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Proud Mary


So I went and saw Proud Mary on Friday. It was cheesy, but I knew it would be from the moment I saw the first trailer while waiting on another movie to start months ago. Now, I was going to see it eventually to support black cinema, but had no plans on seeing it opening night. Things change.

Anywho, in my opinion the movie was so slooooooow! The run time is a little over and hour and a half, but I felt like I was watching it for at least 2 hours and 5 mins!!! I typically don’t like action movies because they are too in your face and loud and crazy, but this one was the opposite! I was like damn, is this a drama or an action movie?! There was a lot of filler scenes that should have been replaced with a little more action. Sure, she kills a person here and there, but for the only real action scene doesn’t happen until the last about 15 mins of the movie!!!!

Another thing that I did not like was the way Danny Glover talked! It looked like all of his scenes were dubbed! Did he flub all his lines and have to redo them in post? Did they not like his voice and got someone to do a voiceover? Whatever the case, it was weird and distracting. Also, they only had 3 active memebers in their “family”. Can we at least get a gang of people like the other families? That would be more believable.

So yeah, this movie had cheesy dialogue, the minimal amount of action to be considered an action movie, too many unnecessary filler scenes, and it felt like it lasted an eternity!!!  But do I want my money back? No. It’s worth a watch if you have a free day during the week. Maybe catch the $5 mantinee.

oh yeah, you don’t even get to hear Proud Mary until the very end!!!

Kylie’s Rating




So ever since I saw the first preview for Mother, I knew I had to see it. It was a huge bonus that JLaw was the star. Well it came out today and I went. It was so dope!! Of course, it was weird AF too, because Darren Aronofsky. There is a thin line between super weird and so weird, you’re doing the most. This movie walked the line.

Now that I’m sitting here typing out my thoughts, I don’t think any character had a name! Like, I don’t remember anybody being called by one. They would just start talking to one another. Anywho, Javier’s character is a poet who is struggling to write his next piece. J Law is his meek and mild wife who has spent all of her time rebuilding Javier’s house (now their house) after it previously burned down in a fire.

There is this weird glowing crystal that Javier has on display in his office. We already know something is up with him/them because of it. J Law is somehow connected to the house and can feel it’s life force when she touches a wall. She herself has some type of sickness and treats her symptoms with this glittery powder she mixes with water. So the first time I saw her take that, I’m like so, what is that? Is she a ghost? Not so much a moaning myrtle type ghost, but Casper when he got to be a boy again for the night. And if so, does she know she is? That’s when I started getting suspicious of the husband.

Next, some random man comes and stays and he’s being all weird, the husband opens the house to him and J Law is like, ummmmmm….but goes along with it. Later that night, he is coughing up his lungs in the bathroom and he also has a massive gash on his side towards the back. They never bring that up again in the movie. So why make sure we notice it in the first place if we were never going to get an explanation? The next day rolls around and his wife shows up. Eventually it’s a damn family reunion, because now the sons show up and chaos ensues! No one is listening to her and some shit goes down, and now I’m looking at the husband like, “really”? Then the movie just gets crazier and crazier from there.

I liked this movie because I couldn’t figure out what was going on for the longest. You know how you’re watching a movie, and then you start to predict what’s going to happen next based on what’s happened so far? Well i tried doing that for the first hour and a half was was wrong each time. It wasn’t until about the last 30 mins or so where I was like, “oohhhhh, okkkkkk”. Even then, I was a tiny bit surprised by the ending, I have so many questions. I would type them into this post, but I don’t want to spoil the movie anymore than I have, if i’ve spoiled it at all. Also, there is this once scene that is completely INSANE, so beware. You will know it when you see it.

Yes, this movie is super weird, but I think it’s worth seeing. I think people are either going to hate it, or love it. There is no in between. See for yourselves.

Kylie’s Rating: 4/5


Everything, Everything


Ok , so last night I saw Everything, Everything. I’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced Amandla Stenberg would be staring in it (Rue 4 Lyfe). Any who, once that announcement was made, I immediately purchased and read the book. It was pretty good.

Now back to the movie. So the soundtrack bangs. How do I know that? Because like 75% of the scenes were accompanied by a song. It was almost like a visual album! Lmao. I was kind of hating that, but then I remembered this movie is about teens, made for teens. I am not their target demographic. So I’ve decided not to hold that against the film. I think all the acting was good, although some scenes oozed with cheese. And making the cheesiness more apparent, were this gaggle of teen girls who would crack up EVERY TIME one of those faithful lines were uttered. Which was pretty often. Their laughter eventually started to make me cringe with second hand embarrassment right before I knew a lovey dovey line was about to be delivered. They kind of ruined my experience, TBH. Somehow the lines didn’t seem so corny in the book.

