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Still lying…5 years later


I know i’ve been gone for a while, but during my hiatus I was still keeping up with my shows. I’m just far to lazy to keep sharing my thoughts for extended periods of time. But i’m back once again. For how long? Your guess is as good as mine!

Ok, so you all know I love/hate Emily but mostly hate her. Well since she managed to survive 6.5 seasons, I was like FINE! We can start over. Hi, my name is Kylie, nice to meet you. She wasn’t getting on my nerves so far this season, and when I thought she had cancer, I was like noooooooooo! You’ve escaped death too many times to be taken out like that. Then we eventually find out she’s just donating her eggs -_-. Whatever…Well leave it to Beaver to be the first one to be caught up in some crazy stuff. I’m referring to her hallucination after her procedure. Maybe it did happen, who knows, but of course she’d be the first one out right attacked because she will forever be the weakest link!

I don’t trust Ally. Never have…wanted too…but probably never will. I wouldn’t put it past her to be on the “A” team.

Ian is suspect AF! What happened to him over the past 5 years? He’s been acting like a total homicidal FREAK! He’s always been low key weird though anyway.

Toby, Toby, Toby…Why is he still around?! He really has no place there now that him and Spence are no longer together. BYE STACY!

I can not with Caleb and Spencer! WHHHYYYYY? Why couldn’t she find a new love like the other girls? Why did her boo have to come from their recycling bin? Never really liked Caleb anyway. Prior to the end of this week’s episode, I was hoping for him and Toby to get into a total battle royale, fight to the death over Spencer, but plot twist…THEY BOTH DIE! That way we never have to see either of them again, and Spencer can get a new, more deserving, love interest.

Hannah has the flyest guy hands down. And he has an Australian accent?! HOLLA! Good on you Hannah! Now lets talk about Ashley and that drive. I’m no criminal, but i’m pretty sure the first rule of stealing evidence is to destroy said evidence once you get you hands on it! Am I right, or am i right?! Why steal it and then “keep it somewhere safe”? I’d take no chances of someone finding it, like I don’t know, someone who goes by “A” or Sara Harvey! I would have smashed that drive to pieces and then burned them in two separate fires on opposite ends of town! Get it together Ashley, and give that drive to Hannah, You don’t know how to play the game.

I still don’t trust Aria’s shady boots Daddy. He’s such a Chester the Molester weirdo.

Shouts out to Ella being back on the show though.

Aria still bores me.


The Pretty Little Messes


When Emily kept putting her dad’s fatigue jacket on, I was thinking, ” Yes! She’s going to join the army and will only return for the series finale”, but then reality set in towards the end when Sarah McNobody was lurking from across the street. If I were Emily I wouldn’t give her the time of day! She was captive for 2 years! Her lack of basic instinct mixed with Emily’s all around uselessness can only mean one thing. A giant shit storm is a’brewin and Spencer is in no shape to take that on right now.

Aria is really desperate for an arrest. Lying to the police? Ella looked over at her like WHAT?! I bet she wishes she was still a Halliwell so she could freeze that situation and get Aria back in line! That would have made my LIFE! lol. For those poor souls who didn’t get my previous line, it’s a Charmed reference. Back in the day Ella played a witch named Piper Halliwell and one of her powers was the ability to stop, or freeze everything around her. Unless of course you were a demon, then that power had no effect on you. Enough about Piper, lets get back to the Liars!

Hannah needs to get a grip! “He played games with us all the time”. I may have been taken aback the first time he tried those “pick one” games but I would have been unbothered every time after that. So I have to pick one of them to get got or all of them suffer? Well guess what? All of them are going to suffer! That’s the only fair thing to do. This is how I see it. If you pick one, you are going to feel horrible about it and then might even sit around your creepy mock room driving yourself mad trying to justify why you picked one over the other. On the other hand, if you don’t pick at all, everyone gets it resulting in fair treatment of all, lol. Charles would probably get tired of me and my nonchalant attitude regarding him and his games.

Man, Spencer is the worst off of all of them. Dark circles under her eyes, her voice sounds tragic, can’t sleep, feigning  for some pills. I hope the pill she stole from Hannah is enough to get her a good nights sleep so she can bounce back. She looks like she just escaped from Radley’s (and yes I know it closed down).

Ally, it’s your turn to gather your strength and rise up! Hold down the fort until they all get their wits about them. Can you do that? You lived in the shadows for two years and evaded “A” all on your own throughout. Surely you’re capable of keeping them out of trouble for a while.

P.s Ummm where is Mona?

