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Wonder Woman

I’m not really into action movies, but I wanted to see this one and it turned out to be AMAZING!!! I remember seeing a trailer for Wonder Woman on tv some months ago and was NOT impressed. I was like, “Omg, that looks so cheese!.” Then I went to the movies one day and it was one of the previews prior to my movie. After seeing it on the big screen, I was like, “Holy shit! That looks amazing!”. I also feel like this was a different trailer than the one I had seen on tv. Either way, that combo worked for me.

Only super hero movies I’ve ever seen were all 3 Iron Men and both the avengers movies, which I loved. And both Guardians of the Galaxy movies if that counts. And I only saw those because Scar Jo was in the avengers, and Zoe was in GOTG. If I like an actor/actress, I will go see whatever they’re in. Never cared to see any of the other individual hero’s stories, until Wonder Woman.

The storyline was good and the amount of action was just right! I’m glad it took a while for her to be full out Wonder Woman. By that I mean i’m glad she wasn’t fighting right out the gate. Gave us a chance to get to know the characters better instead of learning about them in between battles.

As expected, there were a couple of cheesy moments. I won’t tell you what they were, you’ll know them when you see them. *Cringe*.

Am I tripping or was it not a rumor years ago that Megan Fox was going to be Wonder Woman? Either way, i’m glad she wasn’t although I lover her. Never gave it any thought of who should play her anyway, but i’m glad it was Gal Gadot. She was perfect! Now I feel like I need to rent Keeping up with the Joneses!

P.s – Professor Lupin, how could you?! 😦

Kylie’s Rating: A