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13 Reasons Why

Warning: In the words of India Aire, “Don’t be offended this is all my opinion, ain’t nothing that i’m saying law…”

If you haven’t watched this show, or commented on at least one thread about this show, you are officially 2000 and late…kind of like I am with writing this post.

So 13 Reasons Why is based on the novel of the same name. It’s about a high schooler who commits suicide, but not before recording 13 tapes for 13 people letting them know how they contributed to her suicide. I bought the book a few years back but could never get past page 25. I tried multiple times a year to read that book but it just wasn’t working for me for some reason. So when they announced a year or so ago that Selena Gomez was going to bring the book to life, I was like well maybe I can watch it, just not read it. WRONG!

So Hannah’s downhill spiral starts when she goes out with jock Justin and he takes a picture of them making out or something and his friend Bryce sends it to the school and just like that, Hannah is now labeled a slut. Next up she meets the other new girl at school and is forced by the guidance counselor to hang out with her, They actually get on pretty well and then a third new kid pops up. Alex. Eventually Jess and Alex start dating and everyone knows threes a crowd. Hannah is alone again. Except not really. There is Clay who is a total dork, He’s sweet and innocent and everything good. He likes her, she knows, everyone knows, but Clay apparently isn’t her type. She ends up going on dates with two other jocks from Justin and Bryce’s circle and of course more rumors arise and she’s falling further down the high school rumor rabbit hole.

Another student, Courtney also slanders Hannah when some pictures of her and Hannah making out get spread around the school. Creepy Tyler is a total peeping Tom who took the pictures through her window as he was hiding in the bushes. Well Court throws Hannah under the bus because she is a secret lesbian but doesn’t want anyone to know. She denies that it is her in the pictures.

I’m actually over all the offenses Hannah felt were committed against her. I don’t think most of them warranted a “I killed myself because of you” tape. They were petty high school offenses! Except Bryce’s. Fuck that guy. Should the kids have been mean to her in the first place, no, but why not tell them what you had to say (everything on the tapes) to their faces while you were alive. At this point is where I have to revert back to a teenager where high school is your world and you can’t see beyond that and everything is a huge deal. I also realize everyone handles situations differently. Some people can take more than others. I get that. My problem with the show is that Hannah made a game out of her suicide. Everyone has to listen to each others tapes and if you don’t, there will be consequences. What? How messy! Just liked she made arrangements to mail the tapes off prior to her death, could she have not mailed each one off individually?

I was really done with Hannah when she decided to make Jess a tape after she stood by while she got raped! Are you kidding me? Paralyzed with fear? Ok, i would have accepted that had she went to the police, or even jess a day later and told her what happened. But she did neither. Instead, she put all her business out there for 12 other people to hear as well. All over them falling out as friends which “broke her heart”. Friends come and go, especially high school ones. Jess’¬†offense wasn’t nearly as bad as the one Hannah committed against her.

And why make poor Clay a tape? Yes it was kind of nice, but now he has to live with the fact that he’s a contributor to her death because he didn’t love her. That’s fucked up.

She also always pushed people away and then when they didn’t¬†come after her, it was their fault and she felt as if no one cared/loved her enough. We see everything from Hannah’s POV. In reality, everyone has their own problems to deal with. So if they keep trying to get through to someone, and they keep pushing them away, eventually they will stop and use that time to either sort their own lives out, or try with someone they may think might accept the help.

I’m rambling at this point and didn’t even say half of what i wanted to say.

If anyone reading this is struggling, click the link below and check them out. They also have a hotline.



I’m sorry, whose magic are you going to drain?


Kye, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself! How could you even fix your homicidal mouth to threaten Bonnie? Good on you Damon for checking him straight away. If ANYONE is going to die, it will be you! I was so outraged and shocked by his threats, that I temporarily zoned out. Refresh my memory if you will. Why can’t they kill him and take his golden get out of hell free card? Is he the only one who knows how to use it? Better be, because that’s the only logical reason for him to still be alive! When Damon pinned him against the wall in defense of Bonnie, he should have snapped his stupid little neck. So i’m guessing they will be on their way back to the living by next episode?

I was pleasantly surprised by the usually awful Elena. I’m so glad she didn’t continue the Damon/Elena saga when presented with the opportunity. Is it because she finally realized that she is even more unbearable of a character when she’s in a relationship as opposed to when she’s single? Has she finally taken everyone and their feelings into consideration? Probably not. Whatever her reasoning behind her decision is, i’m thankful.

Is Zack Salvatore going to accept of reject his long lost daughter? When Damon makes it back and finds out who this girl really is, he will really be living in his own hell. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Bye, Elena!


Vampire Diaries has finally returned! Such a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I absolutely loathe Elena, yet sweet because I love the show. The relationship Elena and I have is a very intense love/hate. I literally wish for her death EVERY episode, yet when she’s in a situation where she very well could die, I’m over here hyperventilating on my couch, on the verge of tears. It’s crazy, I know. She just causes soooo much heartache for everyone else yet somehow she’s always the victim. Everyone on the show would/have DIE for her and she gives no fucks! What a spoiled bitch!

Only other thing I have to say about this episode is how come Bonnie gots no love until the end of the show? Ummmm hellooo, Bonnie died too, why couldn’t she get at least 15mins of remembrance time? Without Bonnie, this show would have ended after season 2 or 3. SHE is the reason all of them are alive up until this point. I mean, sure they have died along the way, but it’s BONNIE who sacrifices the most to make sure her band of fools are safe at the end of the day. I appreciate you Bonnie Bennet.