I Sentence you to DEATH


Fucking Jack Porter. WHY hasn’t he been killed yet? I mean, you already killed his brother and wife, why not make it a family affair? It could have been insinuated that Carl went to live with Charlotte, which would probably have made her turn her life around. There you go, we’re done with those characters for good now. No need to wonder what happened to them, I just gave you guys a great way to off them. You’re Welcome. David specifically told you to stay out of his dealings, but noooo, the boyscout in Jack got the better of him. Now he’s going to get EVERYONE killed. Ugghhhh

Once David finds out that Malcolm has Emily, I hope his first move is to go and skin Jack alive. Emily can hold her own while he takes a day to mollywhop Jack. Then he needs to come for her. Together they will be unstoppable. Victoria is quite the son of a bitch as well, but her specialty isn’t of the physical nature. I’m sure she will be able to find someway to help the duo though.

Fucking Ben. Now he knows who Emily really is. He’s obviously going to throw a monkey wrench in everything now. Hopefully Nolan can keep him at bay. If not, maybe he will get caught up in the cross hairs and get himself killed. Either scenario is fine with me.

I’m glad Nolan and Emily are looking out for Eloise. She needs a keeper.

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