I, Tonya


So when I heard they were making a movie about Tonya Harding I was like awww yeah! Then when they said Margot Robbie would be starring in it, i was one million percent sold.

This movie was so good and funny! Everyone did so well! The casting was perfect! I would advise watching the ESPN documentary about Tonya that aired a few years back called “The price of gold”. They literally took that documentary, and made this movie! I thought it was a coincidence in the beginning that it seemed so similar. Then I realized what was going on. I’m telling you, it will make the movie even better if you watch that docu before. You’ll see how they interperted some parts of the documentary and it will make those scenes much funnier, and in some cases sadder.

I still don’t believe Tonya was apart of it, lmao! But who knows?! I feel bad for her. Sure, fine her for her withholding information or whatever, maybe strip her of her titles for that year, but don’t ban her for life!!! Damn!  I feel her punishment didn’t fit the crime. It was too harsh!

Well, go see the movie and have a few laughs and see if she was the mastermind behind this scandal for yourself!

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Proud Mary


So I went and saw Proud Mary on Friday. It was cheesy, but I knew it would be from the moment I saw the first trailer while waiting on another movie to start months ago. Now, I was going to see it eventually to support black cinema, but had no plans on seeing it opening night. Things change.

Anywho, in my opinion the movie was so slooooooow! The run time is a little over and hour and a half, but I felt like I was watching it for at least 2 hours and 5 mins!!! I typically don’t like action movies because they are too in your face and loud and crazy, but this one was the opposite! I was like damn, is this a drama or an action movie?! There was a lot of filler scenes that should have been replaced with a little more action. Sure, she kills a person here and there, but for the only real action scene doesn’t happen until the last about 15 mins of the movie!!!!

Another thing that I did not like was the way Danny Glover talked! It looked like all of his scenes were dubbed! Did he flub all his lines and have to redo them in post? Did they not like his voice and got someone to do a voiceover? Whatever the case, it was weird and distracting. Also, they only had 3 active memebers in their “family”. Can we at least get a gang of people like the other families? That would be more believable.

So yeah, this movie had cheesy dialogue, the minimal amount of action to be considered an action movie, too many unnecessary filler scenes, and it felt like it lasted an eternity!!!  But do I want my money back? No. It’s worth a watch if you have a free day during the week. Maybe catch the $5 mantinee.

oh yeah, you don’t even get to hear Proud Mary until the very end!!!

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So ever since I saw the first preview for Mother, I knew I had to see it. It was a huge bonus that JLaw was the star. Well it came out today and I went. It was so dope!! Of course, it was weird AF too, because Darren Aronofsky. There is a thin line between super weird and so weird, you’re doing the most. This movie walked the line.

Now that I’m sitting here typing out my thoughts, I don’t think any character had a name! Like, I don’t remember anybody being called by one. They would just start talking to one another. Anywho, Javier’s character is a poet who is struggling to write his next piece. J Law is his meek and mild wife who has spent all of her time rebuilding Javier’s house (now their house) after it previously burned down in a fire.

There is this weird glowing crystal that Javier has on display in his office. We already know something is up with him/them because of it. J Law is somehow connected to the house and can feel it’s life force when she touches a wall. She herself has some type of sickness and treats her symptoms with this glittery powder she mixes with water. So the first time I saw her take that, I’m like so, what is that? Is she a ghost? Not so much a moaning myrtle type ghost, but Casper when he got to be a boy again for the night. And if so, does she know she is? That’s when I started getting suspicious of the husband.

Next, some random man comes and stays and he’s being all weird, the husband opens the house to him and J Law is like, ummmmmm….but goes along with it. Later that night, he is coughing up his lungs in the bathroom and he also has a massive gash on his side towards the back. They never bring that up again in the movie. So why make sure we notice it in the first place if we were never going to get an explanation? The next day rolls around and his wife shows up. Eventually it’s a damn family reunion, because now the sons show up and chaos ensues! No one is listening to her and some shit goes down, and now I’m looking at the husband like, “really”? Then the movie just gets crazier and crazier from there.

I liked this movie because I couldn’t figure out what was going on for the longest. You know how you’re watching a movie, and then you start to predict what’s going to happen next based on what’s happened so far? Well i tried doing that for the first hour and a half was was wrong each time. It wasn’t until about the last 30 mins or so where I was like, “oohhhhh, okkkkkk”. Even then, I was a tiny bit surprised by the ending, I have so many questions. I would type them into this post, but I don’t want to spoil the movie anymore than I have, if i’ve spoiled it at all. Also, there is this once scene that is completely INSANE, so beware. You will know it when you see it.

Yes, this movie is super weird, but I think it’s worth seeing. I think people are either going to hate it, or love it. There is no in between. See for yourselves.