The movie stayed pretty true to the book. They cut out the part where Maddy visits Carla prior to her departure with Olly, which kind of made me mad. I love Carla! We needed that scene!!! They did update the story a little by making Maddy and Olly’s main means of communication through txt and not instant messenger like in the book. I can dig it. I initially liked how they had them together as if they were talking face to face during some of their txting conversations. Keeps you from having to read their messages on the side of the screen. Nick Robinson did an awesome job as Olly, btdubs!

Overall, the movie was cool. Cute. Definitely worth seeing. Plus it’s an added bonus that the book was written by a black woman, movie was directed by a black woman, and it starred a black girl. That’s dope. #Blackgirlmagic

Kylie’s Rating – B

P.s – Can y’all believe there were people trying to dog Amandla about this movie for being mixed and not counting as a black girl? They were like this isn’t a real accomplishment because she’s light skin and we need dark skin representation in lead rolls. I get that. Colorism definitely exists in Hollywood, and the world in general. That being said, you can’t use this particular movie as an example of colorism in Hollywood prevailing once again. Why? Because in the book she was mixed (although black and chinese). So, FOH. Let her get her shine on in peace.



So last night I went to a screening of Loving. It was released on November 4th but since LA is behind the times, it won’t be released here until the 23rd. Loving is about Richard and Mildred Loving who challenged the state of Virginia for their right to be married since interracial marriage was outlawed in the state during that time.

I wish I could say I loved the movie (cheesy, I know lol), but I didn’t. I definitely liked it, but didn’t love it like I thought I would every time I saw the previews over the past few months. It was very slow which made it feel like it was longer than the 2hr  3min run time.

The performances were good, except for Mildred’s sister. I didn’t like her acting or character too much. She seemed too modern for the movie she was in. Everyone else made me believe they were really living in 1958 Virginia, whereas she gave me more of a 1985 kind of vibe.

There’s not much more to say about this movie. Everyone knows the story and how it ends. In conclusion, If asked if I think its worth seeing, i’d say yes.

Kylie’s Rating: B-

Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso


Ok, so for a few months my life was taken over by Netflix. Now this is a common occurrence, but this time it was soooo different.

So one day I was minding my own business, looking for a new show to watch. I had just finished this Colombian telenovela called “La Promesa”. It’s really good. If you haven’t seen it, you should peep it or at the very least add it to your list. Any who, so under the “Because you watched ____” section, pops up this other novela called “Sin senos no hay paraiso.” The title translates to “Without breast there is no paradise”. I was intrigued so I added it to my list and watched the pilot that night. I figured I wouldn’t finish the series though because it was one season consisting of 167, 40min episodes! Well, within the first like 2 mins of the pilot, the main character faints in the classroom. I knew from that point on, that this show was going to be poppin!

The series follows a girl named Catalina who thinks the only way to escape her humble life is to get a boob job. All of her friends have fake boobs and have fancy things and pocket change. They have that because the drug dealers pay for their “services” for the weekend and take them shopping and give them money as a bonus. Catalina doesn’t care, she just wants to keep up with the Jonses. Her BFF Jessica a.k.a la diabla does everything in her power to get Catalina chose by the dealers and/or a boob job. Whichever break came first.

Well she eventually got her tetas and was living the life she always dreamed of! But everyone except Cata and her friends, knows that “When it’s up, it all falls down”. And fell it did…HARD! I won’t give the story away, but just know you will never be the same after watching this series.

This will be you for over half of the season. Well, at least it was me 😥



Still lying…5 years later


I know i’ve been gone for a while, but during my hiatus I was still keeping up with my shows. I’m just far to lazy to keep sharing my thoughts for extended periods of time. But i’m back once again. For how long? Your guess is as good as mine!

Ok, so you all know I love/hate Emily but mostly hate her. Well since she managed to survive 6.5 seasons, I was like FINE! We can start over. Hi, my name is Kylie, nice to meet you. She wasn’t getting on my nerves so far this season, and when I thought she had cancer, I was like noooooooooo! You’ve escaped death too many times to be taken out like that. Then we eventually find out she’s just donating her eggs -_-. Whatever…Well leave it to Beaver to be the first one to be caught up in some crazy stuff. I’m referring to her hallucination after her procedure. Maybe it did happen, who knows, but of course she’d be the first one out right attacked because she will forever be the weakest link!

I don’t trust Ally. Never have…wanted too…but probably never will. I wouldn’t put it past her to be on the “A” team.

Ian is suspect AF! What happened to him over the past 5 years? He’s been acting like a total homicidal FREAK! He’s always been low key weird though anyway.

Toby, Toby, Toby…Why is he still around?! He really has no place there now that him and Spence are no longer together. BYE STACY!

