Guero, Déjala Tranquila!


Guero is still out here being nothing but a burden to our Teresa. I wish he just leaves her alone! While meeting up with him, his DEA babysitters roll up on the both of them. Now they are trying to get Teresa on their side. But Teresa isn’t a weak snitch like Guero. Aint no way in HELL she’s going to work for them! At one point during their reunion, prior to the DEA dropping in with their proposition, Guero was trying to tell Teresa why he did what he did. I instinctively tuned it out because IDC! Nothing he can say or do will make me forgive him for playing dead, which in turn caused a domino effect of bullshit for Teresa and Brenda! He has brought nothing but trouble to her since he pulled his little stunt. And to top it off, he knows what she’s being going through cause the DEA has been showing him!! I hope James whoops his ass soon.

Speaking of James, what a guy! He’s selfless and handsome. Perfect combination, lol! I was smitten, yet a little confused when he sacrificed himself so Teresa could get away when they were trapped in the desert near the tunnel. Like, she just got bit by a scorpion, and is punch drunk off the venom! She can’t run from the soldiers by herself! She’s going to die right where you left here. But how silly of me to think that. She’s Teresa Mendoza! Nothing nor no one can keep her down. Not only did she rise up out the ashes like a phoenix, she DROVE right into the hands of the enemy to get James!!! They are the ride or die standard. And of course she finessed them both out of their predicament and still accomplish what they set out to do. Which was to blow up Epifano’s drug tunnel. YAHTZEE!

Epifano…he really chaps my ass. And so does Isabella. She’s such a spoiled brat! What her and her daddy both need, is a good ass whooping! I know Camila is far from being all puppies and rainbows, but Damn! Can you at least answer her phone calls?! She just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and give you a beamer you ungrateful twat! I can’t wait until she starts to realize her dad is 100x worse than her mom. Well at least some good came out of that ignored call. Teresa got the car and is now riding in style, lol!

I love Pote. He comes across as big and scary but he’s really just a Teddy Bear that is always looking out for Teresa. A teddy bear that will bite you head off if he needs to, but a teddy bear nonetheless. I would worry about him playing her, but thanks to the glimpses of the future that we get to see sometimes, he’s right there by her side so I can rest easy. Even if there is beef at some point between the two, I know they will work it out without killing one another.

Lets talk about that claymation of a general, Cortez. He looks so weird to me. I can not believe he is an actual human. I can’t stand him. And he’s a total perv. Like stop mentioning Isabella, you freak! Even though I don’t like Epifano either, I hate how he has him under his thumb. I was hoping him and his boys would have gotten blown up in the tunnel but of course he made it out alive. Hopefully him and Epifano go toe to toe and end up killing each other.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week!


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