Emily Thorne for Life


Revenge is back! This show is soooo great! Emily is so good at revenge it was only a matter of time before she would have to get back to it.

I knew when Emily backed into that car she had something up her sleeve. She does nothing by accident. Then, BAM! Shit gets real at her party and it’s tied to the lady whose car she “accidentally” backed into. Kind of blew up in her face though. Oh well, Victoria just escaped the looney bin so she will have a real run for her money in the plotting department. Victoria brings out the absolute best, of the worst of her. And I digs it!

Charlotte can go back to France for this whole season for all I care. She’s such a loser. She causes problems and that’s basically it. Now she’s dating Margot’s brother…and i guess now she’s on crack. Like, what are you doing? Why are you on this show? Are you just here to unknowingly fuck up Emily’s plans with your spastic behavior?

Daniel can go suck on a egg as well. He is self destructing and I don’t really feel sorry for him. Ever since he shot Emily last season, he has been DEAD TO ME! Don’t come for Emily! I don’t care if she two timed you and tried to take down your whole family by any means necessary! So whatever happens to his cocky ass is alright with me!

And last but not least, DAVID, HOW TO YOU COME BACK FROM THE DEAD OR WHEREVER THE HELL YOU’VE BEEN FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS AND NOT SEE EMILY?! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? You snatch up Victoria though? I can’t David. You better have a damn good excuse next episode for your actions!

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