Charlotte, Public enemy #1


Emily is killing me. When she woke up on that stretcher, I wanted her to be halfway done planning the demise of Charlotte. She is letting her displaced feelings get in the way. Yes that’s your sister, yes you kidnapped her, yes you destroyed her family, but so! SHE TRIED TO KILL YOU! And not a fast painless bop on the head. She knocked you out and then SET THE BUILDING ON FIRE! And to add insult to injury, she burned down Jack’s bar/house. How many ways must she show you she gives no fucks about anyone decent, Emily? What is her beef with Jack? She’s a bucket and a half of crazy anyway, but that’s nothing new! We’ve known that since like season 1 or 2! When will people stop trusting her with big, damning news? SHE CAN’T HANDLE IT! She causes more trouble than her life is worth. Which is why Emily needs to finish her. If she doesn’t want to kill her, have her committed like Victoria! Ultimately I want her dead, but i’m willing to compromise.

Broke down Daniel. That’s what you get! Shouldn’t have tried to kill Emily in season 3! I honestly don’t care what happens to him. If he has to become a prostitute to make ends meet, so be it. I still won’t feel bad for him.Oh and I hope Shady Sara (girl from lockup with victoria) ruins you. I know you are going to try and swoon her so you can have money again. Something tells me she isn’t crazy at all, but sneaky and plotty. Did I always hate Daniel? No. I started to dislike him when he was secretly seeing Sara behind Emily’s back even though Emily was seeing Aiden. My loyalty lies with Emily forever and always! So Daniel…YOU CAN SUCK IT!

I feel like David recognized Emily last night. I sure hope he did! Then hopefully, with Emily’s help, he will realize what a lying skank bitch Victoria is and team up with his first born to take her down to China Town. That would be the most epic team ever! He’s managed to stay off the radar for like 10 years which is a testament to his craftiness. And we all know what Emily is capable of. Oh, and how could I forget Nolan?! He’s a key player as well. I can’t wait until they all join forces and form the revenge justice league.

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