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Are those wedding bells, or bullets ringing?


First let me start by saying I started this blog too late because my only post for Devious Maids will be about the finale. What a tragedy.

Ok, so I totally called it last week or whenever it was that Marisol found that bloody cloth. I knew Nick was responsible for Adrienne and Evelyn’s son’s death. He must really love Marisol to go to the Powells AND the police to confess his sins of 15 years ago. I’d still marry him after all of that too.

I too am having second thoughts about Spence and Rosie’s union. I was all smitten and on board in the beginning, but i’m not sure now. Rosie had some good points she was throwing out there. I’m mad she fired Rosie though. And what about the biggest bomb of all…ROSIE’S FIRST HUSBAND NOT BEING DEAD! I can’t wait for next season to see how that storyline plays out.


And now we can talk about the drive by Ty did once the wedding party was exiting the church! I know he meant to get Valentina, but I’m like 70% sure he didn’t get Valentina. I came to that conclusion because she was standing behind Rosie, yet at the end Rosie’s bouquet falls and there is blood on it. If she did get hit, that’s where my left over 30% comes into play. He fired hella rounds, so maybe he hit more than one of them. I bet he hit Zoila and Genvieve is going to have to save her or some shit like that. Either way, I can’t wait until next season!