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The Pretty Little Messes


When Emily kept putting her dad’s fatigue jacket on, I was thinking, ” Yes! She’s going to join the army and will only return for the series finale”, but then reality set in towards the end when Sarah McNobody was lurking from across the street. If I were Emily I wouldn’t give her the time of day! She was captive for 2 years! Her lack of basic instinct mixed with Emily’s all around uselessness can only mean one thing. A giant shit storm is a’brewin and Spencer is in no shape to take that on right now.

Aria is really desperate for an arrest. Lying to the police? Ella looked over at her like WHAT?! I bet she wishes she was still a Halliwell so she could freeze that situation and get Aria back in line! That would have made my LIFE! lol. For those poor souls who didn’t get my previous line, it’s a Charmed reference. Back in the day Ella played a witch named Piper Halliwell and one of her powers was the ability to stop, or freeze everything around her. Unless of course you were a demon, then that power had no effect on you. Enough about Piper, lets get back to the Liars!

Hannah needs to get a grip! “He played games with us all the time”. I may have been taken aback the first time he tried those “pick one” games but I would have been unbothered every time after that. So I have to pick one of them to get got or all of them suffer? Well guess what? All of them are going to suffer! That’s the only fair thing to do. This is how I see it. If you pick one, you are going to feel horrible about it and then might even sit around your creepy mock room driving yourself mad trying to justify why you picked one over the other. On the other hand, if you don’t pick at all, everyone gets it resulting in fair treatment of all, lol. Charles would probably get tired of me and my nonchalant attitude regarding him and his games.

Man, Spencer is the worst off of all of them. Dark circles under her eyes, her voice sounds tragic, can’t sleep, feigning  for some pills. I hope the pill she stole from Hannah is enough to get her a good nights sleep so she can bounce back. She looks like she just escaped from Radley’s (and yes I know it closed down).

Ally, it’s your turn to gather your strength and rise up! Hold down the fort until they all get their wits about them. Can you do that? You lived in the shadows for two years and evaded “A” all on your own throughout. Surely you’re capable of keeping them out of trouble for a while.

P.s Ummm where is Mona?


Barrel Of Mona


How about that bomb at the end regarding the storage unit?! I really wish it would have been registered in Emily’s name though. That would have been the better choice. Surely once she found out the unit was in her name, she would have folded like a sheet of paper and brought all of the girls down with her. Five birds, one stone. That’s what I would have done if I were “A”.

Speaking of “A”, i’m tired of IT! Can we find out who this hoe is like this season? Just because we find out their identity, doesn’t mean “A” has to stop doing “A” shit! Like, what did the liars do to him/her that was soooo awful, they decided to dedicate their life to taking them down?! I need a face and a back story.

I hope Mona isn’t in that barrel. That would be so fucked up :(. Yall saw Spencer roll up on that “person” behind the clear curtains?! She told punk ass caleb to stay there and rolled right up front and center on what turned out to be an empty suit, but could have been a person! My nigga for LIFE! Wonder who the blonde haired girl is the teacher lady was referring to. I bet it’s fucking Cece. We still know basically nothing about that shady hoe.

Guy living in Spence’s backyard is a creep. I’ve got my eye on him. He reeks of ulterior motives.

New girl working at the Brew is a total lesbian and wants Emily. Bet



Finally Ally has been caged. Obviously she isn’t “A”, but I still love the fact that she is being held accountable for at least one of her crimes against humanity. Maybe she didn’t kill Mona…either way, she has done plenty to end up in the slammer. If only for a few days or so. Surely she will be getting out soon. And I’m sure Jason will be on the top of her hit list.

Good riddance Paige. I wish you would have taken Emily with you.

I’m glad Spencer was cleared. I think She would have adapted to prison life pretty quickly, and survived, but the other liars wouldn’t last a school week, let alone a whole week in these streets without her. They should be thanking their lucky stars their plan came together and got ally caught up.

I just wish Mona were still alive. As batshit as she was 😦

Summary of the girls with a hint of last night’s episode

Since this is my first post, I will give you my feelings on each girl as well as a little bit of how I feel about their roles in last night’s episode (Ep 4 Se 5)   Spencer is legend. The girls would have been dead by now if it wasn’t for her. Every night they say their prayers, I hope they thank jesus for her. Hope she doesn’t go off the rails again on account of her dad and punk ass Melissa! I think her daddy killed Mrs. D, although I don’t care that she’s dead, and I also think Melissa is and always has been A! Emily, I thought I couldn’t be over her any more than i’ve been since season 2, but she proved me wrong last night. She is the weakest link in the history of ABC Family sitcoms! Spence can’t handle all of the pressure and sort out everyone’s messes forever! Emily is about as tall as a tower, and presumably as strong as an ox since she is, or was a jock, yet she brings nothing to the group but trouble!! She is usually the root of every side mess they get in (Alison being the main). Why would she tell Alison that the school kids were out to get her upon her return? Alison is grade A schizophrenic, no telling what she is going to do to prepare for her unwelcomed return. That in turn, will drag the liars further down the rabbit whole with her! Emily should have rallied the troops and kept a close eye on Alison at school instead. Aria and that damn funeral footage! If she played that video one more time, we would be watching her funeral on next weeks episode because I would have come to rosewood myself to end her! She needs to get over it! She killed Shauna with good reason! She can’t be losing her shit right now! Not with Alison finally back. She needs all her marbles just to keep up with the stress and lies that come with being Alison’s friend. Not to mention the attention that will follow once she returns to school. She needs to leave Ezra alone, who by the way can jump off a bridge for all I care, like why is he still on the show? Your time is up, you’re not A so you can leave now. But back to Aria, she needs to keep it together because Hannah beat her to the pre mid-life crisis award. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! WTF is going on with you? Are you threatened that Ali is back so you have to give her back her look? Changing your look is one thing, but going back to your trifling ways is another! When she ripped the tag off those clothes in the dressing room i was like “DAMN YOU”. I can’t go down this road with her again. I’m still not mentally prepared for any breakdowns after dealing with Spencer and her pill poppin last semester. Still drains me to even think about it. Alison IS. KILLING. ME!! WHY CAN’T SHE TELL THE TRUTH FOR ONE NEW YORK MINUTE?! Jesus Christ, every time I try to feel for this kid, I can’t because she goes and starts some shit with her endless lies! Can you pick one of the girls and tell them the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Please? What are you hiding you fool?!? Mona is Batshit crazy. She had me fooled for a while. I always thought she was redeemable, but then she goes and does some underhanded shit and I realize she is a lost cause. I still secretly have hope for her though, and I am ashamed because of it. Whatever she has planned for Alison’s return will either be the most epic of take downs, or backfire and be the end of her. Hopefully she reconnects with Mike and maybe he can melt the ice away from her heart in time. She is totes creep though. Tune in next week and see what shit Spence will have to save them from!