Kylie’s Rating: 4/5


Guero, Déjala Tranquila!


Guero is still out here being nothing but a burden to our Teresa. I wish he just leaves her alone! While meeting up with him, his DEA babysitters roll up on the both of them. Now they are trying to get Teresa on their side. But Teresa isn’t a weak snitch like Guero. Aint no way in HELL she’s going to work for them! At one point during their reunion, prior to the DEA dropping in with their proposition, Guero was trying to tell Teresa why he did what he did. I instinctively tuned it out because IDC! Nothing he can say or do will make me forgive him for playing dead, which in turn caused a domino effect of bullshit for Teresa and Brenda! He has brought nothing but trouble to her since he pulled his little stunt. And to top it off, he knows what she’s being going through cause the DEA has been showing him!! I hope James whoops his ass soon.

Speaking of James, what a guy! He’s selfless and handsome. Perfect combination, lol! I was smitten, yet a little confused when he sacrificed himself so Teresa could get away when they were trapped in the desert near the tunnel. Like, she just got bit by a scorpion, and is punch drunk off the venom! She can’t run from the soldiers by herself! She’s going to die right where you left here. But how silly of me to think that. She’s Teresa Mendoza! Nothing nor no one can keep her down. Not only did she rise up out the ashes like a phoenix, she DROVE right into the hands of the enemy to get James!!! They are the ride or die standard. And of course she finessed them both out of their predicament and still accomplish what they set out to do. Which was to blow up Epifano’s drug tunnel. YAHTZEE!

Epifano…he really chaps my ass. And so does Isabella. She’s such a spoiled brat! What her and her daddy both need, is a good ass whooping! I know Camila is far from being all puppies and rainbows, but Damn! Can you at least answer her phone calls?! She just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and give you a beamer you ungrateful twat! I can’t wait until she starts to realize her dad is 100x worse than her mom. Well at least some good came out of that ignored call. Teresa got the car and is now riding in style, lol!

I love Pote. He comes across as big and scary but he’s really just a Teddy Bear that is always looking out for Teresa. A teddy bear that will bite you head off if he needs to, but a teddy bear nonetheless. I would worry about him playing her, but thanks to the glimpses of the future that we get to see sometimes, he’s right there by her side so I can rest easy. Even if there is beef at some point between the two, I know they will work it out without killing one another.

Lets talk about that claymation of a general, Cortez. He looks so weird to me. I can not believe he is an actual human. I can’t stand him. And he’s a total perv. Like stop mentioning Isabella, you freak! Even though I don’t like Epifano either, I hate how he has him under his thumb. I was hoping him and his boys would have gotten blown up in the tunnel but of course he made it out alive. Hopefully him and Epifano go toe to toe and end up killing each other.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Queen Sugar: Season 2


Finally Queen Sugar has returned. Nothing has changed too much for the Borderlone family to me. Davis still sucks, Nova is still annoying, Ralph Angel is still a short tempered cry baby, Charlie is still overbearing, Aunt Vi and Hollywood are still being petty towards one another, and Darla is still trying to stay on the right track. Kudos to Darla. She’s by far my favorite character anyway.

So what happened on during the two night premier? I don’t remember much because it was low key boring. I’m sure the season will be awesome, but it’s just a slow start in my opinion. Micah got pulled over and arrested, and it seems like the effects of that event are going to play out all season. I bet he starts acting out. He’s already dealing with the divorce of his parents, and as of last night, the possible custody battle that is about to ensue. Hope he can keep it together.

Ralph Angel is still out here doing what he thinks is best and then catching an attitude with any and everybody that dares to tell him the possible consequences of his actions. So that’s why he consults no one when he’s about to do something regarding the family farm. And can he leave Darla alone for a minute?! Like they just had a talk on the porch about how she needed them to cool it so she can keep herself in check take life step by step, then less than 24hrs later he’s asking her on a date. BYE RALPH ANGEL!!! Don’t get me wrong, I want them together, but I also don’t want him to mess up Darla’s sobriety. I’m so over Davis. I wish they would just divorce already and he rides off into the sunset. And by sunset I mean straight off of the show.

Well, I’m looking forward to this season. Hopefully it starts popping off next week.

Vincent & Roxxy


I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while now. 95% because Zoe Kravitz is in it, and 5% because it was shot right here in LA. Well almost a year goes by, wasn’t showing at our local annual film festivals so I gave up on it. Then recently it got a theatrical release date. Limited release though. So you know what that means, LA more than likely wouldn’t get it, and I was right. Well thanks to Vudu, I was able to rent it last night!

