Class is back in Session


It has finally returned!

Ok, if I were Annaliese, I would be paranoid as a mother effer. You have to keep 5 people in check man because you’re lie is that big and has that many people involved. I would probably kill all of them except Wes, but that would look too suspicious. The others can’t be trusted though. Out of the 5, 4 are loose cannons! They can’t handle the pressure. I wouldn’t be able to deal with them. Surely Annaliese could kill them though if she wanted and get away with it. Then again, maybe not.

That lady cop who is present during all the interrogations, I don’t trust her. Does she have a secret beef with Annaliese, or is she just like an over achiever? Either way, she seems like trouble.

Finally rebecca is off the hook for this murder! Who really killed the girl though? I don’t think it was Sam. Maybe we haven’t met that character yet. Maybe it’s Annaliese. Or Frank. Or the blonde lady who sleeps with Asher. The suspect list grows

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