Finally Ally has been caged. Obviously she isn’t “A”, but I still love the fact that she is being held accountable for at least one of her crimes against humanity. Maybe she didn’t kill Mona…either way, she has done plenty to end up in the slammer. If only for a few days or so. Surely she will be getting out soon. And I’m sure Jason will be on the top of her hit list.

Good riddance Paige. I wish you would have taken Emily with you.

I’m glad Spencer was cleared. I think She would have adapted to prison life pretty quickly, and survived, but the other liars wouldn’t last a school week, let alone a whole week in these streets without her. They should be thanking their lucky stars their plan came together and got ally caught up.

I just wish Mona were still alive. As batshit as she was 😦

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