It’s on like Donkey Kong


AHHHHHHH!! I want all of those rebel protestants head’s on a stick! HOW DARE THEY?! Everyone, meet me in the town square at dusk. Bring your pitch forks, branding irons, Molotov cocktails and whatever other weapons you can think of! If we leave this vengeance in Frances’ hands, it may never happen. But sadly, we must. One, because we are not actual cast members on this show, and two, because they wouldn’t be able to drag this storyline out. I say that because the viewers wouldn’t need more than half an episode to hunt down and kill the offenders. Frances on the the other hand, will muddle through and drag this out for 2, maybe 3 episodes before he accomplishes what we could have in 23 minutes! I bet Mary is going to be the one who catches them anyway. Whatever the case may be, heads better roll!!

I’d like to give a round of applause to Katherine for the way she handled the situation tonight. She actually has a heart and soul.

Conde and Claude. I don’t approve. Conde is gorgeous and all, but i’m still not sure of his intentions at court. Only thing i’m sure of regarding him, is that he wants to be Mary’s secret lover.

Greer, you and your old ass husband are in quite the pickle. First things first, I suggest you guys tie up as many loose ends as you can. And by tie up, i mean kill everyone who was involved with “building the school”. Your money financed an assassination attempt on your king and queen! Mary would never let you go down for this though if she ever finds out.

I hope Mary doesn’t lose her wits about her in the coming episodes. Or should I say HOPED. Based on the preview for next week’s episode, she’s a wreck. Understandably so.


Long may she reign.


One thought on “It’s on like Donkey Kong”

  1. Moment of silence for Mary please. *moment passes and I burst out into tears*. I can’t believe what happened. Reign knows how to keep my attention. =[ I cried actual tears. How dare they? I want to go on a cursing rampage and beat their asses in real life (even though they are characters) but I shall keep it classy-ish. Mary is the truth for being strong. And I agree. Kudos to her crazy maw-in-law for helping her. As usual Frances’ ass sucks moose balls. It’s all his fault… As is everything else. Forget Narcissee being his puppet master. He should just bow down to Mary and make that same arrangement. None of this ish would have happened and Narcissee would have been handled like 2 episodes ago. Smh

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