I can not with Caleb and Spencer! WHHHYYYYY? Why couldn’t she find a new love like the other girls? Why did her boo have to come from their recycling bin? Never really liked Caleb anyway. Prior to the end of this week’s episode, I was hoping for him and Toby to get into a total battle royale, fight to the death over Spencer, but plot twist…THEY BOTH DIE! That way we never have to see either of them again, and Spencer can get a new, more deserving, love interest.

Hannah has the flyest guy hands down. And he has an Australian accent?! HOLLA! Good on you Hannah! Now lets talk about Ashley and that drive. I’m no criminal, but i’m pretty sure the first rule of stealing evidence is to destroy said evidence once you get you hands on it! Am I right, or am i right?! Why steal it and then “keep it somewhere safe”? I’d take no chances of someone finding it, like I don’t know, someone who goes by “A” or Sara Harvey! I would have smashed that drive to pieces and then burned them in two separate fires on opposite ends of town! Get it together Ashley, and give that drive to Hannah, You don’t know how to play the game.

I still don’t trust Aria’s shady boots Daddy. He’s such a Chester the Molester weirdo.

Shouts out to Ella being back on the show though.

Aria still bores me.

Lifetime: Where nightmares are made


If lifetime were a person….

Ok, so I know pretty much the entire world watch this horrendous Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, movie last night. I promised myself I wouldn’t watch it, but i couldn’t help myself. I’ve been distressed ever since, but that’s what I get. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Was it just me or was time flying by? In the span of 10 minutes, she goes from 8 to 15! What? During this time they at least flashed a year across the bottom of the screen, but after a while, they gave up on that and it was a guessing game. I literally gaged the time elapsed and her age, by the length of her hair. Did anyone notice how her hair got longer and longer, like every other scene? And subsequently, another monumental part of her life would begin?! I know you only had two hours, but damn! I have a list of scenes they could have cut in order to place new, more relevant ones there, or extended some of the pre-existing ones.

How about that casting?! Are you freaking kidding me? Was the casting director for this movie under the impression that this was a fictional story, therefore he could cast who he wanted because these people didn’t really exist? That has to be the case because there is no other reason that the casting should have been soooooo far off! Missy and Timb?! Neither were on the large side. Were there no larger actors at your casting call? Their Missy casting pick would have been perfect…if this movie was The Life and Times of MARY J BLIGE! What about Damon Dash? I was always under the impression (thanks to photographic evidence) that he was kind of short and stocky with a fat, bald, blockish head. How come last night he was tall and thin like a slim jim? Why did no one make an effort to find someone with at least the same build for these characters? Lifetime knew this movie was going to be wiggidy wiggidy wack during pre-production! You can’t use her vocals, you got clearance for some of her songs, but not the ones everyone was expecting to hear (NO ONE IN A MILLION?! REALLY?!), Stevie Wonder was your casting director, and the president of cheesyville was your screenwriter. Were those cons not enough for you to sit back and say you know what, maybe we shouldn’t make this movie. Was the fact that you weren’t going to be able to use not one Aaliyah/Missy/Timb callabo in this movie a major deciding factor on giving this the green light or not? Apparently not. That alone was reason to pull the plug.

Wendy Williams….I blame you more than I blame lifetime. Why did you sign on to produce this. You knew the lowdown of the situation and you still signed on. I hope you’re happy with yourself. You will never live this down. As long as I have breath in my body, I will troll you every chance I get. If I ever see you on the streets, no matter how much time has passed, you already know i’m going to ask you WTF were you thinking back in 2014 when you teamed up with lifetime. Year 2025, (via some futuristic social media platform) I will still be reminding you of that sad day in U.S History (11/15/14) where you offend a nation. I hope you spent all of last night, and much of this morning reading all of the comments and memes that were written/made about you. How YOU doin?!

Alexandra Shipp. I kind of feel bad for the kid. Of all casted, she was the only one who wasn’t that bad of a choice. I was totally against it at first, but during he months leading up to the airing, i accepted it. I think her voice was too high for these songs. That being said, I actually think she has a pretty nice voice. Just not the right voice for the covers. I can’t really judge her on her acting, because the script was booty cheddar, so was her acting, which makes sense. I think she did the best she could with the scraps she was given. I also think she sucked in Drumline 2. I also think that movie sucked as well. I won’t judge her completely until she gets a role in a decent movie. Then, if her acting is still awful, I will finally say she sucks as an actress. She’s getting ripped apart right along with Lifetime and Wendy. She could have avoided all of this backlash by passing on the role, but she didn’t and now she’s being nailed to the cross. I don’t think she deserves alllllll the hate and comments she’s been getting though (however funny it may be, lol).

