May the best man win


Reign has finally returned! Yay! Now that i’ve got my excitement out of the way, lets recap this episode.

Ok, so the light bulb in Frances’ head finally went off when he said he should just go with what Mary says instead of against. Jesus Christ on a cracker, it only took him TWO seasons of complete failure to realize this. We’ve known since the show started he was not suited to be a king. He proved our suspicions once he took the throne. I hope he sticks to the plan of letting Mary make all the decisions. Doubt it will last that long though. Soon he will begin to feel emasculated and go back to his old, always wrong ways.

Why can’t Kenna catch a break? Yeah she was a hoe, but she isn’t anymore. That’s Catherine’s only dig towards her and she uses it every chance she gets! Here is Kenna being the nice caring girl that she is, trying to save Claude from death by poison, and she has the audacity to be a bitch to Kenna! She was dropping hints to that stupid hoe regarding the soup and her mom, but she wasn’t picking up what she was putting down. Finally as a last resort, she spells it out for her and gets bitched out as a thank you! And to add insult to injury, she told Kenna about her and Bash’s scandalous past. What a stupid bitch. I would have force fed her the rest of that soup if I were Kenna. But Kenna is a better person than I am because she just simply said her peace and left.

Why every time some shit goes down, Conde is almost always guaranteed to be at the center? I went back and forth for a while regarding his intentions, but I think they are pure. Obviously they didn’t start off that way, but he’s fallen hard for Mary which gave him a change of heart. His brother, I don’t trust him. Mary is so nice to everyone that I’m not sure if she is soft on Conde or if she’s just being herself. Either way, I’m glad she helps him. With that being said, if he turns on her like a two headed cobra, I will end him myself.

Can’t wait to see Frances and Conde duke it out of Mary though. Maybe Frances will stop taking her for granted knowing there are others out there that would gladly replace him.

Long may she reign.

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