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The truth will set you free…and possibly ruin your future


What did Ernesto think was going to happen when Rosie finally saw him? That they would run towards each other in slow motion (while somehow in a field of daisies) and everything was going to be puppies and rainbows?! Negative. Rosie reacted the way any normal person wold upon realizing they have been dropped in Michael Jackson’s thriller video. You just can’t come dancing out the grave five YEARS after your “death”! She needs to take it easy on meester Spence though. I was a little weary of his true intentions by not telling her about Ernesto for a moment. I wasn’t sure if he would have every felt it was the right time to let her know because he knows she could possibly drop him like a hot potato as a result. He still didn’t deserve that tongue lashing though. I can’t wait to see Rosie and Ernesto properly reunite! So many questions!

Well Zoila told on herself! And here I was thinking Rosie was going to be her undoing. In a way, she kind of was. Hearing her bitch out Spence regarding honesty was the straw that broke her conscience’s back. Damn. Now Javi is going to hate her. He already left. Genevieve and Zoila raising a baby. Two old goats and an infant. Maybe Remy and Valentina will step in and pick up a baby duty shift. Speaking of them, why were they not at the wedding. Were they off eloping? Better not have been! I want to see their wedding!

So if Michael isn’t dead, who is?! Katie’s “dad”? Who is that? Was Katie kinapped? Are Taylor and Michael the ones we should really be frightened by? Either way, Blanca needs to get the hell up out of that house! She will either drive herself mad, or become just as shifty and shady as them. Possibly both 0_0

Who is this male maid? I don’t trust him or his story about the army. Clearly he was in the army, thanks to the photographic evidence, but how much of his sob story is really true? Hmmmmm

Adrian Powell…I can’t. Carmen is about to be on a rollercoaster of weird, lol


Double Wedding


I’m starting to believe more and more that the leg in the garden does belong to Michael! Taylor is being tres nervous and sketch. Extended business trip? Yeah, extended right into the grave! If this is him, what the hell happened? What lead up to this point. Killing him is one thing, but dismembering him is something else all together! Even if it isn’t him, whoever this was must have really been hated. Y’all think Katie did this and Taylor is trying to cover it up? I’m on the fence about that. How could an 80 pound child overpower and hack a grown man apart? Then again, when you’re Rosemary’s baby, anything is possible 0_0.¬†How about those drawings Blanca saw? I would have crouched behind the door and broken that easel over Katie’s head once she reentered the room! She gets creepier by the episode! I NEED to know her backstory!!

Valentina Delatore. I can dig it! I can also dig Zoila’s union. Until I remember Pablo is the real baby’s daddy. She is going to break Javier’s heart! That little white lie that I was all for in the first episode is quickly taking on a life of its own.

Meester Spence better get a grip! He needs to¬†domesticate himself quick, fast and in a hurry. When will he truly accept the fact that he isn’t an actor who gets steady work anymore? Or the fact he isn’t working with the same household income he once was when he was married to Perry? He needs to reevaluate his life before it costs him his 4 month old marriage.

Carmen working for the Powell’s? This is going to be great!

Well, I can’t wait until next week when Rosie’s “dead” husband reemerges! He has a lot of ‘splainin to doo!

Are those wedding bells, or bullets ringing?


First let me start by saying I started this blog too late because my only post for Devious Maids will be about the finale. What a tragedy.

Ok, so I totally called it last week or whenever it was that Marisol found that bloody cloth. I knew Nick was responsible for Adrienne and Evelyn’s son’s death. He must really love Marisol to go to the Powells AND the police to confess his sins of 15 years ago. I’d still marry him after all of that too.

I too am having second thoughts about Spence and Rosie’s union. I was all smitten and on board in the beginning, but i’m not sure now. Rosie had some good points she was throwing out there. I’m mad she fired Rosie though. And what about the biggest bomb of all…ROSIE’S FIRST HUSBAND NOT BEING DEAD! I can’t wait for next season to see how that storyline plays out.


And now we can talk about the drive by Ty did once the wedding party was exiting the church! I know he meant to get Valentina, but I’m like 70% sure he didn’t get Valentina. I came to that conclusion because she was standing behind Rosie, yet at the end Rosie’s bouquet falls and there is blood on it. If she did get hit, that’s where my left over 30% comes into play. He fired hella rounds, so maybe he hit more than one of them. I bet he hit Zoila and Genvieve is going to have to save her or some shit like that. Either way, I can’t wait until next season!