Moral of the story, Lifetime + a biopic= A DISASTER

All hail the King and Queen of France


Finally Mary and Frances are officially the King and Queen of France. Actually, I’m only really happy Mary is finally Queen. Frances could have stayed a prince until the end of time for all I cared. He needs to sort out his new title fast. Mary is always one step ahead of him. She should rule France as king, and Frances should rule as queen. He takes the scenic route when it comes to solving problems, while Mary takes the interstate. How dare you reprimand our queen for solving your problem in a timely manner. She even offered to let you take credit for the whole deal, but no, that wasn’t good enough for you. Well you know what Frances? Next time come up with a more efficient plan FIRST, you pansy!

How about Catherine and Narcisse? She’s too underhanded for me. Sit back and let your queen handle business her way. Only if she needs advice on the art of treachery, you should speak. Other than that…SILENCIO!

Poor Kenna. You should know by now that you can’t trust any noble, or anyone at french court. I understand you want a house again, you deserve it, but cool your heels kid. I really wish she wouldn’t have confronted that lady though. I feel as though the husband will take Bash out, and the wife Kenna. Surely Bash will survive but Kenna will not. I hope that doesn’t happen but I feel like with the evidence against this guy mounting, a battle will soon follow and there will be collateral damage…Kenna, tell Mary what is going on so she can put an end to this before it comes to a head.

Mary is finally pregnant! I’m overjoyed. I bet this will be a very complicated pregnancy though. I hope she and the baby survive. Catherine better not intervene either based on Nostradamus’ old vision that Francis will die once he and Mary have children. So Catherine, if you even THINK about sabotaging Mary’s pregnancy…I will be waiting for you in your chambers!

And last but not least, as for Mary, Long may she reign.

P.s If my prediction about Kenna comes true, I’d like to be called Nostradamus from here on out :p

She will be their downfall


And by she I mean Michaela. She is really buggin over this murder! She needs to get her shit together quick, fast, and in a hurry! You’re not in this alone! You have 4 other co-conspirators to share in your terror. Losing her engagement ring was the last straw for me. Once the cat is out the bag about the murder, and the police start to search the woods, find the ring, discover it probably has insurance and trace it back to Aiden, which connects her…it’s going to do downhill for the group faster than it already is. Personally, I would have throat punched her and smacked her in the head with murder weapon trophy upon the discovery of the missing ring. One more loose end tied up…and burned with the original body. I know that might seem drastic, but I wouldn’t trust letting her go in hopes that she won’t talk. She looks like the type whose conscience is so sensitive that she would sing like a canary if a strange looks at her too long with what she will interpret to be accusatory eyes even though they’ve never met.

Rebecca is a stone cold fool. What is her deal? Can’t wait until they spend more time developing her character and storyline next episode. I needs answers.

How about Nate lying to Annaliese about the whereabouts of her soon to be creepy husband? Is he doing this because he knows she will not be able to handle the truth, or is he doing this to get back at her for destroying him on the stand with that underhanded sneak attack she hit him with previously? That would be some hardcore revenge on his part. Not only will she find out her husband may have had something to do with it at the most inopportune time, perhaps midway through her trial. which would surely throw her off her game, or even worst, after she has already convicted a semi innocent person of his crimes. He could go unpunished because they are already prosecuting two for the crime. If that does happen, maybe he did get his punishment after all in the form of death. By the hands off his wife. Hmmmmmmm

Mary, Queen of rationale


Do we trust Frances’ “cousin” yet? I don’t think I do. If he is trustworthy, and leaves on his ship soon like he says he will, then his character feels unnecessary to me. Why keep him for another episode. I understand he helped them get back to the castle safely. That was important, but they should have bid him adieu at the gates. Were the seas too rough to set sail? Is there a storm a’brewin? I mean weather wise, not the one inside the castle walls.

I knew Mary was going to save Nostradamus. After all, it was her fault he was there in the first place and she has too big of a heart to leave him hanging. She’s a fast in depth thinker. That might be the difference between her reign and Catherine’s. Catherine is also, but on another level. She might think hard on something, but most of the time her decision involves backstabbing or damning someone else to get the outcome she wants. Mary seems to consider all the possibilities and picks the plan that has the least amount of casualties for both sides. She may very well become wicked sooner or later, but i’m confident it won’t be anytime soon. Yes she may do some underhanded things, but until she stops feeling remorseful about them, then she will still be a nicer queen then Catherine. Maybe you’re thinking Queens shouldn’t and/or can’t be nice. Maybe. Only time will tell.

Sooo, i’m assuming Bash doesn’t have the black death even though he was touched like twice by an infected? Well at least I don’t have to prepare myself for his death as well as Kenna’s since, you know he hugged her without letting her know he might have just contracted THE BLACK DEATH moments before. I still don’t forgive him for that

Mary is so nice. Doing the right thing by Frances and his baby and Lola. Lola, you don’t deserve such a friend. Long may she reign.