I hated it. I wanted to like it, I really did. The script…omg the script! Most of the dialogue was so cheesy, I couldn’t help but to cringe. It also caused me to feel some extreme second hand embarrassment. So when the dialogue wasn’t straight cheddar, it was super predictable. On multiple occasions I finished everybody’s lines like we were BFFS. The movie was about 1hr and 40min, but I felt like the story was empty. Like, there were so many bullshit scenes that ate up the runtime that did nothing for the story. It would go from 0 to 100 real quick straight out of the blue. No lead up or anything. The random heart to hearts at the bar, we could have done with out. Instead they should have replaced those scenes with scenes that tied more into the action.

Based on the trailer, I thought it was going to be Vincent and Roxxy against the world. That was hardly the case. It even seems that way based on the longline. At one point I thought Vincent was some type of human/mythical God hybrid. This movie was all over the place! Their relationship…I can’t. It was cute in the beginning though. They basically only got a beginning now that I think of it. I guess saying I can’t with their relationship isn’t exactly right. What I mean is I can’t with their last encounter. SO CORNBALL!!!

Well kids, I did’t like this movie. I still love Zoe though. Emille Hirsch will always be the homie. They both were too good for this movie. Oh, and Zoey Deutch. It’s available for rent on Vudu. One more random thing. Kid Cudi is in this movie as well.

Kylie’s Rating: C-



All Eyez On Me


As you all know, All Eyez On Me hit theaters last Friday. Most of the reviews I read about it were negative. I also saw social media post about the movie being garbage. There were a few people that liked the movie sprinkled in here and there. Well, I don’t let reviews stop me from seeing a movie. I take their praises or condemnation into consideration, but I need to see it for myself so I can form my own opinion.

So All Eyez On Me is a biopic about the legendary Tupac Shakur. Pac is in prison and is being interviewed, so the movie jumps back and forth between the past and the present. The movie is just a collection of some of the most notable headlines. It has a run time of 2hrs and 20mins. It’s like a Harry Potter movie in regards to the length, so be prepared. Go to the bathroom before or during the previews, and choose your snacks wisely!

A lot of the criticism I am seeing about this movie is that, 1. the audience wanted to learn more about Pac as a person, not the rapper (I guess go beyond the headlines), and 2. that some of the accounts were inaccurate depictions.  If you are judging the movie on those two points, then I see why people thought the movie was garbage. It didn’t go beyond the surface of him, but was it suppose to? According to Jada, we know of at least one inaccuracy of events in the story. I’m sure there are more. Haven’t read about anyone else calling it out, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Sounds to me what the people were expecting was a documentary in movie form. I know a documentary is still a movie, what I mean by movie form is that it’s a factual account in the words of Pac himself, but told through a character. Am I making sense? That’s not what a biopic is from my understanding. Just to be clear, I googled the definition of biopic and documentary to make sure I understood the difference between the two to confirm what I was thinking.

Documentary – 1. Consisting of official pieces of written, printed, or other matter. 2. A movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report.

Biopic – A film or television biography, often with fictionalized scenes.

abbreviation for (biographical motion picture), is a film that dramatizes the life of a non-fictional or historically-based person or people. Such films show the life of a historical person and the central character’s real name is used.[2] They differ from films “based on a true story” or “historical drama films” in that they attempt to comprehensively tell a single person’s life story or at least the most historically important years of their lives.

Based on the definition of a Biopic, I think this movie was spot on. There are plenty of documentaries on Tupac that people can watch to get to know the side of him that wasn’t shown as much in All Eyez On Me. Not to mention the countless books about him. As far as Jada and whoever else who knew him, who are calling out the fictionalization of the film, I think they have every right to. They actually knew them, but I don’t think normal everyday folk can use the feelings of his actual acquaintances as fuel for their “this movie sucks because…” narrative. She at least said the acting was good! Which it was! Demetrius Shipp Jr. was an awesome! Everybody was, honestly. The mom had to grow on me though because in the beginning of the movie she was giving me 1800s slave vibes with the way she delivered her lines. She started sounding more like I would expect someone from whatever year the scene they were portraying, as the movie progressed. Basically, by the 90s, she no longer spoke like Harriet Tubman like she did in the 70s, Lol.

You know that hashtag “I left when Pac..” that was on insta and twitter? Where did that come from? I don’t get it. Did it start when 50 Cent said they had Pac using a iPhone 7 in the movie? I read some of the posts and all of them made references to something modern happening in the movie. Unless I missed something, I didn’t see anything like that. Everything appeared to be right for the time period. If y’all saw what sparked this , or any thing that was too modern to be in the movie, let me know.

So there you have it. I thought the movie was good! If you’re looking to learn things about him that you didn’t already know, you probably won’t like the movie. If you want to see some of the biggest Tupac headlines played out on screen, while jamming to some of his hits, you’ll probably like it.

Kylie’s Rating – A