Your time is up


Welcome back Rebecca! This premier gave me more than I could hope for in the first few seconds when Rebecca appeared. Been living with a broken heart ever since Klaus ran her out of town. All of them must be together at all times. I don’t care about Cole though…he sucked.

The werewolves are still in charge of NOLA.

Why doesn’t Klaus tell Marcel the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding his not dead baby? He can trust him and he knows it. And what about the attitude Elijah was serving up to Cammi? He used to be the level headed, nice one. I guess the times have finally taken a toll on him. He needs to sort it out and quick because their can’t be two dicks running around NOLA.

My nigga Divina! Stepping in to save the day like a true G! She isn’t scared of no werewolf!! She is trippin though, aiding and abetting Michael, though. She doesn’t know what kind of hell storm she is about to unleash. I hope you make it through the battle, Davina.

How about that battle? Teamwork makes the dreamwork…or nightmare depending on your intentions. Anywho, Elijah was too smooth when dealing with that biotch lady who thinks she runs the town. Personally, I wouldn’t have said anything to her. I would have just stood on the porch while she taunts me because she THINKS I can’t come in. Then I would have vamp ran over to her and ripped her damn head off of her body! She’s so wretched. Good on you, Haley, for taking out the trash.Speaking of Hayley, why doesn’t Haley ever go into full werewolf mode? Why doesn’t she change at the full moon? I’m sure it was explained once upon a time, but i can’t remember. I feel kind of bad for her. Why couldn’t they let her stay in the bayou? She is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Maybe there was some pressing reason she couldn’t from last season too, but again,  I can’t remember.


All grown up


First things first…Dean Thomas is gorgeous…geeky gorgeous. He looks exactly the same from his Harry Potter days, but older. I can dig it.

Ok, so far i’m digging this show. For reasons other than Dean, or Wes, as they call him in this show. I think Viola is killing it, I would totally dread her class and her presence on and off of campus. That means she’s doing a bang up job as this character. Thanks to the flashbacks, I’m gathering that she is a real shady Mcgrady. And not her shady lawyer self, but like a shady lady when she isn’t in lawyer or professor mode. I thought she got her favorite students to kill her husband, until that shocker this past Sunday which revealed Rebecca might be the culprit. I need more background on this kid. How did beautiful unicorn faced Wes fall for the girl with the dragon tattoo? I think she tricked him into this union.

As for the other cast members, they’re alright I guess. My least favorite is the chubby checker whose name i can not, and probably will not remember because i have no desire to.

Oh, and the professor’s husband definitely has something to do with the dead girl’s murder. Or at the very least her disappearance.

Charlotte, you are DEAD TO ME!


WHAT THE FUCK? AM I TRIPPING OR DID CHARLOTTE REALLY KNOCK EMILY’S BLOCK OFF WITH A SNEAK ATTACK?! AND BURN DOWN THE STOAWAY WITH EMILY’S TEMPORARILY LIFELESS BODY IN IT? Charlotte, you have no idea what you have done! You’ve made it this far BECAUSE of Emily! If I were Emily, I would have killed you in season 2! You ungrateful slut! While you were getting used and abused by Gideon, Jack and everybody was worried sick and doing all kinds of undercover shit to keep you out of trouble…Like when you got caught snorting coke off the fucking balcony, Cop Jack looked the other way. He could have lost his job! So you wanna take away his job AND his home/bar? That’s why when your ass was on the ledge thinking about jumping, I was all for it! Chanting “Jump, jump, jump” from my couch! And who was there trying to save the day? Emily and Jack! And this is how you thank them? I’M DONE!

Emily, I knew you fucked up when you told her all your secrets you’ve been keeping since season 1! You have a good heart Ems, even though you are known to obliterate everything in you wake if you feel wronged, but a good heart nonetheless.That will be your downfall, my friend. You almost got caught up because of your love for Jack last season, and now you DID get caught up because of unstable as Charlotte!! I know you will make it out of your fiery grave and I hope you make it your life’s mission to destroy Charlotte. She now knows what you’re capable of. Keep her on edge. As soon as her crazy ass thinks her attempt on your life is all water under the bridge…STRIKE!

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria. Why won’t you tell David that Emily is Amanda and end this once and for all? You are a petty whore. I can’t wait until David knows the truth. And I hop he and Emily team up together and LAY YOU OUT!

Emily Thorne for Life


Revenge is back! This show is soooo great! Emily is so good at revenge it was only a matter of time before she would have to get back to it.

