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True Life: PLL has been leading me on for 5 years and counting


And so begins another year of questions that will soon be filed under the unanswered questions list we have been compiling for the past five years. Starting with Sarah stranger bitch. I can’t handle anymore new characters. I guess she technically isn’t new since she was mentioned once upon a moon. Regardless, we don’t need any new storylines until we get answers regarding the preexisting ones! If they don’t drop some heavy backstory knowledge about Charles on next week’s episode, “A” will be the least of their worries!

So we know Charles is Jason’s twin or brother. So if he is a twin, doesn’t that mean he’s Spencer’s half brother just like Jason?! How have the other parents never asked about him. Like, “Hey ally’s mom,  I remember you having 3 kids at one point. What happened to the other boy?” I don’t know.

I wonder how many episodes are going to be wasted on Sarah. I will only tolerate 12 mins of next weeks episode being dedicated to her backstory. Not a minute more.

I wonder what happened in their rooms. Hunger game style microchips inserted in their arms? Harry Potter style free hand insults carved into them? The list of possibilities are endless!

Oh and Mona better not get killed now or ever.

I hope next week’s episode is better :-/



MILF…or in this case, MIF


Jason and Ms. Marin, sitting in a tree….GROSS!!! Score one for Ms. Marin, zero for Jason. He was her well overdue come up. When was the last time she got some action? Last season with that old preacher? Jason gets no points because THAT’S HANNAH’S MOM! He’s a dirty dog, i tell ya! Now that Hannah knows what went down between the two, it might cause a rift between her and Spencer. My guess is she’s going to tell Spence, who is going to get defensive of Jason, which Hannah won’t appreciate and then the divide will begin. Surely the others will be dragged into the drama as well, expected to choose a side. Emily, of course is going to try and play peacemaker and straddle the fence, only she will actually be making things worse in true Emily fashion. And thanks to this petty bullshit, “A” will take this opportunity of unrest between the liars to hit them good and hard. Well at least that’s what I think is going to happen. I’m probably fifty shades of wrong though. If I were Hannah, I would be side eying the shit out of my mom. And when I wasn’t in the mood for side eyes, I would shoot glares her way as often as possible, letting her know, without outright letting her know, that I know…what she did last summer! Got carried away, I meant last night :).

It’s no secret Spencer is the best liar and that most of us would follow her into the depths of hell unbothered because we knew she would get us back out practically unscathed. I admire her, but she needs to learn how to not get involved with the problems of others. It’s like second nature to her but she needs to realize that that pesky quality of hers is going to get her caught up in a major way one day. A way that she won’t even be able to weasel her way out of. If anyone is in trouble, the first person they run to is her, when they should have come to her before getting into the trouble in the first place. Caleb is in her kitchen dropping the murder weapon on her counter. She agrees to help him get rid of it. Caleb, you are an inconsiderate bunghole. She should have told him to pack that knife back up and kick rocks! I wish he would have roasted in that pottery oven. Maybe next time. Everyone needs to learn how to get themselves out of the troubles they cause. They wait until they are up the creek with not only no paddles, but half a damn boat before they come to her. Sort it out! Leave my nigga Spence out of it!

I was over creepy Toby, reborn Toby, and now noble policeman Toby. Can he die already?

Emily is out here acting like a crackhead trying to get money to see Paige…FUCK PAIGE!

Lets all take a moment to thank god for letting Aria get into college. All those denials were starting to stress ME out 0_0