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True Life: PLL has been leading me on for 5 years and counting


And so begins another year of questions that will soon be filed under the unanswered questions list we have been compiling for the past five years. Starting with Sarah stranger bitch. I can’t handle anymore new characters. I guess she technically isn’t new since she was mentioned once upon a moon. Regardless, we don’t need any new storylines until we get answers regarding the preexisting ones! If they don’t drop some heavy backstory knowledge about Charles on next week’s episode, “A” will be the least of their worries!

So we know Charles is Jason’s twin or brother. So if he is a twin, doesn’t that mean he’s Spencer’s half brother just like Jason?! How have the other parents never asked about him. Like, “Hey ally’s mom,  I remember you having 3 kids at one point. What happened to the other boy?” I don’t know.

I wonder how many episodes are going to be wasted on Sarah. I will only tolerate 12 mins of next weeks episode being dedicated to her backstory. Not a minute more.

I wonder what happened in their rooms. Hunger game style microchips inserted in their arms? Harry Potter style free hand insults carved into them? The list of possibilities are endless!

Oh and Mona better not get killed now or ever.

I hope next week’s episode is better :-/



Bombs over Rosewood


I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as Ally proved last night when she went from 0 to Chris brown in 0.5 seconds. It’s not all her fault, crazy Mona did provoke her but DAMN! I can understand slapping her back but the verbal threats that accompanied it…Ally hasn’t changed one bit! I’ve been on the fence about her ever since she came back anyway. I don’t trust her, but I want to, and then she goes and does stuff like this. Why lie Allison?! She might be even more manipulative than Mona, if that’s even possible.

Emily and Ally, Ally and Emily…I hate the sound of it. Not just because I loathe Emily, but because she is like putty in Ally’s hand which in due time will get ALL of the others caught up. Wherever Emily is, trouble is not far behind. She would back stab all of them for Ally, and Ally knows this. I’m so over both of them

Poor Spence, having to deal with her possible murderous father and evil sister. That being said, mama Hastings better slow her roll on this divorce situation. She can’t take Spencer out of Rosewood! I won’t allow it. Without Spencer around, the others will surely be dead in 2 weeks time! She needs to be there to take care of her band of fools (aka, the other liars). Toby can go though. He can pack up his pickup, grab Caleb and drive until the truck explodes for all I care,

How about Trouty mouth. Shady Biatch! Good on Jenna though for planting her on the swim team to go after Emily. If I were after Ally, I would go for Emily each time because she’s such a foolish girl. Just wait until Jenna finds out that Aria killed Shauna. Speaking of Jenna, is she blind again? You know we can never trust her.

Did anyone else think that explosion was a massive car wreck caused by a meteor? It looked like Armageddon in those streets! “A” is getting maybe just a tiny bit out of control! IT BLEW UP A HOUSE AND ALL THE CARS LINING THE STREET! WHO IS THIS AND WHAT DID THE GIRLS DO TO THIS GUY/GIRL?! These are the questions I need answered sooner than later.

Summary of the girls with a hint of last night’s episode

Since this is my first post, I will give you my feelings on each girl as well as a little bit of how I feel about their roles in last night’s episode (Ep 4 Se 5)   Spencer is legend. The girls would have been dead by now if it wasn’t for her. Every night they say their prayers, I hope they thank jesus for her. Hope she doesn’t go off the rails again on account of her dad and punk ass Melissa! I think her daddy killed Mrs. D, although I don’t care that she’s dead, and I also think Melissa is and always has been A! Emily, I thought I couldn’t be over her any more than i’ve been since season 2, but she proved me wrong last night. She is the weakest link in the history of ABC Family sitcoms! Spence can’t handle all of the pressure and sort out everyone’s messes forever! Emily is about as tall as a tower, and presumably as strong as an ox since she is, or was a jock, yet she brings nothing to the group but trouble!! She is usually the root of every side mess they get in (Alison being the main). Why would she tell Alison that the school kids were out to get her upon her return? Alison is grade A schizophrenic, no telling what she is going to do to prepare for her unwelcomed return. That in turn, will drag the liars further down the rabbit whole with her! Emily should have rallied the troops and kept a close eye on Alison at school instead. Aria and that damn funeral footage! If she played that video one more time, we would be watching her funeral on next weeks episode because I would have come to rosewood myself to end her! She needs to get over it! She killed Shauna with good reason! She can’t be losing her shit right now! Not with Alison finally back. She needs all her marbles just to keep up with the stress and lies that come with being Alison’s friend. Not to mention the attention that will follow once she returns to school. She needs to leave Ezra alone, who by the way can jump off a bridge for all I care, like why is he still on the show? Your time is up, you’re not A so you can leave now. But back to Aria, she needs to keep it together because Hannah beat her to the pre mid-life crisis award. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! WTF is going on with you? Are you threatened that Ali is back so you have to give her back her look? Changing your look is one thing, but going back to your trifling ways is another! When she ripped the tag off those clothes in the dressing room i was like “DAMN YOU”. I can’t go down this road with her again. I’m still not mentally prepared for any breakdowns after dealing with Spencer and her pill poppin last semester. Still drains me to even think about it. Alison IS. KILLING. ME!! WHY CAN’T SHE TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONE NEW YORK MINUTE?! Jesus Christ, every time I try to feel for this kid, I can’t because she goes and starts some shit with her endless lies! Can you pick one of the girls and tell them the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Please? What are you hiding you fool?!? Mona is Batshit crazy. She had me fooled for a while. I always thought she was redeemable, but then she goes and does some underhanded shit and I realize she is a lost cause. I still secretly have hope for her though, and I am ashamed because of it. Whatever she has planned for Alison’s return will either be the most epic of take downs, or backfire and be the end of her. Hopefully she reconnects with Mike and maybe he can melt the ice away from her heart in time. She is totes creep though. Tune in next week and see what shit Spence will have to save them from!