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Poundtown Shutdown


I knew Calle and Wyatt’s “alone time” was going to be a disaster. Of course she was going to freak out when it was time for Wyatt to take her down to China town. Did the writes think we forgot about her whole ordeal with Liam. That was going to have to come back and haunt her yet again at some point during this season. And sure enough, later in the show she thinks she sees Liam. In love with Brandon, my ass!

Can Jude go ahead and speak again? I mean, everyone knew he was gay. His love for nail polish in season 1 kind of gave it away.

Brandon over there tripping balls off of one hash brownie…reason 234345 why I hate him.

Mike and Ana. I thought he really killed her, or at least seriously injured her that drunken night he came home with a busted hand. Right after he found Ana in his rage. He better not be having an affair with her. Doubt he is though. They are probably helping each other through their addictions are something. But why would he need her? He has his Dannie or whatever his fellow addict girlfriend’s name is.

This week was still kind of a bore, but NOWHERE NEAR as boring as last weeks, thank God.