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Queen Sugar: Season 2


Finally Queen Sugar has returned. Nothing has changed too much for the Borderlone family to me. Davis still sucks, Nova is still annoying, Ralph Angel is still a short tempered cry baby, Charlie is still overbearing, Aunt Vi and Hollywood are still being petty towards one another, and Darla is still trying to stay on the right track. Kudos to Darla. She’s by far my favorite character anyway.

So what happened on during the two night premier? I don’t remember much because it was low key boring. I’m sure the season will be awesome, but it’s just a slow start in my opinion. Micah got pulled over and arrested, and it seems like the effects of that event are going to play out all season. I bet he starts acting out. He’s already dealing with the divorce of his parents, and as of last night, the possible custody battle that is about to ensue. Hope he can keep it together.

Ralph Angel is still out here doing what he thinks is best and then catching an attitude with any and everybody that dares to tell him the possible consequences of his actions. So that’s why he consults no one when he’s about to do something regarding the family farm. And can he leave Darla alone for a minute?! Like they just had a talk on the porch about how she needed them to cool it so she can keep herself in check take life step by step, then less than 24hrs later he’s asking her on a date. BYE RALPH ANGEL!!! Don’t get me wrong, I want them together, but I also don’t want him to mess up Darla’s sobriety. I’m so over Davis. I wish they would just divorce already and he rides off into the sunset. And by sunset I mean straight off of the show.

Well, I’m looking forward to this season. Hopefully it starts popping off next week.