I have a possible 5150…


I’m over David “no loyalty” Clarke. I kind of wish he really was dead. His presence has caused more harm than good so far. Emily dedicated the last 4 seasons of her life to avenging a death that never occurred. You have been lurking in the shadows for 10 years. Did it never once cross your mind to go and look for her? Were you scared your cover might be blown had someone seen and recognized you? If so, that is one of the weakest excuses I have ever heard! If you managed to live off the grid for 10 years, I’m sure you could have looked for her unnoticed. I know he says he thought she was dead, but “Amanda” didn’t die until around season 2. So what kept you from searching from the time you escaped to the time of her untimely death? David, you’re pissing me off.

Who else was offended when he told Emily he can’t be her father, bullshit dumb shit, it’s too dangerous right now. Excuse me sir, but did she not just kick ass and take names in that hospital room? Had it not been for her, you wouldn’t even be able to fix your raggedy mouth to even say those words! Emily is capable of anything. You should know that by now. She’s been avenging you for YEARS! She knows what she’s doing. If anything, you will survive longer, and may even be able to get your life back with Emily by your side.

And another thing, why must you lie all day long?! David, you are the shadiest of the shady bunch. Are you really even innocent regarding the flight incident? Emily needs to tie you up in her closet and torture the answers out of YOU! I don’t trust him one bit!

You know who else I don’t trust? Jack’s hot partner. Can you find another case to solve? Actually, keep poking the bear (Emily). I can’t wait to see how she puts an end to your annoying invasive antics. Then again, based on Sunday’s episode, you guys might be able to help each others causes. Well, you’ll be helping Emily. Emily will probably just be blowing smoke up your arse!

Victoria and Daniel can both jump off of a cliff.

Nolan needs to cut and comb his hair.

I’d like to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for David Clark finally shaving his disgusting facial hair off.

Crazy red head broad….I kind of feel sorry for her.

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