All grown up


First things first…Dean Thomas is gorgeous…geeky gorgeous. He looks exactly the same from his Harry Potter days, but older. I can dig it.

Ok, so far i’m digging this show. For reasons other than Dean, or Wes, as they call him in this show. I think Viola is killing it, I would totally dread her class and her presence on and off of campus. That means she’s doing a bang up job as this character. Thanks to the flashbacks, I’m gathering that she is a real shady Mcgrady. And not her shady lawyer self, but like a shady lady when she isn’t in lawyer or professor mode. I thought she got her favorite students to kill her husband, until that shocker this past Sunday which revealed Rebecca might be the culprit. I need more background on this kid. How did beautiful unicorn faced Wes fall for the girl with the dragon tattoo? I think she tricked him into this union.

As for the other cast members, they’re alright I guess. My least favorite is the chubby checker whose name i can not, and probably will not remember because i have no desire to.

Oh, and the professor’s husband definitely has something to do with the dead girl’s murder. Or at the very least her disappearance.

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