The Suicide Squad

Ok so last night season 2 premiered FINALLY!! It was a good start to what seems like another great season. So what happened last night?

Rosalee kept her word and has gone back to free countless other slaves. Good on you, Rosalee! She has help form the one and only Harriet Tubman this season. Speaking of this duo, I can not wait to use the line Harriet laid on the slave catchers in real life. The one that went, “$10 or 2 bullets, your choice.” LMAO! Next time someone can’t make a decision, i’ll be ready! They make a badass duo and I love it!

John and Elizabeth are still down and fighting the good fight. Elizabeth has even found a group of other white women who feel the same way she does! And they are all learning how to shoot a gun! Yay! They will no longer be defenseless. Poor John though. Based on the preview for next week’s episode he’s going to get his wig split. ¡Por Dios! Why though? Or at least why so early into the season? It’s not surprising, because we all know him and Elizabeth were bound to get their issue at some point, but damn! Hopefully by some miracle he isn’t dead. Maybe Rosalee actually picked up some life saving skills at the hospital in between her medicine cabinet raids.

Now lets talk about Ernestine. She’s got it pretty rough now. Out in the field slaving away. And what is she sniffing on? I immediately thought of turpentine for some reason but I doubt that’s what it is. Whatever it is, it’s clearly some type of drug that she shouldn’t be messing with. Bet that’s why she’s seeing Perly Mae all the time. I hope the ghost of Pearly Mae is out to help her. Scare her straight, because if not, she needs to cross on over and take her rest. Leave Ernestine alone! Yeah she killed you, but you would have done the same for Boo. Charge it to the game. Ernestine is all messed up. Out here shacking up with Terrance Wall! Girl, if he doesn’t kill you, Jelena will! (How many hit the floor fans out there? LMAO).

Poor Noah. Got caught up and can’t seem to get loose. He almost had it this time too. But then had to go and get yanked out the back of the wagon. I was hoping when they cut to the scene of him in the back his captors wagon, it would have been one of the people who are on Rosalee’s team but nope. Just a regular old slave catcher. Le Sigh.

Where is Boo? Elizabeth went through a lot to keep her. I hope she still has her and she reappears on the next episode.

I’m excited for this season!

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