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The Secret is out


So last night April was FORCED to drop the C-bomb on her mom and grams. I’m surprised her mom didn’t put two and two together after she followed her to Uncle George’s office. Normal people would be like, “hmmmm, massive amount of pills, visits to a hospital that specializes in cancer…maybe she has cancer!” Well clearly it didn’t go that way and poor April was ambushed with an intervention! Even though the intervention was staged under false pretenses (suspected drug addiction), it was an intervention nonetheless, and there are fewer things in this world that grind my gears more than interventions. If I were April, I would have moonwalked right out of the house and not show up again for a few days. That would really throw the family into a tailspin. Probably thinking she was out in the streets prostituting and overdosing.

Uncle George has the nerves of a brass assed monkey! “Tell them or I will?” NO! WHY ARE YOU EVEN THERE? EVERYONE STILL HATES YOU! She should have told him to tell them about Natalie Ortiz or she would. That would be a low blow though, since it really affects her mom more, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

How about Brenna and Greer? I kind of like Greer. Obviously Brenna does too but is too stubborn/ashamed to admit it. Now that they shared a tender moment on the bench outside, i think she will start to fall for her…like romantically. She has too since for the past two episodes, they kept emphasizing the fact that she’s a lesbian.