Queen Of The South


Ok, so I binged the first season of Queen of the South a couple of weeks ago on Netflix. I’ve had its spanish counterpart, La reina del sur, on my watch list for years, but never got around to watching it. If you know like I know, novelas are a commitment! Queen of the south only had 13 episodes so I was like I can squeeze that into my already tight tv schedule, lol.

The show is about Teresa Mendoza who will become the Queen of the South (selling cocaine) eventually. She starts as an innocent money changer and then she meets Guero, Brenda, and Chino. Her and Guero fall in love and the rest is history. He is a pilot for the Vargas cartel. She knows he lives by the sword, and has accepted it. Early on Guero gives Teresa a run down of what needs to happen in the event that a particular cell phone he gives her rings. It means he’s dead and she needs to grab the bag he has stashed with cash and a passport for her and haul ass to the safe house until she can arrange to flee the country. The most important thing in that bag though is this book that has dirt on every cartel in Mexico and the ones they deal with outside of there. He told her to trade that for her life if she goes to the police, or gets caught by a cartel.

Well the day comes and she BOLTS, all while calling Brenda to warn her and Chino. Too late, they kill Chino and now Brenda, Teresa, and Brenda’s son are on the run. They split up, Teresa goes to the head of the cartel, Epiphano Vargas, to give him the book so she can get out of Mexico alive, he flips through and was like I will protect you. But he’s lying and tries to kill her! She escapes and is picked up by Epiphano’s wife’s men. They hate each other and have split the cartel in two.

She becomes a drug mule for Camilia because she has no other choice. That’s actually a step up because prior to that she was just a prisoner of Camila’s. Camila wants to know why her husband wants her back so bad and what information she may be hiding. She protects her from him and his men who are scouring Mexico and Texas looking for her. Brenda resurfaces and Teresa gets them to sneak into Texas and sets them up in a hotel. Brenda starts selling drugs with a local low level dealer to make some money. Meanwhile, Teresa is going through it! She can never catch a break!!! I hate that and love it at the same time, because that’s real. That life isn’t a cake walk. It takes a lot to get to the top. A lot! So i’m glad they didn’t make it seem easy. And she is no where near the top. She maybe at this point, at the intermediate bottom, at best, after all she has gone through. I also love how her Future, Queen of the South self talks to her throughout the show. She offers words of encouragement and reassurance because she knows what present day Teresa will eventually become.


Season two premiered last night and Teresa has earned a little more respect, but she’s still pretty low level. She’s bout that life now, more so than she was last season, but I still don’t want it for her. Camila even offered her an out (I was skeptical of the offer though), and she chose to stay. I feel like that was her only real option anyway. She has no family and her only friend was killed because of Epiphano. Now it’s blood in, blood out :(. This episode wasn’t too exciting, but the preview of the season looks LIT! Omg, Guero better have a good fucking excuse when he resurfaces. It must have been a hell of one because Teresa eventually ends up back in his arms. And of course James is going to be beefed out with Guero over Teresa. It was so obvious they were going to get together at some point. Or at least think about it.

I’m excited to see everything that happens leading up to the big events this season.


Gracias, Netflix!

Me gusta ver novelas y quiero escribir sobre ellas…pero en español y, ¿por qué no?! Además, tal vez quien quieras leer mis escritos no pueda leer o hablar inglés.

La primer novela que yo vi fue “La Promesa”. Me encanto! Después, yo vi “Sin Senos no hay paraíso”. Esta es la  mejor novela que he visto hasta ahora. Me gusta “Sin senos si hay paraíso” también.

En este momento, estoy viendo “Rosario Tijeras” con María Fernanda Yepes. Cuando termine las serias, voy a escribir mi opinion.

P.s – Mi español no es mejor, entonces si ves un error gramática, o lo que sea, digame por favor. Muchísimas gracias!



Wonder Woman

I’m not really into action movies, but I wanted to see this one and it turned out to be AMAZING!!! I remember seeing a trailer for Wonder Woman on tv some months ago and was NOT impressed. I was like, “Omg, that looks so cheese!.” Then I went to the movies one day and it was one of the previews prior to my movie. After seeing it on the big screen, I was like, “Holy shit! That looks amazing!”. I also feel like this was a different trailer than the one I had seen on tv. Either way, that combo worked for me.

Only super hero movies I’ve ever seen were all 3 Iron Men and both the avengers movies, which I loved. And both Guardians of the Galaxy movies if that counts. And I only saw those because Scar Jo was in the avengers, and Zoe was in GOTG. If I like an actor/actress, I will go see whatever they’re in. Never cared to see any of the other individual hero’s stories, until Wonder Woman.

