“I’m gonna git you, Sucka!”


Is it just me, or does it look like Cookie raided the costume departments from EVERY blaxploitation film ever made, to compile her wardrobe?! I thought she went to jail in the 90s. Can someone (Jamal) pleases take her shopping? And only let her buy clothes from the 2000s up until the present? Damn! I love Cookie though, lol.

So I hate Hakeem even more now. As a person. I was hating hard on his raps last week, but this week his rap score has risen, while his personality score plummeted (not that it was too high to begin with). He barely has talent, and he’s hideous. How dare he have the audacity to have a funky attitude too. What?! Man, I was really hoping Tianna wouldn’t succumb to his douchery so early in the game. I thought he was going to clean himself up in order to win her hand. Boy was I buggin. I liked her song in the beginning.

I can’t wait until Lucius gets caught up for Bunky’s murder. I’m on the fence about his character, meaning i’m not sure if I hate him or love him. He is dirty as they come, but I still feel the need to like him. I’m torn. I’m glad he took action against 4-4 though for talking crazy to cookie. What if he decides to bypass all the boys and give the company to Cookie?! Like on his death bed, he’s like, “Cookie, I want you to run the company. You’re the reason Empire even exists.” That would be dope. The bipolar one would flip his shit foreal, foreal though. That would make for a great season finale!

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