Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso


Ok, so for a few months my life was taken over by Netflix. Now this is a common occurrence, but this time it was soooo different.

So one day I was minding my own business, looking for a new show to watch. I had just finished this Colombian telenovela called “La Promesa”. It’s really good. If you haven’t seen it, you should peep it or at the very least add it to your list. Any who, so under the “Because you watched ____” section, pops up this other novela called “Sin senos no hay paraiso.” The title translates to “Without breast there is no paradise”. I was intrigued so I added it to my list and watched the pilot that night. I figured I wouldn’t finish the series though because it was one season consisting of 167, 40min episodes! Well, within the first like 2 mins of the pilot, the main character faints in the classroom. I knew from that point on, that this show was going to be poppin!

The series follows a girl named Catalina who thinks the only way to escape her humble life is to get a boob job. All of her friends have fake boobs and have fancy things and pocket change. They have that because the drug dealers pay for their “services” for the weekend and take them shopping and give them money as a bonus. Catalina doesn’t care, she just wants to keep up with the Jonses. Her BFF Jessica a.k.a la diabla does everything in her power to get Catalina chose by the dealers and/or a boob job. Whichever break came first.

Well she eventually got her tetas and was living the life she always dreamed of! But everyone except Cata and her friends, knows that “When it’s up, it all falls down”. And fell it did…HARD! I won’t give the story away, but just know you will never be the same after watching this series.

This will be you for over half of the season. Well, at least it was me 😥



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