True Life: PLL has been leading me on for 5 years and counting


And so begins another year of questions that will soon be filed under the unanswered questions list we have been compiling for the past five years. Starting with Sarah stranger bitch. I can’t handle anymore new characters. I guess she technically isn’t new since she was mentioned once upon a moon. Regardless, we don’t need any new storylines until we get answers regarding the preexisting ones! If they don’t drop some heavy backstory knowledge about Charles on next week’s episode, “A” will be the least of their worries!

So we know Charles is Jason’s twin or brother. So if he is a twin, doesn’t that mean he’s Spencer’s half brother just like Jason?! How have the other parents never asked about him. Like, “Hey ally’s mom,  I remember you having 3 kids at one point. What happened to the other boy?” I don’t know.

I wonder how many episodes are going to be wasted on Sarah. I will only tolerate 12 mins of next weeks episode being dedicated to her backstory. Not a minute more.

I wonder what happened in their rooms. Hunger game style microchips inserted in their arms? Harry Potter style free hand insults carved into them? The list of possibilities are endless!

Oh and Mona better not get killed now or ever.

I hope next week’s episode is better :-/


Barrel Of Mona


How about that bomb at the end regarding the storage unit?! I really wish it would have been registered in Emily’s name though. That would have been the better choice. Surely once she found out the unit was in her name, she would have folded like a sheet of paper and brought all of the girls down with her. Five birds, one stone. That’s what I would have done if I were “A”.

Speaking of “A”, i’m tired of IT! Can we find out who this hoe is like this season? Just because we find out their identity, doesn’t mean “A” has to stop doing “A” shit! Like, what did the liars do to him/her that was soooo awful, they decided to dedicate their life to taking them down?! I need a face and a back story.

I hope Mona isn’t in that barrel. That would be so fucked up :(. Yall saw Spencer roll up on that “person” behind the clear curtains?! She told punk ass caleb to stay there and rolled right up front and center on what turned out to be an empty suit, but could have been a person! My nigga for LIFE! Wonder who the blonde haired girl is the teacher lady was referring to. I bet it’s fucking Cece. We still know basically nothing about that shady hoe.

Guy living in Spence’s backyard is a creep. I’ve got my eye on him. He reeks of ulterior motives.

New girl working at the Brew is a total lesbian and wants Emily. Bet



Finally Ally has been caged. Obviously she isn’t “A”, but I still love the fact that she is being held accountable for at least one of her crimes against humanity. Maybe she didn’t kill Mona…either way, she has done plenty to end up in the slammer. If only for a few days or so. Surely she will be getting out soon. And I’m sure Jason will be on the top of her hit list.

Good riddance Paige. I wish you would have taken Emily with you.

I’m glad Spencer was cleared. I think She would have adapted to prison life pretty quickly, and survived, but the other liars wouldn’t last a school week, let alone a whole week in these streets without her. They should be thanking their lucky stars their plan came together and got ally caught up.

I just wish Mona were still alive. As batshit as she was 😦

Bombs over Rosewood


I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as Ally proved last night when she went from 0 to Chris brown in 0.5 seconds. It’s not all her fault, crazy Mona did provoke her but DAMN! I can understand slapping her back but the verbal threats that accompanied it…Ally hasn’t changed one bit! I’ve been on the fence about her ever since she came back anyway. I don’t trust her, but I want to, and then she goes and does stuff like this. Why lie Allison?! She might be even more manipulative than Mona, if that’s even possible.

Emily and Ally, Ally and Emily…I hate the sound of it. Not just because I loathe Emily, but because she is like putty in Ally’s hand which in due time will get ALL of the others caught up. Wherever Emily is, trouble is not far behind. She would back stab all of them for Ally, and Ally knows this. I’m so over both of them

Poor Spence, having to deal with her possible murderous father and evil sister. That being said, mama Hastings better slow her roll on this divorce situation. She can’t take Spencer out of Rosewood! I won’t allow it. Without Spencer around, the others will surely be dead in 2 weeks time! She needs to be there to take care of her band of fools (aka, the other liars). Toby can go though. He can pack up his pickup, grab Caleb and drive until the truck explodes for all I care,

How about Trouty mouth. Shady Biatch! Good on Jenna though for planting her on the swim team to go after Emily. If I were after Ally, I would go for Emily each time because she’s such a foolish girl. Just wait until Jenna finds out that Aria killed Shauna. Speaking of Jenna, is she blind again? You know we can never trust her.

Did anyone else think that explosion was a massive car wreck caused by a meteor? It looked like Armageddon in those streets! “A” is getting maybe just a tiny bit out of control! IT BLEW UP A HOUSE AND ALL THE CARS LINING THE STREET! WHO IS THIS AND WHAT DID THE GIRLS DO TO THIS GUY/GIRL?! These are the questions I need answered sooner than later.