The storyline was good and the amount of action was just right! I’m glad it took a while for her to be full out Wonder Woman. By that I mean i’m glad she wasn’t fighting right out the gate. Gave us a chance to get to know the characters better instead of learning about them in between battles.

As expected, there were a couple of cheesy moments. I won’t tell you what they were, you’ll know them when you see them. *Cringe*.

Am I tripping or was it not a rumor years ago that Megan Fox was going to be Wonder Woman? Either way, i’m glad she wasn’t although I lover her. Never gave it any thought of who should play her anyway, but i’m glad it was Gal Gadot. She was perfect! Now I feel like I need to rent Keeping up with the Joneses!

P.s – Professor Lupin, how could you?! 😦

Kylie’s Rating: A

13 Reasons Why

Warning: In the words of India Aire, “Don’t be offended this is all my opinion, ain’t nothing that i’m saying law…”

If you haven’t watched this show, or commented on at least one thread about this show, you are officially 2000 and late…kind of like I am with writing this post.

So 13 Reasons Why is based on the novel of the same name. It’s about a high schooler who commits suicide, but not before recording 13 tapes for 13 people letting them know how they contributed to her suicide. I bought the book a few years back but could never get past page 25. I tried multiple times a year to read that book but it just wasn’t working for me for some reason. So when they announced a year or so ago that Selena Gomez was going to bring the book to life, I was like well maybe I can watch it, just not read it. WRONG!

So Hannah’s downhill spiral starts when she goes out with jock Justin and he takes a picture of them making out or something and his friend Bryce sends it to the school and just like that, Hannah is now labeled a slut. Next up she meets the other new girl at school and is forced by the guidance counselor to hang out with her, They actually get on pretty well and then a third new kid pops up. Alex. Eventually Jess and Alex start dating and everyone knows threes a crowd. Hannah is alone again. Except not really. There is Clay who is a total dork, He’s sweet and innocent and everything good. He likes her, she knows, everyone knows, but Clay apparently isn’t her type. She ends up going on dates with two other jocks from Justin and Bryce’s circle and of course more rumors arise and she’s falling further down the high school rumor rabbit hole.

Another student, Courtney also slanders Hannah when some pictures of her and Hannah making out get spread around the school. Creepy Tyler is a total peeping Tom who took the pictures through her window as he was hiding in the bushes. Well Court throws Hannah under the bus because she is a secret lesbian but doesn’t want anyone to know. She denies that it is her in the pictures.

I’m actually over all the offenses Hannah felt were committed against her. I don’t think most of them warranted a “I killed myself because of you” tape. They were petty high school offenses! Except Bryce’s. Fuck that guy. Should the kids have been mean to her in the first place, no, but why not tell them what you had to say (everything on the tapes) to their faces while you were alive. At this point is where I have to revert back to a teenager where high school is your world and you can’t see beyond that and everything is a huge deal. I also realize everyone handles situations differently. Some people can take more than others. I get that. My problem with the show is that Hannah made a game out of her suicide. Everyone has to listen to each others tapes and if you don’t, there will be consequences. What? How messy! Just liked she made arrangements to mail the tapes off prior to her death, could she have not mailed each one off individually?

I was really done with Hannah when she decided to make Jess a tape after she stood by while she got raped! Are you kidding me? Paralyzed with fear? Ok, i would have accepted that had she went to the police, or even jess a day later and told her what happened. But she did neither. Instead, she put all her business out there for 12 other people to hear as well. All over them falling out as friends which “broke her heart”. Friends come and go, especially high school ones. Jess’ offense wasn’t nearly as bad as the one Hannah committed against her.

And why make poor Clay a tape? Yes it was kind of nice, but now he has to live with the fact that he’s a contributor to her death because he didn’t love her. That’s fucked up.

She also always pushed people away and then when they didn’t come after her, it was their fault and she felt as if no one cared/loved her enough. We see everything from Hannah’s POV. In reality, everyone has their own problems to deal with. So if they keep trying to get through to someone, and they keep pushing them away, eventually they will stop and use that time to either sort their own lives out, or try with someone they may think might accept the help.

I’m rambling at this point and didn’t even say half of what i wanted to say.

If anyone reading this is struggling, click the link below and check them out. They also have a hotline.


Everything, Everything


Ok , so last night I saw Everything, Everything. I’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced Amandla Stenberg would be staring in it (Rue 4 Lyfe). Any who, once that announcement was made, I immediately purchased and read the book. It was pretty good.

