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3 for 1 special


First things first, Leo is Hawt! I like him better bald. It’s those ears and eyebrows.

Ok so i’m going to have to summarize the previous two episodes as wll as tonight’s.

So, I really thought Charlie was going to wake up when he got a wiff of the pizza. Kinda bummed it’s episode 3 and he’s still under. I like how we can actually see him out of his coma when the other kids are near death or under anesthesia, though.

I’m not sure I can deal with Kara. She’s too big of a bitch. Of course she has her moments where her humanity somewhat shines through, but if you blink you’ll miss it. I can’t believe she’s such a druggie. Like, Whet? You are like in 11th grade! Save that phase of your life for college! I’m glad she pissed clean, but i’m even more glad that she took the pill at the end of the episode. It would have been too unrealistic for her to change her lifestyle so quickly. She needs something serious to rattle her…not saying needing a new heart isn’t serious, but Kara is a stone cold bitch who needs a little extra to shake her awake.

What is Jordy’s deal? Your mother is alive and well you douche! I know you hated your childhood but zamn! He was right to leave his grandma, aka the witch doctor, and come to the hospital. I don’t know. but I kind of don’t like him. Can’t put my finger on it though.

How bad off is Dash, really? He never has medical problems. Does he really need to be living at the hospital with the rest of them? Shouldn’t he be there on an “as needed basis”? And by that, I mean when he has a flare up, check in, two days later checkout. Weekend vaycay. I need them to explain his condition and explore his character more. I needs answers. I like him though.

Emma reminds me of a chipmunk or squirrel. I mean that in the nicest way possible. Why is she anorexic? What caused this? Again, need more info about her. Hopefully they can split a show between her and Dash that will satisfy my curiosity. Oh, and I hope she doesn’t end up with lame jordy! Emma and Leo forever.

Now we can talk about episode 3.

Kara calling Emma, skeletor…I’m still laughing. Calling leo the cancer poster child, bald boy, legless man was the best, and I feel awful for saying that! lmao. Soooooo, are kara and Leo going to become a thing now? I thought he was saving all his love for Emma! It was so cute when he turned up to the dance for Emma! I don’t like this triangle in the making. I also don’t like that Emma has taken 3 steps back in her anorexic journey. All because some losers thinks she’s cool for being so thin. Guess i’m getting what I wanted though. More intel on Emma and why she has to live there.

Jordy’s mom was real shady boots this episode. What’s her angle and when will it be revealed? I knew it was only a matter of time before she left. Sad he had to witness it. I will be a little more tolerant of you now, Jordy. Maria full of Grace…”You’ve got some splainin to doooo!”