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The feast before the storm


Not much to say about this week’s episode. Next week shit looks like it’s going to get real though. Ester has a new body, and her plans have been set into motion. Hopefully Haley has enough sense not to buy the dreams Esther is selling. The only thing she has for you is your destruction, Haley. Same thing she has for her own children. Can someone alert Rebecca already? They need all the man power they can get. I’m still waiting on Davina to flub up and release Michael for good. Hopefully the two ex lovers are too preoccupied with ways to kill one another, that the kids can blindside them with an attack. The Michaelsons along with Marcel and his army, I think the outcome will be favorable.

Davina: Opener of Pandora’s Box


The shit has finally hit the fan, what was done in the dark has come to light…In other words, Davina, you have fucked up. I told you this would happen, D. You think you can just conjure up the most feared vampire slayer in all the land without there being any kind of repercussions? NO MAM! Girl, you better melt that bracelet down and drink it, because if it gets away from you one more time, you might wake up DEAD!

I hope Hayley can pull herself out of this downward spiral. I don’t want her to become as heartless as Klaus. Glad he is showing a little bit of concern and helping her deal…the best way that he can. We have to crawl with Klaus before we can walk. Will Hayley once again become the darling of her pack. Isn’t she their leader by blood, anyway?

How about the return of Esther in the form of 16yr old Cassie? The most powerful witch and the most powerful slayer all back from the dead, in NOLA, with the same destroy their children. This is certainly shaping up to be a great foundation for an out of sight battle. I’m on the kids’ side, duh.

Your time is up


Welcome back Rebecca! This premier gave me more than I could hope for in the first few seconds when Rebecca appeared. Been living with a broken heart ever since Klaus ran her out of town. All of them must be together at all times. I don’t care about Cole though…he sucked.

The werewolves are still in charge of NOLA.

Why doesn’t Klaus tell Marcel the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding his not dead baby? He can trust him and he knows it. And what about the attitude Elijah was serving up to Cammi? He used to be the level headed, nice one. I guess the times have finally taken a toll on him. He needs to sort it out and quick because their can’t be two dicks running around NOLA.

My nigga Divina! Stepping in to save the day like a true G! She isn’t scared of no werewolf!! She is trippin though, aiding and abetting Michael, though. She doesn’t know what kind of hell storm she is about to unleash. I hope you make it through the battle, Davina.

How about that battle? Teamwork makes the dreamwork…or nightmare depending on your intentions. Anywho, Elijah was too smooth when dealing with that biotch lady who thinks she runs the town. Personally, I wouldn’t have said anything to her. I would have just stood on the porch while she taunts me because she THINKS I can’t come in. Then I would have vamp ran over to her and ripped her damn head off of her body! She’s so wretched. Good on you, Haley, for taking out the trash.Speaking of Hayley, why doesn’t Haley ever go into full werewolf mode? Why doesn’t she change at the full moon? I’m sure it was explained once upon a time, but i can’t remember. I feel kind of bad for her. Why couldn’t they let her stay in the bayou? She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Maybe there was some pressing reason she couldn’t from last season too, but again,  I can’t remember.