Sayonara, Sucker!


Dueces, Daniel! Took them long enough. Daniel has been dead to me since he tried to kill Emily the night of their wedding. The writers finally came to their senses. I knew he was going to be the one to die as soon as Margot told him she and the baby need him. Finally he was going to get the fresh start he’s been looking for, a chance to turn his life around, and KABLAMO! in true dramatic fashion, he dies. I will admit, I did feel sad for 1.87 seconds. I didn’t always hate him, you know. Oh well, he’s dead, on to the next. Hopefully it will be Charlotte or Jack.

Crazy man David is on the loose again. Why are you trying to kill Victoria? I can name a laundry list of reasons, but what finally set you off? I’m confused. This better not be some secret window type shit where David is crazier than we all realized, and he himself, is in fact this Black character that allegedly held him hostage for 10 years. Only time will tell.

Now that Daniel is dead, you think Victoria will become an even bigger bitch, or finally chill out? Maybe she will hate David because he’s basically responsible for his death. If it wasn’t for David, crazy agent girl wouldn’t have been trying to kill Emily in the first place. Daniel played a roll in his own death too though. We all know Emily. If I heard breaking glass coming from her house, I would be curious, but I probably wouldn’t have went running to her house. She’s proved time and time again that she can take care of herself. I would just figure she’s beating someone’s ass. It’s better to stay out of her way. If you weren’t there prior to things popping off, then you’re either going to get yourself killed, or get her killed.

At least Daniel died knowing that Emily did love him at one point in time. He can also rest easy knowing that Emily will avenge his death.


Relationship Status: It’s complicated…

So as you all know, I have rapidly been becoming less of a fan of TVD this season. It’s mainly because of how they treat Bonnie, sprinkled with my utter disdain for Elena. Below is a letter I wrote after the episode where Bonnie got left behind on the other side, yet again. I looked up Julie Plec’s agents, and fired this letter off to them. Do I think they will read it, let alone pass it on to her? No, but at least sending it made me feel better, lol.

Dear Julie Plec,

My name is Kylie Miller and I am writing you this letter out of my sheer frustrations caused by recent episodes of the Vampire Diaries. Before I go into any detail, let my first say that I am a fan, hanging on by a thread maybe, but a fan nonetheless. I have every single season on DVD and I’ve tuned in on Thursday nights at 7pm CST faithfully since 2009.

Over the seasons, I have noticed a certain pattern involving our beloved Bonnie Bennett. She always gets the short end of the stick. ALWAYS! Why is this? I’m sure you are aware of this and don’t need to be reminded, but for the sake of my letter, I have listed a few examples (not in chronological order):

  1. Grams dies
  2. Her mother returns only to be turned into a vampire and leaves again
  3. Bonnie dies to bring back Jeremy
  4. Her father is murdered in the town square
  5. Her new possible boyfriend is turned into a vampire and killed
  6. She loses her magic
  7. Performs potentially fatal spells to save her band of fools (the other main characters)
  8. Almost killed by the horrendous Elena when her humanity was off (The nerve of her even without her humanity!)
  9. Being the anchor to the other side (“Way harsh, Ty”)
  10. She dies again and gets stuck on the other side while it’s imploding. She gets to another plane by the grace of Grams

I could continue, but I’m sure you get the picture. In the premier episode this season, Bonnie got about 2mins of airtime at the very end. To add insult to injury, her death was mentioned only briefly by Elena and Caroline, to make it seem like they actually missed her. I take some of the previous sentence back. I think Caroline genuinely cares about Bonnie, but doesn’t have time to show it because she has taken on the role of protector in Bonnie’s absence. No one else has an excuse. There should be a whole episode dedicated to her! There should have been a statue erected in the middle of Mystic Falls in her honor the first time she died! (10 points to Gryffindor for the scene in the woods where everyone paid their respects to her, and another 10 points for choosing Birdy’s cover of Without a Word during said scene.) Ok, I know a whole show will not happen, but what about 30mins? If not a statue, how about a plaque? She is the most unappreciated character on the show and I am growing weary of the series because of it.

I applaud and thank you for creating such an amazing character, I really do. It’s just that I would like to see her live the life she deserves, or at the very least get the amount of credit she deserves. Yes they thank her after she saves their lives, but it feels like they are just going through the motions; they need to really mean it. That’s why I call upon you to make an episode (or dedicate ½ an episode) so they can give thanks to their savior Bonnie Bennett. I’m not suggesting they kiss her boots or worship her like a God (even though they should), but they should celebrate her. No supernatural disasters for just one night. Gather the gang and have a house party. Make this episode one of reminiscing about all the times and ways Bonnie has sacrificed and saved them for 6 seasons straight.

