Disappearing Acts


So last night’s episode was poppin! The horse race, Teresa almost getting caught up, dropping the bomb on Tony, Mark Consuelo’s death, and last but certainly not least, the reappearance of Guero!

Ummm, how much time has passed since season one? I’m guessing only a couple of weeks because how had Tony not found out about Brenda’s untimely demise? That still gets to me :'(. Well whatever, he knows now so that’s good.

As far as the horse race, I was like soo Teresa is so bad ass that she can pick the actual winning horse? Bullshit! I was going to be mad if that’s how things actually went down. But nope, the schemers schemed and it was awesome! I never would have thought about giving the horses tainted sugar cubes! Genius! But of course something is going to go wrong when kids are involved. So when they were told not to give the sugar to the big mean white horse, i was like they got this race in the bag! And then one little clown drops her cube and the other is too scared to feed any of them. My heart dropped straight into my butt at that point. Shoutout to James though for scaring the other horses from the bushes. When he took out that gun, I was like awww man you don’t have to kill em!! Glad he just shot the ground to spook them, lmao! $1 million fake dollars to $12 million real dollars. Talk about a come up!!!

Now lets get to the best part of the episode. Guero! I am so glad they didn’t make us wait 4+ episodes into this season for him to reemerge. I was literally just as surprised to see him as Teresa was, lol! I would have reacted to him differently than her though. Initially, I too would have been frozen in shock, but I would have hit him with the uppercut of his LIFE shortly there after, unlike the hug Teresa gave him. Hell, he should be glad he didn’t get shot! Like are you real, or or you a ghost? Cause I could have SWORE you were dead. If I shoot you and nothing happens, you’re a ghost and I’m heading for the hills. If you double over in pain and bleed, well I guess you never really died in the first place and “you’ve got some splainin to do”. Shoot first ask questions later! lmao. YOU RUINED HER LIFE YOU DEA SNITCH!!! It would have been one thing if he faked his death and then came back for her, but he faked his death because he’s a snitch now. She went through the worst time of her life because you got caught and are now a whistle blower! Could you have not asked to get her out the game too when you got caught up? I mean, you knew where she was going to be, since you gave her specific instructions to follow in the event you died. So Guero gets no sympathy from me. In fact, he’s dead to me. Can he be revived through his actions from here on out? Sure, but I doubt he will be able to come back from the ultimate betrayal he committed.


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