Sayonara, Sucker!


Dueces, Daniel! Took them long enough. Daniel has been dead to me since he tried to kill Emily the night of their wedding. The writers finally came to their senses. I knew he was going to be the one to die as soon as Margot told him she and the baby need him. Finally he was going to get the fresh start he’s been looking for, a chance to turn his life around, and KABLAMO! in true dramatic fashion, he dies. I will admit, I did feel sad for 1.87 seconds. I didn’t always hate him, you know. Oh well, he’s dead, on to the next. Hopefully it will be Charlotte or Jack.

Crazy man David is on the loose again. Why are you trying to kill Victoria? I can name a laundry list of reasons, but what finally set you off? I’m confused. This better not be some secret window type shit where David is crazier than we all realized, and he himself, is in fact this Black character that allegedly held him hostage for 10 years. Only time will tell.

Now that Daniel is dead, you think Victoria will become an even bigger bitch, or finally chill out? Maybe she will hate David because he’s basically responsible for his death. If it wasn’t for David, crazy agent girl wouldn’t have been trying to kill Emily in the first place. Daniel played a roll in his own death too though. We all know Emily. If I heard breaking glass coming from her house, I would be curious, but I probably wouldn’t have went running to her house. She’s proved time and time again that she can take care of herself. I would just figure she’s beating someone’s ass. It’s better to stay out of her way. If you weren’t there prior to things popping off, then you’re either going to get yourself killed, or get her killed.

At least Daniel died knowing that Emily did love him at one point in time. He can also rest easy knowing that Emily will avenge his death.

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