Now back to the movie. So the soundtrack bangs. How do I know that? Because like 75% of the scenes were accompanied by a song. It was almost like a visual album! Lmao. I was kind of hating that, but then I remembered this movie is about teens, made for teens. I am not their target demographic. So I’ve decided not to hold that against the film. I think all the acting was good, although some scenes oozed with cheese. And making the cheesiness more apparent, were this gaggle of teen girls who would crack up EVERY TIME one of those faithful lines were uttered. Which was pretty often. Their laughter eventually started to make me cringe with second hand embarrassment right before I knew a lovey dovey line was about to be delivered. They kind of ruined my experience, TBH. Somehow the lines didn’t seem so corny in the book.

The movie stayed pretty true to the book. They cut out the part where Maddy visits Carla prior to her departure with Olly, which kind of made me mad. I love Carla! We needed that scene!!! They did update the story a little by making Maddy and Olly’s main means of communication through txt and not instant messenger like in the book. I can dig it. I initially liked how they had them together as if they were talking face to face during some of their txting conversations. Keeps you from having to read their messages on the side of the screen. Nick Robinson did an awesome job as Olly, btdubs!

Overall, the movie was cool. Cute. Definitely worth seeing. Plus it’s an added bonus that the book was written by a black woman, movie was directed by a black woman, and it starred a black girl. That’s dope. #Blackgirlmagic

Kylie’s Rating – B

P.s – Can y’all believe there were people trying to dog Amandla about this movie for being mixed and not counting as a black girl? They were like this isn’t a real accomplishment because she’s light skin and we need dark skin representation in lead rolls. I get that. Colorism definitely exists in Hollywood, and the world in general. That being said, you can’t use this particular movie as an example of colorism in Hollywood prevailing once again. Why? Because in the book she was mixed (although black and chinese). So, FOH. Let her get her shine on in peace.

The Suicide Squad

Ok so last night season 2 premiered FINALLY!! It was a good start to what seems like another great season. So what happened last night?

Rosalee kept her word and has gone back to free countless other slaves. Good on you, Rosalee! She has help form the one and only Harriet Tubman this season. Speaking of this duo, I can not wait to use the line Harriet laid on the slave catchers in real life. The one that went, “$10 or 2 bullets, your choice.” LMAO! Next time someone can’t make a decision, i’ll be ready! They make a badass duo and I love it!

John and Elizabeth are still down and fighting the good fight. Elizabeth has even found a group of other white women who feel the same way she does! And they are all learning how to shoot a gun! Yay! They will no longer be defenseless. Poor John though. Based on the preview for next week’s episode he’s going to get his wig split. ¡Por Dios! Why though? Or at least why so early into the season? It’s not surprising, because we all know him and Elizabeth were bound to get their issue at some point, but damn! Hopefully by some miracle he isn’t dead. Maybe Rosalee actually picked up some life saving skills at the hospital in between her medicine cabinet raids.

Now lets talk about Ernestine. She’s got it pretty rough now. Out in the field slaving away. And what is she sniffing on? I immediately thought of turpentine for some reason but I doubt that’s what it is. Whatever it is, it’s clearly some type of drug that she shouldn’t be messing with. Bet that’s why she’s seeing Perly Mae all the time. I hope the ghost of Pearly Mae is out to help her. Scare her straight, because if not, she needs to cross on over and take her rest. Leave Ernestine alone! Yeah she killed you, but you would have done the same for Boo. Charge it to the game. Ernestine is all messed up. Out here shacking up with Terrance Wall! Girl, if he doesn’t kill you, Jelena will! (How many hit the floor fans out there? LMAO).

Poor Noah. Got caught up and can’t seem to get loose. He almost had it this time too. But then had to go and get yanked out the back of the wagon. I was hoping when they cut to the scene of him in the back his captors wagon, it would have been one of the people who are on Rosalee’s team but nope. Just a regular old slave catcher. Le Sigh.

Where is Boo? Elizabeth went through a lot to keep her. I hope she still has her and she reappears on the next episode.

I’m excited for this season!

The Awkward Years


The main reason I wanted to see this movie is because Hailee Stienfeld was in it. I honestly didn’t care what it was about, I just knew it was going to be good! And of course I was right. It was even better than I hoped it would be!

If you can’t guess what this movie is about based on the title alone, I will tell you. It’s follows Nadine (Stienfeld) through her teenage years. It will take you back to around when she was 7 and show you how she became such an awkward outcast asshole, and progress from there until she’s on “the edge of 17”. Yeah, she’s kind of an asshole.

I’m not really sure how to describe this movie. It is of course another coming of age story, but it so much better than the recent movies like it. I think what made this movie so great, aside from the cast, is that it gives you just the right amount of certain emotions. It’s funny throughout, but you will also feel sad, anxious, and down right heartbroken at times. Right when things are getting pretty heavy, some comic relief comes in and brightens the mood back up. I loved it!

Kylie’s Rating: A+