I knew when Emily backed into that car she had something up her sleeve. She does nothing by accident. Then, BAM! Shit gets real at her party and it’s tied to the lady whose car she “accidentally” backed into. Kind of blew up in her face though. Oh well, Victoria just escaped the looney bin so she will have a real run for her money in the plotting department. Victoria brings out the absolute best, of the worst of her. And I digs it!

Charlotte can go back to France for this whole season for all I care. She’s such a loser. She causes problems and that’s basically it. Now she’s dating Margot’s brother…and i guess now she’s on crack. Like, what are you doing? Why are you on this show? Are you just here to unknowingly fuck up Emily’s plans with your spastic behavior?

Daniel can go suck on a egg as well. He is self destructing and I don’t really feel sorry for him. Ever since he shot Emily last season, he has been DEAD TO ME! Don’t come for Emily! I don’t care if she two timed you and tried to take down your whole family by any means necessary! So whatever happens to his cocky ass is alright with me!

And last but not least, DAVID, HOW TO YOU COME BACK FROM THE DEAD OR WHEREVER THE HELL YOU’VE BEEN FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS AND NOT SEE EMILY?! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? You snatch up Victoria though? I can’t David. You better have a damn good excuse next episode for your actions!

Bye, Elena!


Vampire Diaries has finally returned! Such a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I absolutely loathe Elena, yet sweet because I love the show. The relationship Elena and I have is a very intense love/hate. I literally wish for her death EVERY episode, yet when she’s in a situation where she very well could die, I’m over here hyperventilating on my couch, on the verge of tears. It’s crazy, I know. She just causes soooo much heartache for everyone else yet somehow she’s always the victim. Everyone on the show would/have DIE for her and she gives no fucks! What a spoiled bitch!

Only other thing I have to say about this episode is how come Bonnie gots no love until the end of the show? Ummmm hellooo, Bonnie died too, why couldn’t she get at least 15mins of remembrance time? Without Bonnie, this show would have ended after season 2 or 3. SHE is the reason all of them are alive up until this point. I mean, sure they have died along the way, but it’s BONNIE who sacrifices the most to make sure her band of fools are safe at the end of the day. I appreciate you Bonnie Bennet.

Mary, Queen of Scots and France


So Reign is back and they are playing no games! So many deaths this episode. Mostly a bunch of nobodies, but still! Ok, so this whole black death situation has me on edge. Nobody is safe! First Pascal, and now possibly Kenna? Can she catch a break? I mean, Damn! She wasn’t infected but they locked her in there with the dead and poor Pascal. Bash was cold as ice though when he came to rescue her though. Scooped her up in a loving embrace knowing good and well he was touched by an infected and he very well may be infected! I guess Bash was like we are going down together.

Let’s talk about this new Mary. I’m loving it! Not gonna lie though, when she checked Katherine, I thought the next scene was gonna be here checking into the castle’s infirmary. Katherine is getting soft. Oh, and when she hopped up off that throne and checked grain boy, no lie, I literally jumped damn near out my skin, she startled me so! I feel bad for her though because she might become even more ruthless than Katherine when that’s not who she is or wants to be.

How about Frances and HOEla. I guess I’m glad Frances went and got them. You know, bring them out of the infected woods. I wish he would have let her and the baby leave though. How weird is it going to be between Mary and Lola now.  Someone is bound to find out this mega secret. It’s going to be a shit storm WHEN it gets out. Nothing Mary can’t handle though. LONG MAY SHE REIGN

Poundtown Shutdown


I knew Calle and Wyatt’s “alone time” was going to be a disaster. Of course she was going to freak out when it was time for Wyatt to take her down to China town. Did the writes think we forgot about her whole ordeal with Liam. That was going to have to come back and haunt her yet again at some point during this season. And sure enough, later in the show she thinks she sees Liam. In love with Brandon, my ass!

Can Jude go ahead and speak again? I mean, everyone knew he was gay. His love for nail polish in season 1 kind of gave it away.

Brandon over there tripping balls off of one hash brownie…reason 234345 why I hate him.

Mike and Ana. I thought he really killed her, or at least seriously injured her that drunken night he came home with a busted hand. Right after he found Ana in his rage. He better not be having an affair with her. Doubt he is though. They are probably helping each other through their addictions are something. But why would he need her? He has his Dannie or whatever his fellow addict girlfriend’s name is.

This week was still kind of a bore, but NOWHERE NEAR as boring as last weeks, thank God.