Dick pic demise


Ok so this post is a little late. Forgive me

So what is Rebecca’s deal? I want to trust her but I don’t think I can. I feel sorry for her. Wounded souls always get a few extra passes with me. What is her involvement in this murder? Why did she have the phone? Why does she suddenly look like a 15 year old? I need all of these questions answered on the next episode. Annaliese needs to pick me to be one of her minions.

How about Conner? You are a murderer my friend. I do give you mad props for recording him though. That caught me completely by surprise. I thought he was just going to sleep with him because Pax was cute, and he’s (Conner) a slut. He got his cake as well as the luxury of eating it to. But at what cost? A LIFE! That’s what cost. Anything for Annaliese though, right? Pax was being a bit of a drama king though. Throwing yourself out of a window? Really? How about you just go to jail and think about what you’ve done for a few years. Maybe learn a trade? Whatever.

I knew Sam was guilty. He probably doesn’t have anything to do with the murder, but still wanted to get rid of any evidence that he knew her on a deeper level. Maybe because his incriminating emails would make him look pretty shady boots to the police. Not to mention the wrath of Analiese that he would have to have dealt with had he got caught. He did all of that and STILL got caught by her. Hell, I would have ratherd the police getting to me first. She’s too scary. I’d never want to be on her bad side.

His dick pic just fuels my fire from my previous post that Annaliese is responsible in some way for his death.

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