For all I know, there might already be an episode like this lined up. Based on the past 5 seasons, and this quote from an interview with Caroline Dries dated October 31, 2014, I doubt it, though.


“What you can say about Bonnie now that she’s been left behind?
Damon believes she was left for dead, so he’s struggling with the guilt of having gotten out when she sacrificed herself for him. With Bonnie left behind with Kai we’ll see basically a horror movie for her and she’s desperately trying to find a way out without letting Kai back. It’s this endless bad dream for her.”

Why are you guys so hard on Bonnie? Why does she never get a break? Why can’t you even let her have an ounce of peace in death? I know Bonnie will get herself out of there, and thanks to the interview I referred to above, I now know her friends will help her. I hope you don’t think this act of love for Bonnie makes up for all the times they took her for granted. They should be honored to put their lives on the line in hopes of bringing her back.

I know this letter might not ever be seen or read by you, or your agents in its entirety let alone even started. That’s fine. I just had to get this off my chest. But, if on the off chance anybody is reading this letter, I hope you will have a think about everything I’ve pointed out. Long live Bonnie Bennett.

                                                                                    Kind Regards,

                                                                                      Kylie Miller

It’s on like Donkey Kong


AHHHHHHH!! I want all of those rebel protestants head’s on a stick! HOW DARE THEY?! Everyone, meet me in the town square at dusk. Bring your pitch forks, branding irons, Molotov cocktails and whatever other weapons you can think of! If we leave this vengeance in Frances’ hands, it may never happen. But sadly, we must. One, because we are not actual cast members on this show, and two, because they wouldn’t be able to drag this storyline out. I say that because the viewers wouldn’t need more than half an episode to hunt down and kill the offenders. Frances on the the other hand, will muddle through and drag this out for 2, maybe 3 episodes before he accomplishes what we could have in 23 minutes! I bet Mary is going to be the one who catches them anyway. Whatever the case may be, heads better roll!!

I’d like to give a round of applause to Katherine for the way she handled the situation tonight. She actually has a heart and soul.

Conde and Claude. I don’t approve. Conde is gorgeous and all, but i’m still not sure of his intentions at court. Only thing i’m sure of regarding him, is that he wants to be Mary’s secret lover.

Greer, you and your old ass husband are in quite the pickle. First things first, I suggest you guys tie up as many loose ends as you can. And by tie up, i mean kill everyone who was involved with “building the school”. Your money financed an assassination attempt on your king and queen! Mary would never let you go down for this though if she ever finds out.

I hope Mary doesn’t lose her wits about her in the coming episodes. Or should I say HOPED. Based on the preview for next week’s episode, she’s a wreck. Understandably so.


Long may she reign.

I have a possible 5150…


I’m over David “no loyalty” Clarke. I kind of wish he really was dead. His presence has caused more harm than good so far. Emily dedicated the last 4 seasons of her life to avenging a death that never occurred. You have been lurking in the shadows for 10 years. Did it never once cross your mind to go and look for her? Were you scared your cover might be blown had someone seen and recognized you? If so, that is one of the weakest excuses I have ever heard! If you managed to live off the grid for 10 years, I’m sure you could have looked for her unnoticed. I know he says he thought she was dead, but “Amanda” didn’t die until around season 2. So what kept you from searching from the time you escaped to the time of her untimely death? David, you’re pissing me off.

Who else was offended when he told Emily he can’t be her father, bullshit dumb shit, it’s too dangerous right now. Excuse me sir, but did she not just kick ass and take names in that hospital room? Had it not been for her, you wouldn’t even be able to fix your raggedy mouth to even say those words! Emily is capable of anything. You should know that by now. She’s been avenging you for YEARS! She knows what she’s doing. If anything, you will survive longer, and may even be able to get your life back with Emily by your side.

And another thing, why must you lie all day long?! David, you are the shadiest of the shady bunch. Are you really even innocent regarding the flight incident? Emily needs to tie you up in her closet and torture the answers out of YOU! I don’t trust him one bit!

You know who else I don’t trust? Jack’s hot partner. Can you find another case to solve? Actually, keep poking the bear (Emily). I can’t wait to see how she puts an end to your annoying invasive antics. Then again, based on Sunday’s episode, you guys might be able to help each others causes. Well, you’ll be helping Emily. Emily will probably just be blowing smoke up your arse!

Victoria and Daniel can both jump off of a cliff.

Nolan needs to cut and comb his hair.

I’d like to thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for David Clark finally shaving his disgusting facial hair off.

Crazy red head broad….I kind of feel sorry for her.