Francis has graduated to Frances


Catherine is a stone cold BITCH! She killed your twins like a million years ago, beat her ass, banish her to an even further land and be done with it. Bash (her son) just saved your LIFE! Damn, you should have spared her because of him! Whatever. Ever dog has its day. Side note: I’m glad Henry and the twins are finally gone.

I can’t believe Conde got beat by Frances. What?! He lost about 15 points for that. Frances is the fairest maiden in the land, and he beat you in a manly mans stick fight? I no longer think I want him and Mary to be together. If Frances keeps this testosterone levels high, while simultaneously letting Mary solve all of their problems, I might finally be ok with their union.

Fucking Greer. All she had to do was tell the truth from the get go. Now she has nothing and no one. Where will she go? What will she do to support herself?! All of these unanswered questions. I really wish Lola was in Greer’s place. Why won’t she go back to Scotland?

Mary is the best. Long may she reign

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