just go live with Cookie? I’m sure she will let both him and Michael live with her. And if that fails, I would move us both in Luscious’ house. Hell, that house is so big they can live there damn near unnoticed!

Glad the feds are on there A game regarding that bald head scallywag Luscious married. She about to get everybody murked in these streets and she don’t E-N-O!

Still waiting patiently for the moment Cookie finds out Bunkee was killed by L! The officer knows, but surely he will be killed soon.

Bipolar Benny and his wife…I can’t

Barrel Of Mona


How about that bomb at the end regarding the storage unit?! I really wish it would have been registered in Emily’s name though. That would have been the better choice. Surely once she found out the unit was in her name, she would have folded like a sheet of paper and brought all of the girls down with her. Five birds, one stone. That’s what I would have done if I were “A”.

Speaking of “A”, i’m tired of IT! Can we find out who this hoe is like this season? Just because we find out their identity, doesn’t mean “A” has to stop doing “A” shit! Like, what did the liars do to him/her that was soooo awful, they decided to dedicate their life to taking them down?! I need a face and a back story.

I hope Mona isn’t in that barrel. That would be so fucked up :(. Yall saw Spencer roll up on that “person” behind the clear curtains?! She told punk ass caleb to stay there and rolled right up front and center on what turned out to be an empty suit, but could have been a person! My nigga for LIFE! Wonder who the blonde haired girl is the teacher lady was referring to. I bet it’s fucking Cece. We still know basically nothing about that shady hoe.

Guy living in Spence’s backyard is a creep. I’ve got my eye on him. He reeks of ulterior motives.

New girl working at the Brew is a total lesbian and wants Emily. Bet

Dream Team


I can’t believe I questioned Emily’s actions last night when she jumped one of the guards and didn’t take his gun. I should have known she had a far better plan. After all, she is Emily mothafucking Thorne! Drawing a message on that guys back for Jack…


Glad stupid face saw the message and was able to decipher its meaning. That’s the least he could do, it’s his fault that Emily got caught up anyway. How about Malcolm and his thermometer. WHAT?! That was so smart of him. Once I saw that below normal body temp though, I would have shot Victoria in the head. Still would have shot David too, but in the knee and only after I offed Victoria. Then I’d take him back to see me murk Emily (I would never dream of killing Emily. This is just what I would do if I were Malcolm).

Well, shit certainly got real when they got back to the warehouse. The Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes when she sacrificed herself for Emily. Victoria earned my respect. A thank you, never, but my respect, yes. Then Jack and Ben show up and all of a sudden everyone is in their own corner fighting simultaneously. It was a bit chaotic. I was basically IN the tv SCREAMING when Malcolm was walking Emily over to the furnace. Even though I knew she wasn’t going to be thrown in, it still gave me major anxiety. Shout out to David for putting an end to Malcolm once and for all. It took like SIX bullets to take him down though. That’s some straight up evil!

I thought Eloise’s mom was really dead, so when Nolan hugged her i was like 0_0 while questioning my own sanity. I’m glad she has Nolan to watch out for her. I like her. I don’t care if she killed her daddy 😦

“I’m gonna git you, Sucka!”


Is it just me, or does it look like Cookie raided the costume departments from EVERY blaxploitation film ever made, to compile her wardrobe?! I thought she went to jail in the 90s. Can someone (Jamal) pleases take her shopping? And only let her buy clothes from the 2000s up until the present? Damn! I love Cookie though, lol.

So I hate Hakeem even more now. As a person. I was hating hard on his raps last week, but this week his rap score has risen, while his personality score plummeted (not that it was too high to begin with). He barely has talent, and he’s hideous. How dare he have the audacity to have a funky attitude too. What?! Man, I was really hoping Tianna wouldn’t succumb to his douchery so early in the game. I thought he was going to clean himself up in order to win her hand. Boy was I buggin. I liked her song in the beginning.

I can’t wait until Lucius gets caught up for Bunky’s murder. I’m on the fence about his character, meaning i’m not sure if I hate him or love him. He is dirty as they come, but I still feel the need to like him. I’m torn. I’m glad he took action against 4-4 though for talking crazy to cookie. What if he decides to bypass all the boys and give the company to Cookie?! Like on his death bed, he’s like, “Cookie, I want you to run the company. You’re the reason Empire even exists.” That would be dope. The bipolar one would flip his shit foreal, foreal though. That would make for a great season finale!

