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Francis has graduated to Frances


Catherine is a stone cold BITCH! She killed your twins like a million years ago, beat her ass, banish her to an even further land and be done with it. Bash (her son) just saved your LIFE! Damn, you should have spared her because of him! Whatever. Ever dog has its day. Side note: I’m glad Henry and the twins are finally gone.

I can’t believe Conde got beat by Frances. What?! He lost about 15 points for that. Frances is the fairest maiden in the land, and he beat you in a manly mans stick fight? I no longer think I want him and Mary to be together. If Frances keeps this testosterone levels high, while simultaneously letting Mary solve all of their problems, I might finally be ok with their union.

Fucking Greer. All she had to do was tell the truth from the get go. Now she has nothing and no one. Where will she go? What will she do to support herself?! All of these unanswered questions. I really wish Lola was in Greer’s place. Why won’t she go back to Scotland?

Mary is the best. Long may she reign

It’s on like Donkey Kong


AHHHHHHH!! I want all of those rebel protestants head’s on a stick! HOW DARE THEY?! Everyone, meet me in the town square at dusk. Bring your pitch forks, branding irons, Molotov cocktails and whatever other weapons you can think of! If we leave this vengeance in Frances’ hands, it may never happen. But sadly, we must. One, because we are not actual cast members on this show, and two, because they wouldn’t be able to drag this storyline out. I say that because the viewers wouldn’t need more than half an episode to hunt down and kill the offenders. Frances on the the other hand, will muddle through and drag this out for 2, maybe 3 episodes before he accomplishes what we could have in 23 minutes! I bet Mary is going to be the one who catches them anyway. Whatever the case may be, heads better roll!!

I’d like to give a round of applause to Katherine for the way she handled the situation tonight. She actually has a heart and soul.

Conde and Claude. I don’t approve. Conde is gorgeous and all, but i’m still not sure of his intentions at court. Only thing i’m sure of regarding him, is that he wants to be Mary’s secret lover.

Greer, you and your old ass husband are in quite the pickle. First things first, I suggest you guys tie up as many loose ends as you can. And by tie up, i mean kill everyone who was involved with “building the school”. Your money financed an assassination attempt on your king and queen! Mary would never let you go down for this though if she ever finds out.

I hope Mary doesn’t lose her wits about her in the coming episodes. Or should I say HOPED. Based on the preview for next week’s episode, she’s a wreck. Understandably so.


Long may she reign.

Who needs enemies when you have friends like LOLA?!


Fucking Lola…she had me on craigslist looking for someone who had a time machine so I could go to France CIRCA 1556-7…AND KICK HER ASS! I CAN NOT STAND HER! THE NERVE OF THIS HOE IS UNRIVALED! KJSDFBGJAGJHUAEG! HOW DARE YOU PUSH MARY TO HER BREAKING POINT. AND BY BREAKING POINT I MEAN THE POINT WHERE SHE FINALLY SNAPS ON YO HOE ASS FOR YOUR PAST TRANSGRESSIONS! FINALLY Mary gave you what you deserved! I was fist pumping the whole time!! Hey Lola, YOU COME IN THE DOG HOUSE, YOU GET BIT! Can you believe Lola took the escape of Estelle into her own hands after her and Mary’s very heated row? Ummm, who do you think you are? You can’t take on such a task and it was proven with the circus you started. She killed a guard and then Mary had to save both of you guys in the end anyway. When will you learn? Oh I can’t forget about earlier when they were arguing in the breezeway and Mary asked her,  “What did I do to make you feel uncomfortable…” I ALMOST FLIPPED THE DAMN TABLE! LOLA SHOULD BE KISSING YOUR BOOTS, MARY! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! MARY IS SO SWEET AND COMPASSIONATE THAT IT MAKES ME SAD. I’m glad you were released from court. I hope you wake up with a ticket to Scotland on your pillow in the coming episodes because your services and shitty friendship are no longer needed. But of course that won’t happen. Mary is too nice and you guys reconciled…for now. I’m confident you will eventually cause another commotion, and this time I hope you are not forgiven.

Soooo Narcisse is a good guy? His stories of his previous wives brought my hate level for him from a 15/10 to an 11/10. Looks like he’s once again on the market. Wife number 5. I nominate Lola. Maybe they can get married and ride off into the sunset. And by sunset I mean off the show.

Mary lost the baby! Whyyyyyy God, whyyyyyyyyy?!?! Of all the dirt bags running around court, why does Mary the great have to suffer such heartache? And Frances was an absolute doll tonight. The happiest moment of his life scene, the “fireflies” after he found out about the baby. Good on you, Frances. Don’t worry Mary, there may still be hope for you producing an heir. Long may she Reign.

I apologize for the text written in caps lock…it’s the only way to get anger across in writing.