MILF…or in this case, MIF


Jason and Ms. Marin, sitting in a tree….GROSS!!! Score one for Ms. Marin, zero for Jason. He was her well overdue come up. When was the last time she got some action? Last season with that old preacher? Jason gets no points because THAT’S HANNAH’S MOM! He’s a dirty dog, i tell ya! Now that Hannah knows what went down between the two, it might cause a rift between her and Spencer. My guess is she’s going to tell Spence, who is going to get defensive of Jason, which Hannah won’t appreciate and then the divide will begin. Surely the others will be dragged into the drama as well, expected to choose a side. Emily, of course is going to try and play peacemaker and straddle the fence, only she will actually be making things worse in true Emily fashion. And thanks to this petty bullshit, “A” will take this opportunity of unrest between the liars to hit them good and hard. Well at least that’s what I think is going to happen. I’m probably fifty shades of wrong though. If I were Hannah, I would be side eying the shit out of my mom. And when I wasn’t in the mood for side eyes, I would shoot glares her way as often as possible, letting her know, without outright letting her know, that I know…what she did last summer! Got carried away, I meant last night :).

It’s no secret Spencer is the best liar and that most of us would follow her into the depths of hell unbothered because we knew she would get us back out practically unscathed. I admire her, but she needs to learn how to not get involved with the problems of others. It’s like second nature to her but she needs to realize that that pesky quality of hers is going to get her caught up in a major way one day. A way that she won’t even be able to weasel her way out of. If anyone is in trouble, the first person they run to is her, when they should have come to her before getting into the trouble in the first place. Caleb is in her kitchen dropping the murder weapon on her counter. She agrees to help him get rid of it. Caleb, you are an inconsiderate bunghole. She should have told him to pack that knife back up and kick rocks! I wish he would have roasted in that pottery oven. Maybe next time. Everyone needs to learn how to get themselves out of the troubles they cause. They wait until they are up the creek with not only no paddles, but half a damn boat before they come to her. Sort it out! Leave my nigga Spence out of it!

I was over creepy Toby, reborn Toby, and now noble policeman Toby. Can he die already?

Emily is out here acting like a crackhead trying to get money to see Paige…FUCK PAIGE!

Lets all take a moment to thank god for letting Aria get into college. All those denials were starting to stress ME out 0_0

I Sentence you to DEATH


Fucking Jack Porter. WHY hasn’t he been killed yet? I mean, you already killed his brother and wife, why not make it a family affair? It could have been insinuated that Carl went to live with Charlotte, which would probably have made her turn her life around. There you go, we’re done with those characters for good now. No need to wonder what happened to them, I just gave you guys a great way to off them. You’re Welcome. David specifically told you to stay out of his dealings, but noooo, the boyscout in Jack got the better of him. Now he’s going to get EVERYONE killed. Ugghhhh

Once David finds out that Malcolm has Emily, I hope his first move is to go and skin Jack alive. Emily can hold her own while he takes a day to mollywhop Jack. Then he needs to come for her. Together they will be unstoppable. Victoria is quite the son of a bitch as well, but her specialty isn’t of the physical nature. I’m sure she will be able to find someway to help the duo though.

Fucking Ben. Now he knows who Emily really is. He’s obviously going to throw a monkey wrench in everything now. Hopefully Nolan can keep him at bay. If not, maybe he will get caught up in the cross hairs and get himself killed. Either scenario is fine with me.

I’m glad Nolan and Emily are looking out for Eloise. She needs a keeper.


This first episode had my curiosity, the next episode needs to grab my attention. Does anyone else feel like this is a continuation of Hustle and Flow, lol? I think I just feel that way because of Taraji and Terrence. I liked all of the musical numbers and acts except the lame rapping son. He is wiggidy, wiggidy WACK! They are blowing his head up tooooo much!

As far as the dialogue, I cringed a few times. Mostly when Taraji was speaking. Some of those lines are sooo cheeseball. She’s so much better than that.

With that being said, I think this show is going to be pretty good.



Finally Ally has been caged. Obviously she isn’t “A”, but I still love the fact that she is being held accountable for at least one of her crimes against humanity. Maybe she didn’t kill Mona…either way, she has done plenty to end up in the slammer. If only for a few days or so. Surely she will be getting out soon. And I’m sure Jason will be on the top of her hit list.

Good riddance Paige. I wish you would have taken Emily with you.

I’m glad Spencer was cleared. I think She would have adapted to prison life pretty quickly, and survived, but the other liars wouldn’t last a school week, let alone a whole week in these streets without her. They should be thanking their lucky stars their plan came together and got ally caught up.

I just wish Mona were still alive. As batshit as she was 😦